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Make an offer ! If just to cover shipping. I hate to see good technology go to waste.


Recycle !

Apple Macintosh 512K  'Fat Mac'

The 2nd Mac model produced by Apple in 1984 for $2,500.

All original box, accessories, and software.  Includes an extra (400K 3.5") Floppy Disk  Drive. 

For more info see the Wikipedia article


Imagelab Model FC-5C05 Slide and Negative Scanner 

5 megapixals, 3600 DPI, 2 slide and 2 film trays, USB cable, power adaptor.

Works with Windows, Mac, or standalone. Like New condition, only test use, reduced for quick sale.


Epson Stylus Photo 820 inkjet printer  

Inkjet printer, works fine, no cartridges included. All cables, and software included.


PC & Mac Memory

Maxtor 3.1 Gigabyte IDE Hard Drive

Maxtor Model 83240D3, 3 GB HD, s/n L307GZTA

Fine condition, was recently working, before I replaced it with a larger drive, never had any problems with it. Reformated for Mac Extended.


2- Samsung 2Gb PC3 8500s

Removed from working Mac Mini


Elixir 512mb DDR-266mhz PC2100

Removed from working PC


Hynix 512mb DDR-266mhz PC2-5300

Removed from working Apple Macbook


2- NewerRAM 256mb PC-133

Removed from working Mac


2- Samsung 32MB 168p 60ns 16c 4x4 2K Buffered EDO 5V DIMM ,

2x 32MB ASC memory. KMM364E410BK-6, removed from working PowerMac 


4 Compaq 32M, 70ns SIMMs

128M of Compaq branded memory in 4 SIMMs,

Worked perfectly before removal from Compaq computer (with proper grounding procedure).


Toshiba 486 Laptop Memory

Toshiba extended Memory - 4, 8, or 16 MB (don't know for sure), but it was removed from a working laptop.


2 Mac 256k 80ns Memory SIMMS

2 - MCM84256S memory cards for older Macs


 8 meg memory for HP LaserJet 4 Plus, etc. printers

2 -16mb Memory cards for:

HP LaserJet IIISi (HP 33491A)
HP LaserJet 4 (HP C2001A)
HP LaserJet 4+ (HP C2037A)
HP LaserJet 4M (HP C2021A)
HP LaserJet 4M+ (HP C2039A)

These are unused replacement parts

$15 HP_LJ_Memory.jpg (130283 bytes)

PC & Mac Computer Parts

'WiFi N' Wireless N-300 Network Adaptor

USB Wireless adaptor - small (2" x 3/4" x 1/4") w/ driver CD

OEM - no box .


Kensington Wireless Desktop for Mac

Kensington Pilotboard #64382 Wireless USB Multimedia Keyboard and Optical mouse, for Mac or PC.

Very little use. Discovered I didn't really need it for laptop gaming.

Original box, software and  paperwork .


CompuCable USB/VGA KVM Switch

Keyboard, Video, Mouse two way switch box (VGA and USB A-B switch).

Used, with Velcro patches, works fine !



HP JetDirect 170x Printer Server

Jet Direct J3258B, 10Mb Ethernet,  External Printer Server with RJ-45 and parallel ports, test button and indicator lights. Complete with 13v HP power supply.

Used, Good Condition

$20 HP_JetDirect.JPG (102188 bytes)

PATA to SATA adaptor for HDs and optical drives


Worked fine for me, but don't need it anymore.


Mac QH8-8798-02 Ver. 1.01 ROM

@'94, Removed from working Mac, in conductive foam to protect leads


2 Macintosh drive caddies

815-1688  - 5-3/4" x 4" (hard drive)
815-2501  - 6" x 5-3/4" (optical drive)

Great condition


ADAPTEC PowerDomain 2930 SCSI card for Mac

Macintosh PCI SCSI card with internal and external connectors

 Worked fine before removal from a G-4 Mac

Original card, box, cable, software and  paperwork .


ATI Rage AGP Video card

ATI Rage 128, 32M AGP-2 (R128 GL 32M)

 Worked fine (even for light gaming !) before it was replaced for an upgrade.

$15 ATI_Vid_Card.JPG (838197 bytes)

Sound Blaster Live! Value PCI Sound Card

Fully functional sound card removed from working PC. Includes cable, current drivers, and software on CDR

$15 SB Live Value Card

Farralon PN9961-YX Fast EtherTX  10/100 Card for Mac or PC

PCI Ethernet LAN card In original box with manual, software and paperwork.

Has worked fine in both a Mac and PC !




Farralon_Ethernet.JPG (765942 bytes)

PC /Mac Accessories 

SmartDisk 'FlashPath' Floppy disk adaptor

 Read/write SmartMedia cards through your Floppy Disk reader.

New in blister pack.


Labtec AM232 High Output Monitor Mic

 Mike, monitor clip , and 8' cord w/ 3.5mm connector.

New in blister pack.


2 CR2032 Lithium Batteries

 3.0v battery for various computer motherboards.

One New in blisterpack, one used, but still reads over 3 volts.


DVD - R recordable media

 3 pack of Verbatim DVD-R DL  8.5GB, 4x disks.

2 pack pf Philips DVD-R  4.7GB, 1-16x.


Inkjet Cartridges and Refill kit

 Meijer brand replacements for HP 27 ( 2 B&W) and HP 28 (1 Tri-color). 
Light to no usage - $10

Dataproducts Black Ink Refill kit for HP cartridges - jig, tools, instructions, and 1/2 bottle of Cartridge and Print Head Wash (1 of 5 refills used) - $5

New Ink Cartridge Combo for Epson Inkjets

Fits Epson: STYLUS COLOR 400 / 440 / 600 / 640 / 660 / 670 / 740 / 740 / 740i / 760 / 800 / 850 / 850N / 850Ne / 860 / 1160 and 1520 Inkjet printers

Also for Epson STYLUS SCAN 2000 / 2500 / 2500 Pro multifunctions

1 - Epson S020191 / IC3CL01 Color Cartridge

1 -Compatible 50115A Black Cartridge

These cartridges were just installed in my printer, but the print heads were clogged so I immediately removed and sealed them. There was a little ink seepage in the vacuum sealing, but other then that they are full and useable. 

New cost: $40 - $60

$5 Epson_Cartridges.jpg (124357 bytes)

Sold Stuff

HP 870Cse inkjet printer  

Inkjet printer, works fine, no cartridges included. All cables, and software included.


Apple StyleWriter II  

Inkjet printer with only slightly used cartridge. All cables, original box and software included.


Telepath EISA 56K Modem card

Worked fine before I removed it due to a motherboard upgrade (no ESIA slots...)


MacIntosh Computer Parts:

Apple 33.6K Geoport internal modem, for Comm 2 slots. 820-0809-a

LC  ( I, II, or III)  Power Supply and Fan, 

Apple QH8-8798-02, Ver. 1.01, ROM chip

Scrapped Geoport Modem card

Bundle of Computer cables...

4 - DIN-4 S-Video or Mac ADB cables
2 - DIN-4 splitters
1- Appletalk adaptor DIN-3 to DIN-8
3 - Belkin 'QuickNet' Appletalk Network Adaptors (DIN-8 to 4 pin phone)
2 - Mac Printer/Modem cable (DB-9 to DIN-8)
2 - Mac Printer/Modem cable (DB-25 to DIN-8)
1 - Mac Printer/Modem cable (DIN-8)
2 - Mac Microphones (different styles)
1 - SCSI cable (DB-25 to Centronics 50)
2 - SCSI Terminators (Centronics 50)

1 - SCSI adaptor (DB25F - HPDB50M)
1 - Mac Video extension cable (DB-9)
2 - Mac Video replacement and extension cable (DB-15)
1 - Gender changer (DB-15 M/M)
1 - VGA to MAC Video Adaptor

1 - PC Keyboard extension cable

1 - Laptop - Floppy parallel adaptor cable 
2 - USB cable
2 - Ethernet CAT-5 cable
2 - DSL Filters
6 - Telephone cables (1- retractable)
3 - AC cords with inline switch
3 - Stereo computer Audio cable (1/8" plug)
1 - Stereo Audio (RCA)
1 - Mono - Stereo splitter (RCA)
1 - Stereo - Dual Mono splitter (1/8" plug/socket)
1 - F/F adapter (RCA)


HP ScanJet ADF Autofeed Scanner

HP Model C7670A Flatbed Scanner with Automatic Document Feeder feature, and  USB or SCSI interface.


* Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
* Color Depth: 36-bit (68.7B Colors)
* Scan Scaling: 1200%
* Scan Speed: 36 sec / page (colour)
* Maximum document size: 8.5-by-11.70 inches
* measurement: 20inches x 12inches x 8inches.
* Connections: 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type B; 1 x SCSI. You can use either one.
* Voltage Required: AC 100/240 V 10% ( 50/60 Hz ) 

This model is one of the last Heavy Duty, High Resolution (1200x1200dpi) photo quality scanners.

Very lightly used and  well cared for. 

Includes ADF cable, USB cable, and power cord. No box, manual or software.

Drivers  (6300C) 

x lbs shipping weight


HP C6463A Duplexer Two-Sided Printing Accessory

This Two-Sided Printing Accessory (duplexer) allows you to automatically print great-looking two-sided documents.

Automatic duplexing - no manual flipping of pages. Paper Capacity: up to 100 sheets or 20 cards. Max. Document Size: sheets-8.5x11in., cards-5x8in. Supported Media: plain paper, HP Bright White Inkjet Paper, HP Premium Inkjet Heavyweight Paper, HP Felt-textured Greeting Cards, HP Greeting Card Paper, HP Professional Brochure and Flyer Paper (glossy or matte). Quick installation - easily snaps on the back of the printer. Quiet operation and compact design.

The following is a list of compatible machines:
DeskJet 930C, 932C, 935C, 940C, 950C, 952C, 960C, 990c, 995c OfficeJet G55, G55xi, G85, G85xi PhotoSmart P1000, P1100, 1000, 1115, 1215, 1218, 1315

Very lightly used, but that proves that it works properly !!

3 lbs shipping weight

sold HP_C6463A_Feeder.jpg (134519 bytes)

IBM PC Desktop Organizer

Small plastic model of the original IBM PC for storing paper clips, rubber bands, etc, on your desk. (3-1/4" x 3-3/4" x 5-1/2")

Good condition, except for some discoloration of the plastic around the edges.

sold IBM_PCbox_1.jpg (341396 bytes) IBM_PCbox_2.jpg (317205 bytes)

Mac Software:

Soft PC Professional 3.1

UnderWare, Zounds, and other desktop fun programs


Toshiba 256 Megabyte IDE Laptop Hard Drive

Toshiba Model MK1724FCV, 256 MB, 15 ms,  2.5" Std. Hard Drive

Removed from working Laptop.


Quantum 80 Megabyte SCSI Hard Drive

Quantum ProDrive LPS Model 84S, 80 MB HD, 

Fine condition, was working in  low usage server before it was decommisioned, never had any problems with it. Reformated for Mac


Apple Macintosh G3 Power Supply

 P/N  661-1496    Apple Power Supply for G3 Macintosh  (G3 beige minitower and server models)

Used, but said to work perfectly.  Not personally tested, as I don't a G3 Mac to install it in. 5 lbs shipping weight  


One 20 pin MB connector, four large and one small disk power connectors, and one small two pin connector.

+/- 5.0v, +/- 12.0v, + 3.3v outputs, 171 watts total.  I20/240, 60 - 60hz input. AC in, and AC out, AEC connectors.


MacIntosh Power PC 604 120MHZ Processor Board

Power PC riser card. - 661-0925 APPLE 661-0925  820-0742-A 630-1733


MSI K8N Neo Motherboard

NVIDIA nForce 3 250Gb Chipset

As-is, not sure if it works....


ASUS TUSL2-C Motherboard with Intel Pentium III 1000mhz Processor

Intel 1000/256/133/1.75V Pentium III CPU in Socket 370, with fan

1 AGP (4x), 5 PCI and 1 CNR (Communication and Networking Riser), 2 ATA33/66/100 Ports 

Three 168-pin DIMM sockets for PC-100/133 SDRAM (which is pretty cheap now)

No integrated video or sound. Includes extra USB connector plate

This motherboard and processor were working fine when deinstalled for an upgrade, and was never overclocked.

Specifications,    Drivers,   User Manual


Sold ASUS_MB.JPG (938581 bytes)

ABIT BE-6 ATX Motherboard with Intel Pentium III 500mhz Processor

Intel 500/512/100/2.0V S1 Pentium III CPU in Slot 1 socket

1 AGP (2x), 5 PCI and 2 ISA slots, IDE Ports for four Ultra DMA 33/66 devices and four Ultra DMA 33 devices 

Three 168-pin DIMM sockets for PC-100 SDRAM 

Award BIOS, Hardware monitoring, and lots more...

Drivers, More info from HotHardware

Well cared for, no overclocking, Includes manual

This motherboard and processor were working fine when deinstalled for an upgrade, and was never overclocked.

Sold BE6_MB.JPG (464288 bytes)

Gigabyte GA-5AA Motherboard with AMD K-6 550mz Processor and 128M memory

Socket 7 motherboard, processor, and 2 - 64 megabyte memory cards installed. 

Cones with all necessary onnectors, cables, and a CPU fan.  This system  worked fine when deinstalled for an upgrade, and was never overclocked or abused. 

Includes original box, packaging, manual, and software


Sold Gigabyte_GA-5AA.JPG (872809 bytes)

Apple Color Stylewriter 4500

Inkjet printer, AC Adaptor, cable, software. NOB


MacIntosh Parts

Firewire drive enclosure with CF slot, PS, and cables. As-is

Stylewriter 2400 Power Supply and other parts