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Web Site Reference sites:

Internet Publishing Forum on Compuserve, Got a question ?

W3Schools is a good place to learn, refresh, or reference various web technologies.

You can probably find it at the Web Developers Virtual Library ! covers professional site development.

Webmasters World, webmaster issues and lots on search engine optimization


Scripting Reference sites:

JavaScript Source tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples, also Javascript-Resources

JavaScript Kit lots of scripts to use or learn from.

CGI Resource Index 4087 CGI resources listed in 262 categories !


Design Reference sites:

The Art of Information Architecture, the important first step.

The Nielsen Norman Group, user-centered design and usability Guru's.

Constance Petersens Designing Ways user-centered design and VB expert.


Well designed site examples:

 Keith Devens site

Communication Arts by Lois Wakeman