Books on Iron and Steel:

'The Making and Processing of Steel'  1957

by Ernest Teichert and Louis Haller, 3rd ed., PA State University

Nice pictures and diagrams of steel making and forming, many from J&L. Bessemer converter and BOF shop plans. No BF or iron, just steel, 694 pages.  Very nice condition.


'Outline of the Metallurgy of Iron and Steel' 1948

by Harry Ihrig, 4th Edition, Globe Steel Tubes Co.

Good metallurgy book, some process diagrams, but no mill pictures, 87 pages, Very nice condition. 


'Sparrows Point. Making Steel' 1988

by Mark Reutter, Summit Books, 494 pages, no pictures. Hardcover, Very Good condition



'Bethlehem Steel Railroading' 2008

by Nevin Sterling Yeakel, The Railroad Press, 56 pages, many color and B&W pictures. softcover, Very Good condition



'The Men and Machines that made America' - 1972, 340 pages
'The Machine Tools that are building America', - 1976, 368 pages

Parts II and III of 'Iron Age' magazine's special trilogy on Metalworking In America. Mix of advertisements, historic pictures, paintings, etchings, etc. 8-1/4" x 11" hardbound. Very Good condition, except for some light wear on dustcovers. 

both $20

Steel magazines and misc. bundle 

2 - Iron Age magazines - August 18, 1975, and March 29, 1976
2 - Iron Age 'New Steel' - July and August 1995
1 - '33 Metal Producing' - April 1995
1 - Steel Technology International 1994/95 (208 pages, Sterling Publications, UK)
1 - Ajax Magnethermic Induction Slab heating brochure


'Iron and Steel Works Directory' 1964 

(US and Canada) 30th edition. by AISI, Summit Books, 409 pages, no pictures. Very Good condition

sale pending  


 Books on Industry:

'Cloud By Day - The Story of Coal, Coke, and People' 1947

by Muriel E. Sheppard, Heritage, 260 pages, many illustrations. 

People, companies, technology, experiences, significances, of Coal and Coke in the Pennsylvania coal region.

Hardcover, w/ dustcover (OK cond.), 9" x 5-3/4"Good to Very Good condition



'Fire & Sand' 1960

by E. William Fairfield, Lezius-Hiles Co., 128 pages, many pictures. 

The illustrated history of the Libbey-Owens Sheet Glass Company

Hardcover, w dust jacket (OK cond.) 12-1/4" x 9-1/4",  Good to Very Good condition




Hulett Unloader Plans

by Mike Rabbitt , 5 - 24" x 36" sheets (rolled), HO scale


Jones & Laughlin SW-1000/1500 diagram

9-1/2" x 14" Print of EMD styling and painting diagram


Steel Mill Rolling Stock:

Authenticast Slag Car

Complete, assembled, painted and weathered, from cast metal kit, w/ Kadee couplers. NOB  (2 cars available)

$30 pix coming

General Models Hot Metal Car

Complete, assembled, painted and weathered, from cast metal kit, w/ Kadee couplers. NOB

$25 pix coming

Trix 'N' gauge 0-6-0 (German prototype)

Great for steel mill narrow gauge engine with some rebuild work on the cab. Complete and  runs OK, cast metal superstructure, but paint is chipped. NOB

$20 pix coming

J-G products #802 Ingot buggies/mill flat cars

3 individual car kits available. 

$5 each pix coming

Steel Modeling Parts:

2 pr. Kadee #560 ACF Barber S-2 trucks

Good for hot metal car trucks. New in box.


5 assembled RIX Ingot Molds

Carefully built-up from RIX kits...


Coke Oven Quench Tower

Carefully built-up from Walthers kit. painted and lightly weathered.

$30 pix coming

Blast Furnace Stacks

1 - 13-5/8" to top of shell, plus 2-1/2" conical top 

1 - 11-1/8" to top of shell, plus 2-1/2" conical top 

Call pix coming

3 smoke stacks

13-3/4" tall, square stacks, painted flat black and lightly weathered. (from Walthers Coke Oven kits)

Call pix coming

Various parts...

1 - pack of die-cast metal parts from steel cars
2 - packs of 3 each, 2-1/8" x 1-1/2" plastic cones
2 - packs - misc. plastic parts
1 - set of 4 Gas Producer shells
1 - kit for 2-3/16" dia, x 4" high dust collector


Sold Stuff:

'Blast Furnace Practice'  1938

by Ralph Sweetser, McGraw-Hill 

Nice pictures and diagrams, many from ARMCO, bottle car plans, gas equip., coke ovens, etc, 356 pages. Better then Good condition, only some small wear and tear on spine.


'Iron and Steel'  1918

by Erik Oberg and Franklin Jones, 2nd ed., The Industrial Press

Some nice old pictures, covers pig iron, Bessemer, open hearth, electric, rolling, metallurgy, casting, etc. 328 pages. Very nice condition !


'Strip and Sheets'  1937(?)

by Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.,  11" x 9-1/4"

J&L Pittsburgh, American Iron and Steel Works 96" strip mill - many great photos, text on complete operation, foldout plans, specifications. Very Good condition.


Steel mill books for younger reader, but good info and pix

'Iron and Steel' - by Jerome S Meyer, 1966, World Publishing Co., 92 pages, many good pictures and Illustrations, good condition.
'Iron and Steel' - by American Geographical Society, 1969, Doubleday, 64 pages, pictures, Illustrations, and 32 full color stamps, good condition.
'Let's Go to a Steel Mill' - by Erma Green, 5th Ed. 1961, 48 pages - text and Illustrations, good condition.


'The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling'  2002

by Dean Freytag, M2FQ Publications. Very Good condition