Audio Equipment

Analog & Digital

Teres Turntable - Acrylic

Base and arm mount painted Alfa Romeo red. Platter is matte Acrylic. New motor and bearing. Drilled for a RB-250. No tone arms or cartridges included, turntable only. 

Excellent condition, looks very sharp ! See picture and story here

Why pay more for a high-end TT and not get as good performance ?


Theta 'Miles' integrated CD player

Great sounding, smooth operating, and beautiful player.

Undiscovered gem, never got reviewed by the major magazines, but has a outstanding price / performance ratio !

Some simple tweaks added: bearing damping, lubrication.

SoundStage Review

Excellent condition, original box, manual, heavy power cable.


Benchmark DAC-1 HDR

Great sounding Pro DAC, 24 bit, 192khz capable, excellent jitter immunity.

Top of the DAC-1 line model. Preamp version (one analog input), with remote control switching, volume, mute, etc

Excellent condition, original box, manual, power cord, and XLR adaptor.



Benchmark DAC-1, Sound Card, and Cable combo !

Great sounding Pro DAC, 24 bit, 192khz capable, excellent jitter immunity. Excellent condition, original box, manual, power cord, and XLR adaptor.

M-Audio 'Audiophile 192' - PCI internal sound card, ADC/DAC, breakout cable, PC/Mac. Original box and accessories. 

Belkin  3ft PUREIAV digital coaxial cable (RCA - SPDIF)  (best sounding of the 3 cables I tried !)



NuForce  Icon HDP  DAC

Controls - Input Selector and (analog) Volume Control

4 inputs: 
  Analog (RCA or 3.5mm)
  USB (2.0, 24/96 max)
  S/PDIF - Coaxial (24/192 max), or
  S/PDIF - Optical (24/192 max)

Outputs: RCA Line level, or 600ohm Headphones

Lightly used, VG cond. Compares favorably to Benchmark HDR !

Small (6" x 4-1/2" x 1"), sleek,  black anodized box with separate power adaptor (15v, 1.6a), AC cord, Headphone Adaptor, USB cable, Nylon stand, manual.  NOB


(org. retail: $450), 


only $150

Onkyo SE-U55 USB DAC/ADC (external sound card)

Record or Play from Digital to/from Analog. Great for digitizing your vinyl records or tapes.

Coax (RCA), Optical and USB connections, USB bus powered. Mac and Windows compatible. Supports 16 bits, 44.1khz.

DAC, Manual, Software disk, USB cables, NOB, Very Good condition, 



Pioneer Elite DVL-91 LD/DVD Player

Combo Laser Disk and DVD player, DTA/AC3, auto-play both sides of LD.

Excellent condition, original box, manual, power cord



Nakamichi  480Z Cassette Deck

Reconditioned to 'as new' performance.

Excellent condition, original box, accessories, user manual.



Amps and Speakers

Small, Simple Home HiFi System

JVC Receiver and Infinity xx speakers 

80 watts per channel, Includes remote control and x feet speaker wire

Lightly used, Very Good Condition, nice sounding, home audio system



Yamaha 'Natural Sound'  MX-35 2/4 channel Amplifier

80 watts X2 channel, 40 watts X4 channels, switch able The first 5 watts are class "A".

Lightly used, Very Good Condition, nice sounding, versatile, audio amplifier. NOB



2 - upgraded Audio Research Corp D-52b Amplifiers

Great sounding upgrade of the ARC D-52b amps. 

All new connecters, heavy, shielded power cord, power switch, and more...

Can be set up for stereo, or dual mono mode (for bi-amping).

Excellent condition, much better then new !

Very Effective Sonic Upgrades to these 60 watt, but muscular amps. See  this  page for more info

$525 each

Acoustat Spectra 1100 Hybrid Electrostatic Powered Speaker -- Selling for parts ! Panels, electronics, etc Call...

Acoustat Spectra 1100 hybrid electrostatic speaker Parts:  
1 pr. Spectra panels  ($200)
Interfaces wl PP input cap, biamp input connectors, xformers, etc. ($150/pr)
Crossovers ($75/pr)
Bias power supplies (wall warts) ($15/pr)
User manual
Set of 8 carpet spikes
Woofer boxes **
Homemade amp stands **
Set of short speaker cables (4) for vertical bi-amping.

** Effective Sonic Upgrades. See this page for more info...

** Local area pickup for larger parts (I don't have any boxes or crates for them)  **


Estate sale

8 -  Lambda Dipole-15 woofer drivers 

These are the same drivers as the Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15 drivers, but with a huge price difference !

NOS w/ phase plugs - $800 for all eight drivers, $150 each, local pickup preferred. Note: one driver has a rubbing voice coil.

More info here...

Only 2 left - Call

Optimus Pro X55 AV, Layfette Radio 'Pipspeak' Mdl1 speakers

Only one each of these metal cased little speakers. Great for workshop or misc. uses. 

$20 for both


Audio Accessories and Parts

Black Diamond Racing Pyramid Cones - MK3

Set of 3 cones, with ?? footers, Original box and packing



Misc. quality Interconnect and speaker cables

AudioQuest Topaz  5ft. pr. (hyperlitz tech.) $10
AudioQuest Jade 9.5ft. pr. (hyperlitz tech.) $15
AudioQuest  Pro      3ft. pr. (gloss brown jacket, red direction markers gold RCAs (long w/ setscrews)) $10
Denon  LC-OFC,  3 ft. pr.  $5
Kimber 'PBJ', Vampire RCA's, 32" pr. $25
Kimber wire: 8PR - 6ft., 4PR - 4ft.

AlphaCore 'Goertz'  (spiral copper strips) interconnects - $30 for 3 pairs
    1 pair - 1.5m (5ft) 
    2 pair -   .5m (22") (original round plastic boxes)

AudioQuest Type 6 HyperLitz, 12ft. pr. spade terminated speaker cables $20
Tributaries SP2 (12 ga. OFHC), gold spade terminated, 31" pr.  'jumper' cables. $15
Radio Shack 14 ga. large spades to banana plugs, 11.5 ft. pr.  $10


2 - Shure SFG-2 Precision Stylus Force Gauge

Clean, low use, original box

$15 ea.

both for $22


Audioquest  Electro Stylus Cleaner

Powered vibrating bristle surface brush (9 volt battery), w/ bottle of Stylast fluid.



DiscWasher SC-1 Stylus Cleaner

Stylus brush in wooden handle and sleeve, original packaging.



Spike sets

4 - 1-3/4" x 3/16" spikes with adjusting nuts and inserts for use in MDF and soft wood speaker boxes

4 - 1-1/2" x 5/16" threaded spikes with nuts

8 - 1-7/8" x 1/4" threaded spikes with nuts (from Acoustat 1100's)

16 - 1-1/2" x 3/16" threaded spikes with nuts


$20 for all


12 Vibra Pods

4 - #2 pods, 5 - #3 pods, 3 - #4 pods, 

Good condition, easy to use vibration control devices




DTA DIY Vibration Isolation rollerblocks

1 -Set of 3 - 3" dia., black Acrylic dimple blocs, w/ 3/4" SS balls  =  $30

4 - Sets of 3 - 1" sq. clear Acrylic dimple blocs, w/ 3/16" SS balls  =  $20 ea.




900mm drive belt for ClearAudio turntables

ClearAudio part #AC032



Hosa Tech. 10ft (3M) - 1/4" TRS to XLR Cable

Adapt Balanced Phone outputs to XLR inputs. New, never used (ordered in error) Has Rean (Neutrik) connectors, 24awg OFC conductors, 90% OFC spiral shield.



Beilex Audio record clamp

Smoked plastic base, knurled knob.



Yamaha PX-2 Linear Tracking Turntable Manual Copies

Package of b&w Copies of:

Owners Manual  (15 pages)
Service Manual  ( 18 pages)
Parts List  (11 pages)
Product Literature / Brochure  (4 pages)

Useful for the PX-3 turntable too, which is very similar to the PX-2, but with lower specs.

Great for repair and maintenance of these fine  turntables.

I hope to have these available again sometime...

** Out of stock **



Audio Magazines

Early TAS and Stereophile

Small format magazines:

TAS - Issues: #52, 111, 112, 114

 Stereophool - 3/90, 7/91, 8/91, 6/92, 10/92, 4/93


FI - (19 magazines)

6/96, 9/96, 1/97, 9/97, 

1/98, 2/98, 3/98. 4/98, 6/98, 7/98, 8/98(2), 9/98, 10/98(2), 11/98, 12/98,

1/99, 2/99


Misc. Audiophile magazines

Listener - (19 magazines)

Vol. 5: #3, 4, Vol. 6: #1, 2, 3, Vol. 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Vol. 8: #1, 2, 5

Hi-Fi+ (7 magazines)

Issue #12, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 31

Various (10 magazines)

Audio, The Audiophile Voice, Audio Horizons, Positive Feedback, Tracking Angle, Ultra High Fidelity, Ultimate Audio


Misc. DIY Audio Magazines

Audio Express (11 magazines)

1/01, 8/01, 9/01, 6/02, 7/04, 11/04

Speaker Builder - 1/98, 4/00, 8/00

Audio Electronics - 3/98, 4/00



Mod Squad Tip Toes (2 sets)

3 short Tip Toes, w/ screws

3 tall Tip Toes, w/ screws



DB Systems DBP-10 Phono Alignment Protractor

White and clear plastic parts, instructions, review, leather storage sleeve. Only lightly used.

Recommended by Stereophile and audio professionals for accurate cartridge and tone arm setup.



Infinity FET Preamp

Heavy construction, flexible preamp with pre-preamp, AC switching, and nice circuit boards. But needs modern components to sound good. A nice upgrade project preamp. Beautiful face plate with working blue lighting.

Stunning looks and ground breaking technology (for the time).

Working condition, missing side panels.

Sold Infinity_FET_Preamp_1.jpg (47095 bytes) Infinity_FET_Preamp_2.jpg (63251 bytes)

Harmon Kardon HK-715 Digital AM/FM Tuner

More info on HK-715 Tuner

Digitally Synthesized PLL, complete, easy to operate, and good looking tuner.



HK 715 Tuner

Diamond Rio MP3 Player

PMP300 MP3 player, 32 Meg SmartMedia card, headphones, and cable with parallel adapter. It works fine !


The Absolute Sound #1-49, and The Perfect Vision #1-4

The Absolute Sound

TAS Issues #1 through #49 complete !, plus #66, and #80.   Excellent to Very Good condition.

The Perfect Vision

TPV Issues #1, #2, #3, #4.   Excellent to Very Good condition.

Will consider splitting up the TAS and TPV collections only.

55 back issues total: 

28 lbs shipping weight

Sold Absolute Sound covers

Perfect Vision covers