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Jewelers/Modeling Tools:

MicroFlame Oxygen/Fuel tank holder

$5 Microflame tank holder.JPG (226162 bytes)

8 Fine Cut Needle Files

Great for small model work, specially brass locomotives: 000 cut, 4 " long files for fine finishes and intricate work. 8  files, square, round, oval, and various flats in vinyl folder. Unused, like new.

Xacto knife not included, shown for a size reference only.

$10 File_set.jpg (24489 bytes)

Trimaster Ltd. Modeling Scriber

Trimaster Ltd TT-1 Modeling scriber. Very fine pointed, hardened stainless steel, with rubber handle.

Test run only :), like new, beautiful precision tool.


Graver Sharpener

Roller style, new in package


Small Machine Tools:

 Layout Tools - Straight Edge/Scriber and 45° Square

Precision ground tool for setup purposes. Light and beautiful. 14" x 1" x 1" in size. Painted Green inside the cross drilled holes. Scribing tip is out about .005", but that can be corrected for. This beautiful layout tool is probably hand made by a master craftsman.

Shinwa 5F Stainless Steel 45 degree square. Useful layout tool with attractive etched decorations.

$20 Tool_mouse.jpg (12447 bytes)

Layout_Tools.jpg (30556 bytes)

Unimat Misc.

 #51 Small Rubber Belt

 #2890 3oz. EP No. 1 Bearing Grease 


Home Shop Tools:

3 Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

3 heavy aluminum sections with steel ball bearings

Extends out 19" (total 39" length). Slides measure 20" long, by 2-1/2" high, and 3/4" thick, and weighs 3 lbs each.


Drawing Tools:

Various Drawing and Engineering Tools and Supplies

Pickett 80 - plastic slide rule, 7" Metric/inch plastic ruler

2 sliding, cardboard, English-Metric conversion calculators

16 pages of conversion factors for just about any measurement to another one !

30 page Pocket Guide to Dimensioning and Tolerancing (1974)

5 mechanical drafting pencils, 2 wood pencils, 10 containers of various leads, and 2 block erasers.

10 squares per inch graph paper: 1 pad+, 8-1/2" x 11", 5 sheets 11" x 17", 1/2 pad 4" x 5"

1 pack of 12-184 Semi Log, 4" X 10"

100+ sheets K&E #107155 fine clear white 8-1/2" x 11" drafting paper

30+ plastic tab holders and inserts for hanging folders

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Auto Tools:

Specialty Automotive tools:

Spark gap gauge

Antifreeze concentration tester

Freon charging hose and valve

Strap clamp for oil filters

Offset 1/2" closed end wrench w/ 1/2" drive

Two spring tools for drum brake work

Craftsmen metal socket tool box

$15 Auto Tools.jpg (39742 bytes)

Sold Stuff:

MicroFlame Torch with extension hoses for Hardware tanks

 My old torch, now replaced with 'Little Torch'. OOriginalMicroflame extension hose set.


MicroFlame Torch

Branded as 'Archer' (Radioshack), but made by Microflame. Low usage


Custom Built Rivet Machine

With adaptor for use with the Unimat XL for indexing. 3 sets of punches and dies. 

More info coming...


Resistance Soldering Transformer

Transformer and instructions to make your own resistance soldering unit:

Big, heavy transformer will deliver a lot of amps. From 220v large computer equip., has many different output voltages to choose from.

Includes 2 reprinted articles on building your own resistence soldering unit:

Has a mounting bracket, handle and 10 leads. 12 lbs

Scrapped RSU_Xformer.jpg (39335 bytes)

Alvin Drafting Tool Set

Alvin #613 ZP Drafting Tool Set

Complete, lightly used, but in very good condition, probably made in the 1960's.

Tools include 5 compass's, drafting pen, leads, points, knife points, extension, pen and lead attachments

Set includes tools, leads, spare parts, screwdriver, case, polishing cloth and sandpaper for sharpening leads.

Case is zippered vinyl, with soft blue velvet interior, all in very good condition, as are all the tools.

German made quality instruments.

Sold Draw_Tool_Set.jpg (120273 bytes)

Belt Drive Power Shaft with 4 Pulleys

Power many belt driven shop tools from one motor !

Floating, adjustable bearings w/ oil cups. 4 supports/bearings with 2 3/8" mounting holes and adjustable height.

27 - 1/2" x 1/2" shaft, with 3 - 2", and 1 - 3/4" pulleys

Also a Lovejoy L075 Universal Shaft Coupler  w/ 7/16" dia shaft holes and setscrews

7 lbs shipping weight

Sold Pully Shaft

Dial-Temp Heat Tool Control

15 Amp max, temperature control for heating tools. Not for use with motor tools. Easy inline connection.

Sold Dial_Temp.jpg (77740 bytes)

Soldering helper

4 flexible alligator clips, magnet, and bench clamp. 

Sold Soldering aid.JPG (359786 bytes)

Parallel Cutter

Cuts from 1/16" to 5/8" wide strips or circles. Lockable swival head for cutting curves.

Unused. 5 7/8" long in plastic case.

Sold Strip_Cutter.jpg (50502 bytes)

'Touch-N-Flow' Modelers Pipette 

For precision application of liquid cements, or other free flowing liquids. With protective tube and instructions. Unused, like new.


19 Dremel HSS Cutters

Most of the Dremel #240 High Speed Steel Cutter set


MicroFlame Gas Cylinders

1 - Kidde Oxygen cylinder (full)
2 - Archer Butane cylinders (full)

For use with the Microflame miniture gas torch


Wet Grinder for Tool Sharpening

Viking Stone Grinder, Model 40250

10" (250mm) dia. x 2" wide stone that runs in a water bath to cool the grinding operation. Also has a 5" (125mm) x 5/8" wheel for rough shaping. Adjustable working surfaces, guard plate (for small wheel), and 1/4 HP, 110volt motor.

Great condition, hardly ever used. Original box and instruction sheet.

Local sale only due to weight

Sold Viking_Grinder.JPG (118686 bytes)

Dremel Table Saw Parts

Dremel table saw parts for repair/replacement: Rip Fence, Blade Guard, #8004 Blade (light use), Blade raising and /lowering Knob.

Sold Dremel_Saw_Parts.jpg (47048 bytes)

Custom Made Rivet Embossing Tool for Brass or Plastic

Make your own riveted parts for your brass or styrene models ! This custom made tool will do the job.

This is a sturdily built homemade tool. It has an adjustable guide to set the distance between the edge of the sheet and the rivet line. You can also adjust the height of the arm drop with a stop, for repeatable rivet size/depth. There is also a stop to hold the arm above the punch. The hammer arm has sufficient weight to emboss rivets in at least .020" brass sheet. You can use the edge of the die to space rivets, eyeball them, or attach a scale to the back of the guide.

Note the picture with some test freehand rivet impressions in a piece of .005" brass. This is a bit too thin and I would recommend using .010 - .015' sheet brass, or .020" styrene with this tool. Of course, you should experiment with the height of the hammer drop for the particular material you are using.

Shipping weight 3lbs, The arm extension has been removed for shipping , but is easily reattached. 

Sold Rivet Punch_1.JPG (158266 bytes) Rivet Punch_2.JPG (160468 bytes) Rivet_Impressions.JPG (30609 bytes)

Unimat Grinding Wheel Set

Ref #2841 Set of 3 Grinding Wheels:
   Straight wheel (2-9/16" x 15/64"), 
   Cup wheel (1-9/16" x 3/16" x 5/32")
   Dish wheel (2-9/16")

Sold Unimat_Acc_5.jpg (75269 bytes)