Electronic Tools & Parts:

Monoprice HDMI 4-Port Switch w/ Digital Audio Out

HDX-401TA Get Digital Audio outputs from any source with HDMI. Stream/record DSD from SACDs. Only used once. All original parts and packaging.



Bundle of Audiophile Grade Capacitors

~2 dozen - Silver Mica (misc. values)
~4 dozen - Polystyrene  (10%)
~2 dozen - Polystyrene (5%)
~ 17         - Polyproprolene small (.0033 -> .1 mfd)  (1%)
~ 30         - Polyproprolene med  (.047 -> 5 mfd)  (2% - 10%)
~ 20         - Polyproprolene large (.1 -> 16 mfd)  (Solen, Rel-Cap, Sprage)


Radio Shack 227-1008c Mini Amplifier

Input sensitivity: 1mv
Input Impedance: 5k ohms
Power Output: 200mw @ 16 ohms, < 2% THD @1khz
Frequency: 100hz -> 10khz
Powered by 9V battery, or wall wart (not included).

Good for measuring noise at speaker terminals.


  Various A/B Switches


** DIN-4 connector two way switch box for Macintosh ADB, or S-Video

** AESP Mini DB-15 connector two way switch box for Maccintosh video 

** DIN-8 connector two way switch box for Macintosh Serial Port, and others

** Belkin DB-25 two way switch box for PC parallel port (printers, modems, etc.) (not shown in picture)


Used, but all work fine

$10 each A-B_Switches_1.JPG (896366 bytes)  A-B_Switches_2.JPG (886865 bytes)

3-way RCA Stereo Switch, and Stereo speaker volume control

2-3/4" square metal 'Stereo Selector' switch. Small speaker volume control with large knob, big 8ohm pots, and terminal board

Used, but clean, work fine.

Both $10

Clamshell Ferrite RFI blockers



Home Electronics:

Sanyo M-G31  portable AM/FM Cassette Player

6" x 3-1/2" x 1-3/8" . With user manual.


Panasonic RN-108 Micro Cassette Recorder

5" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/4", includes five 60 minute micro cassettes.


Qualcomm QCP-860 Cell Phone

Analog/Digital CDMA phone. Still has battery life. With AC Adaptor and Original box.


GE AM/FM Clock Radio (7-4612)

Slim, compact size, easy read LED display, easy to set Time and Alarm, Snooze control,  AM/FM, Nature sounds, battery backup

Original box, packing and materials


Timex Clock Radio

Large LED display, AM/FM, Nature sounds, Programmable Sleep Switch, Snooze Control, Battery backup. Wake to Tone Alarm, one of 3 Nature Sounds, or Radio.

Original box, packing and materials


Sold stuff:

Anderic RR-2004N remote control

Basic TV remote - test use only


Optimus 5" B&W Portable TV

Small size fits anywhere. Can be powered an included AC adaptor, from a auto cigarette lighter with an included adapter cable, or with  'C' batteries (not included). Has a headphone jack too. VHF and UHF reception from built-in telescoping antenna, or  any other TV antenna with an included adaptor.

New, in original box paperwork and packing. Only used once, to test it, and it works fine.


Diamond Rio MP3 Player

PMP300 MP3 player, 32 Meg SmartMedia card, cable, and headphone. It works fine


Radio Shack Sound Pressure Level Meter

RS # 33-2050 SPL Meter - This classic audio tool is great for tuning your audio system, learning about sound, or monitoring environmental sound levels. 

* Analog display with selectable response speed and peak-level indication
* Wide 50-126dB  range
* Selectable 'A' or 'C' weighting
* Selectable Slow or Fast response
* Tripod socket for hands free use
* Audio Output socket for recording monitored signal

Very Good condition, with case, and comes with a new 9 volt battery

Sold SPL_Meter.JPG (96975 bytes)

ASi Dynamic Transistor Checker  

Never used, with leads and instructions


 Pocket Digital Multimeter

Radio Shack 22-179 -  AC, DC, Ohms, diode and continuity check. Leads fold up in case cover and can be slipped into a shirtpocket. Easy to carry and use. Low usage, original battery still works, with instruction book.


Nortronics Head Demagnetizer

 Model OM-202  Never used, with instructions


Sears 100 watt Soldering Iron

Used but works fine, with soldering tip


Good 5 Way Binding Posts

8 - 5 way binding posts for amp or speaker connectors. Red and black plastic bodies, gold plated surfaces, nuts and solder tabs. 

New, Good Quality Parts ! Enough for 4 DIY or upgraded Speakers.

Sold BindingPosts.jpg (12346 bytes)

GE 100,000 Mfd, 50 VDC (65 V surge) Electrolytic Capacitor

3" diameter by 9" tall, screw terminals. Huge and Unused NOS !

 sold Big_Cap.jpg (9775 bytes)

 Bundle of audio hardware


Bundle of electrolytic caps for tube applications


Bundle of electrolytic capacitors


Bundle of film capacitors


Bundle of misc. capacitors


Bundle of 1/4 watt metal film resistors


Bundle of power resistors


Breadboard printed circuit cards


'Z Street' leather CD Player carrier with strap and 3 headphones

Koss HP/1, Koss TD/20, and one unknown brand headphones. All work and are in good condition.


2 Smoke and Fire Alarms

Fire Sentry 'Micro Profile' #0914 alarms

Compact 3-7/8' size, 85 decibel horn, test button, low battery indicator, easy installation.

New in box, 9v batteries included


Come On !


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