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Forums, Discussion, and Bulletin Boards

I hang out in Snarkish, as Daudio. It's a relatively new forum formed by some CompuServe refugees and focuses on Macintosh, Entertainment and whatever. There are some very smart people posting on the board !

You can also find me in the Desktop Publishing Forum, as Daudio (now that the CompuServe Internet Publishing forum has been closed down). Yes, they do Web Publishing topics now too.

The good thing about CS forums was the high signal to noise ratio. They were monitored forums and had attracted some very interesting and knowledgeable people into the communities. But after their move to the web in Sept. '04, forums and traffic have declined drastically.

The CompuServe brand is now in the process of disappearance, being changed to Netscape, under AOL's ownership. This is not a great thing. But access is now free to all web denizens, but the great content and community is gone.