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Railroad Books:

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"Les Locomotives D'un Siecle 1872 - 1972" par Rivarossi

Frova Pubblicata E Marketing IMMA

Rivarossi Centennial Model Catalog

128 pages of mostly color pictures, of model locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, buildings, track, and accessories. Brass, die cast, and plastic models are portrayed in HO, O and N scales. The catalog  is a little shopworn around the edges, and has some prices hand written in pen, also some annotation on 1st page. Otherwise all pages are clean and complete.

13-1/2" x 9-1/2" softcover book - used condition.


"The Brass Train Guide Book" by Dan Glasure

Publishing Partners Intl. LLC, 2007 ISBN 978-1-60530-154-9

Over 300 pages of mostly color photos, of new, old, rare, and significant Brass locomotives and other RR equipment models. Stories of the major importers, and figures in the brass industry. The best picture book of fine brass models available !

Hardcover - New, unread condition.  New price $75


8 Norfolk & Western, Virginian Railway and Coal books:

'The N&W Railway: Williamson Terminal - 1953'  by Vern French, 1992

128 pages. Some light abrasion of covers, wrinkling of top 20% of many pages, but none stuck together. Great coverage of an important N&W terminal: history, development, facilities (including plans). Includes steam loco tender assignments, coverage of passenger service and cars, freight cars, cabooses, MOW and more.

'The Norfolk and Western Handbook'  by Conley Wallace, Aubrey Wiley, 1980

120 pages. For fans and modelers, no text, just lots of pictures and plans of locomotives, tenders, motors, freight and passenger cars, cabeese, MOW equip. and structures. Very good condition.

'The Virginian Railway Handbook'  by Conley Wallace, Aubrey Wiley, 1985

80 pages. For fans and modelers, no text, just lots of pictures and plans of steam locomotives, electrics, diesels, freight and passenger cars, cabeese, MOW equip. and RR structures. Very good condition.

'Norfolk and Western Steam - The Last 25 Years' by Ron Rosenberg, 1973

93 pages. From the G-1 to Y-6b and Jawn Henry; photos, rosters, diagrams, plans, and text. Binding is split resulting in some loose pages, but otherwise fine, no markings tears or damage.

'Coal on the Move Via the Virginian Railway' 1995 NS Corp reprint of original pamphlet.

 32 pages, fold-out map, hopper/gon chart, lots of pictures of mines, hoppers, yards, scenes, maps. Good condition.

'The Story of Fuel Satisfaction' 1992 N&WHS reprint of 1938 N&W original pamphlet.

 Lots of pictures of mines, hoppers, locos, unloaders, maps. Very good condition.

'Common Northeastern open top Hopper cars - 1960-1960' Rail Progress

 38 pages, lists, charts diagrams of the hoppers of 20 Eastern Railroads. Good condition.

'2007 Classic Calendar' by N&WHS

 13 11-3/4" x 9" b&w photos of N&W steam and electric locomotives. VG condition.

All for $120, or call

"The Great Yellow Fleet - A History of American Railroad Refrigerator Cars"

by John H. White  1986, Golden West Books, 186 pages

Hardcover - Very Good to Excellent Condition. Dust jacket is clean, no markings, very little wear (original owner).


"Pine Across the Mountain"  

by Robert M. Hanft  1972 

2nd printing, VG condition - book and dust jacket 

The story of he McCloud River RR in Northern California

Note: Dust jacket is in fine condition, the picture shows glare.

$40 Pine Across the Mountain book

"Crystal River Pictorial"  Colorado's Marble RR

by Dell McCoy and Russ Collman (signed by both authors) 1972 First Edition

VG condition -  No dust jacket, some light wear on cover, but otherwise everything is fine.

 $30 Crystal River Pictorial book

Railroad Reference Material:

"Comstock Mining and Miners"

by Eliot Lord (1959 reprint of 1883 edition), Howell North Press

Very detailed story of the Comstoke Lode with illustrations. Map present in rear pocket.

VG condition -  dust jacket has some small tears on edges, but otherwise everything is fine.

$35 Comstock Mining and Miners book

"Schoen Pressed Steel Company" of Pittsburg PA

Color reproduction of 1898 advertising book /catalog. 40 pages of beautifully tinted engravings and multicolor text. One of the very first steel RR car producers.

Wonderful period graphic design from a historically important company, representing a radical change in railroad technology.

$50   Schoen Steel color booklet

"Schoen Pressed Steel Company" of Pittsburg PA

B&W reproduction of 1898 advertising book. 40 pages of text and illustrations of very early steel RR car technology and economics.

Out of Stock Schoen Steel booklet

Model Railroad Reference:

Roundhouse Data Book

Model Die Casting Co. catalog of MDC's Locomotives, Cars and Parts, plus general model railroading data.

Great reference for MDC kits and all the parts for steam locomotives, freight cars, cabooses, motors, paint, etc.

88 pages in brown vinyl 3-ring binder impressed with Roundhouse and MDC logos. Not dated, probably 1960's.

 $5 MDC Data Book

Scale Structures Ltd plans, drawings and post cards

9 B&W promo sheets of completed models  
5 onion skin kit plans
5 printed kit plans
6 color cards of completed models

(mostly machinery, vehicles, and structures) all in a nice red SS Ltd Coaling Station kit box.



C&O Reference Material:

15 C&O Historical Society Newsletters and Binder:

15 back issues available:

5/77, 10/84, 10/89, 4/92, 1/95, 2/95, 3/95, 4/95, 5/95, 6/95, 8/95, 9/95, 12/04, 10/06, 11/06

1 - C&O HS Newsletter Binder. Dark blue with gold lettering. 12" x8-3/4" x 3-1/2" with wire rods for 48 magazines.




C&O Historical Society soft cover reference books:

"C&O Freight Cars Prior to 1945"  -  52 pages of pictures and diagrams, 1974, 8-1/2"x 7"

"C&O Railway - Proportions, Diagrams, and Illustrations of Locomotives - As of Feb 1/1903"  - 1996 reprint. 53 pages of blueprint style diagrams and info charts. 5-1/4"x10"

"The C&O in Central Virginia" by Randolph Kean  -  24 pages of info picture and stories, from 1979 convention.

All are soft cover, in Good to Very Good condition

Articles and plans from the C&O Newsletter, Mainline Modeler, MR, etc

1/2" thick folder of assorted articles and plans of C&O subjects: Chessie, The George Washington, Diesel rosters and color charts,  wrecks, stations, signals, cars, locomotives, and more...  C&O Plans and Articles cut from from various magazines. Lots of passenger engines, cars and stations, info on diesel, steam, freight cars, and signals



 C&OHS  8" x 10"  Photos (B&W)

CH0001X - C&O #500 Turbine at Washington DC 6/49

COHS #2166 - H-8 and 200t crane at wreck site 6/49

CSPR #228-1 C&O Roundhouse at Peach Creek ceiling and engine tops 1946

CSPR #6135 C&O Steam Cranes at Barboursville WV 1940

CSPR #10057-6 Stephens Elkhorn Fuel Co. Tipple at Marrs KY, 6/1954

COHS #5192 CUT w/ Southern Rwy passenger train, July 1934

J.M. Gruber - Shop crane #960400 at Walbridge OH 4/92

4" x 6"  R.A. Hadley H-4 #1404 on Turntable 

Plan - Lettering Arrangement for WC-24, 25, 200ton IB Wrecking Cranes

$12 or

$2 ea.

Sold ??


15 Issues of "The Log Train

Journal of the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Assoc.

15 magazines between1982 -> 89 ( Vol 1-2 to 7-3)

VG condition -  no tears, markings or defects, just some light wear.


15 years of "Model Railroader" Magazine

Bound in MR binders - good to very good condition

1957, 1958, 1962 -> 1983

Local pickup recommended due to weight

$5 each

Sold Books:

C&O, N&W -  Railroadinia

Chessie System - Engineering Dept. Maintenance Rule book, 6/1/1975 (VG) - $10

C&O - Northern Division, Timetable #1, 4/27/1969 (VG) - $5

C&O Railway Company Rule book, Oct. 1th, 1931 (VG, hardcover, 179 pages) - $10

N&W 'Description & Classification, Locomotives' booklet, 5/3/1928 -  $10
(50 4-3/4"x3-1/2" blueprint pages)


"Chesapeake & Ohio BL2 Diesels"

by John Paton, Published by C&O Historical Society,  1991

48 pages, Softcover - Good to Very Good Condition


"The Pere Marquette in 1945"

by C&O Historical Society,  1990

78 pages, Softcover - Good to Very Good Condition


'Pullman Standard Classics' Plan Book

by W. W. Kratville  1962

17 pages of car plans, and 7 pages of car and truck pictures, detail plans, charts,  and text. All from the Pullman Company files.

8 1/2" by 14" glossy paper, has been folded in half, but no paper damage or markings.

Sold$10 Pullman Plan Book

"Rails to Carry Copper - A History of the Magma Arizona Railroad

by Gordan Chappel 1973

Hardback in brown cloth. 243 pages illustrated with photographs, schematics, maps, folding map in rear pocket.

Very Good Condition, the only problem is some damage on the dustjacket, looks like a title transfer from some other book. But it is now wrapped with a mylar cover. Inside everything is fine.

Sold Rails to Carry Copper book

"New York Central in the Hudson Valley"

by George H. Drury  1995

127 pages of b&w photos, history. and references

Softcover - Very Good Condition

Sold NYC_HudsonValley_Book.JPG (157357 bytes)

"Southern Steam Specials"

by Ron Zeil and Mike Eagleson  1970

Softcover - Good to Very Good Condition


Train Shed Cyclopedias

#42 - Passenger Cars from the 1919 Car Builders Dictionary. - 32 pages of full size reprints.

#45 - Locos of the 40's and 50's (Steam) Part 1 from the 1941 Loco Cyclopedia and Railway Mechanical Engineer. - 64 pages of full size reprints.

#68 - Passenger Details, Trucks and Industrials (Part 6) from the 19425 Car Builders Cyclopedia. - 64 pages of full size reprints.


"Trains Rolling"

by H.A. McBride  1953,  1st edition,  MacMillan Pub.

269 pages, *many* illustrations of steam, diesel, and unusual RR equipment and scenes.

Chapters on the PRR, B&O, B&LE, WM, Norfork Southern, Leigh Valley,  Virginian, and Ann Arbor Railroads. Also on the railroads of Washington, DC, West Palm Beach, Morocco, Western Germany, and Mardid, Spain. 

G -> VG condition -  ex Cleveland library book, binding and pages complete, no markings, just age.


"History of the Southern Pacific RR"

Yeme - New condition


"150 Years of North American Railroads"

Chartwell Publishing - Very good condition


"Union Pacific - The Rebirth 1894-1969"

by Maury Klien  1989, Doubleday, 654 pages

Hardcover - Good to Very Good Condition. Dust jacket is protected by a now distressed clear wrapper, some discoloration on edges of pages, otherwise fine.


"Call The Big Hook"

by Samuel A. Dougherty  1984, Golden West Books

256 pages of great stories of wrecks derailments and incidents on the D&RGW and predecessors, including narrow gauge. Lots of B&W pictures and even diagrams of D&RGW wreck cranes !

Hardcover - Very Good Condition, except for some small tears on the edges of the dust jacket.


Trainz 'Railwayz' - The Ultimate Train Simulator

Program on DVD-ROM for Windows PC's (2GHz recommended). Original box and all included materials



C&O Eastbound Basing Book #4 

Freight Tariff no. 102-b, Issued 4/8/1926

Good to Very Good condition



1945 "Railway Engineering and Maintenence Cyclopedia"

6th Edition, Simmons-Boardman Publishing

1294 pages of text and pictures covering RR maintenence of way equipment, supplies, and practices in great detail. many illustrations, plans and tables. 

Very Good Condition

Sold RE&M Cylopedia

"The History of the Atchison Topeka & Sante Fe"

Smithmark - New condition


"The Norfork & Western Railway - Williamson Terminal - 1953"

by Vern French

Softcover - Some wrinkling on top of pages, but great info and photos for the N&W modeler !


"Louisville and Nashville Railroad 1850-1963"

Kincaid Kerr  1964 (Fifth printing)  Rare !

VG condition -  dust jacket has some small tears, but otherwise everything is fine.

Sold L&N RR book

"Worlds Greatest Steam Locomotives"

by Gene Huddleston

UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boys, C&O, VGN 2-6-6-6 Allegeneys, and N&W 'A' 2-6-6-4 Steam Locomotives in operation, design and detail.

New condition, with dust jacket

Sold Worlds Greatest Locos book

"Trains, Tracks and Travel"

by T.W. Van Metre  1926,  2nd edition,  Simmons-Boardman Pub.

236 pages, *many* illustrations

Very nice book about the history, equipment, infrastructure, and operations of american railroads, freight and passenger in the boom era of the 20's.

G -> VG condition -  ex Clevelend library book, binding and pages complete, no markings, just age.

Sold Trains, Tracks and Travel book

"The Virginian Era"

by Lloyd D. Lewis  1992

60 pages of b&w photos and captions

Softcover - Very Good Condition

Sold Virginian_Era_Book.JPG (211605 bytes)

"Western Pacific Locomotives and Cars"

WP Steam, Diesel, Passenger, and Freight equipment.

128 pages of B/W and color pictures, text, plans, rosters, and maps.

by Patrick C. Dorin  1998 TLC Publishing

Hard cover - Like new condition

Sold WP_Equip_Book.JPG (218637 bytes)

"The Railroad and the City - A Technological and Urbanistic History of Cincinnati" 

Carl W. Condit  1977 Ohio State University Press

Very Good Condition -  with OK dust jacket.

Lots of information on the history, railroads and stations of Cincinnatti, some pictures.

ISBN 0-8142-0265-9


"Chicago - A Pictoral History"

Herman Kogan and Lloyd Wendt  1958

Bonanza Books - 224 pages with illustrations on every page 

Very Good Condition -  with clean dust jacket.

ISBN 0-517-082942


1970 Chessie Calender and Appointments

Pictures of Chessie and artistic C&O/B&O scenes. Nice condition, with some light wear, but no significant faults. Only three dates have notations in them.


2 C&O/B&O Annual Reports for 1966 and 1967

Color and B&W pictures, maps, financial information, and more. Very good condition, with only very light wear. Complete and unmarked.



'Model Railroad Track and Layout'

by A.C. Kalmbach, 3rd Edition, 1946

Good to Very Good condition. No marks or tears, some folding creases on heavy card covers. Plastic ring binding.

Full of nice plans drawings, and prototype pictures.

Sold Track and Layout book

PSC  HO & HOn3 Steam Locomotive Catalog #3  

Mint counter copy of Precision Scale Co. catalog, no wear, marks or missing pages

Great reference for lost wax brass castings and model locomotive parts and supplies. 

 Sold PSC Loco Catalog 3

"History of the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe RR"

Berkman - New condition


"Marion Construction Machinery"

1884 - 1975 Photo Archive

by the Historical Construction Equipment Association

Softcover - like new (duplicate)


"A Century of Mining and Men"

by Harlan Hatcher  1950,  1st edition,  Bobbs-Merrill Co.

G ->VG condition -  ex Clevelend library book, binding and pages complete, just age.

295 pages, 28 illustrations, maps

The story of the discovery and development of the Lake Superior iron deposits by the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.

Sold Iron history Book

"Kanawa County Images" - A Bicentenial History 1788 - 1988 (Vol 1)

by Stan B Cohen  1987

Exellent Condition - like new, with dust jacket.

Includes coverage of the railroads in the area (C&O, NYC, B&O, and others).

Sold Kanawha County Images book

Official Railway Equipment Register - October 1952

824 pages. Good condition. Rear cover is detached, but present. Some nicks and small tears on the covers. But all interior pages are intact and in good condition, except for a small missing corner on the first page. The cover and a few pages have some writing on them, but not much. 



ORER_1952.JPG (212340 bytes)

Official Railway Equipment Register - January 1942

1085 pages. Excellent condition. Unmarked, just some faint discolorations and a small tear on the rear cover. Interior pages are complete and clear. Not even dog-eared, except for one page the has a fold due to it being a bit oversize (from the original publishing) 




ORER_1942.JPG (206433 bytes)

Official Railway Equipment Register - July 1932

1086 pages. Good condition, unmarked. Some wrinkeling and stains from water on the front cover, spine and first dozen or so pages. All interior pages are intact and in good condition, except for a few pages that have folds due to being a bit oversize (from the original publishing)




ORER_1932.JPG (204377 bytes)

'Along the Right of Way' Paintings of Howard Fogg

Bound collection of 64 Howard Fogg paintings, including some maps and P&LE info. Many blast furnace, steel mill, and steel related industry pictures, as well as NYC and P&LE steam and diesel locomotives. 

Excellent condition. No tears, dog-eared pages, smudges, or markings. Cover is perfect and binding is crisp.

Each print is titled and is about 8 1/2 by 11 horizontal. Printed on both sides of the page. 32 pages, dated July 15, 1964.

Sold Fogg Booklet

D&RGW RR 'In the Clouds' Official Folder

Postmarked July 1928, may be as early as 1910. 18 color postcard sized pictures on a foldout sheet. Two more pictures on the 'envelope' and a railroad map of Denver to Oakland on the inside.

Features scenery, town and railroad subjects. Probably a souvenir issue made by the D&RGW to promote traveling on their trains.

The outside cover has some paper damage from wear, but the 18 foldout pictures are in very good condition, with vibrant, tinted color. It is addressed, stamped (1 1/2 )and cancelled.

Sold DRGW_Card_1

Diesel Locomotive Plan Collection

2" thick stack of Diesel locomotive plans and info copied from cyclopedias, books, and magazines.

Sections on: references, index, general, Alco, Baldwin, EMD, Fairbanks Morse, General Electric, Krauss-Maffei, Lima-Hamilton, Plymouth, Westinghouse, and others !


3 Issues of 'Traction Heritage'

No. 70, 71, and 74. Volume 12 #4, 5, Vol 13 #2

Selections from the 1904 and 1910 'Electric Railway Journal'. Hard to find traction plans and data. Very nice heavy paper, and crisp printing.

Sold Traction Heritage

5 Issues of 'Timber Times

Great material on Lumbering and Logging.

Back Issues 15, 17, 18, 19, 23

Includes articles on American Log Loaders, Cascade Lumber Company, Lidgerwood Tower Skidders, and much more....

Sold Timber Times

4 Model Railroad Starter Books

'Practical Guide to Model Railroading'
'Small Railroads You Can Build'
'Scenery for Model Railroads'
'Wiring Your Layout'

A good package to help someone get started in  Model Railroading !

Sold Model railroad Starter Books