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HO Structures and parts:

6 Stall Brick Roundhouse RTR

Two Atlas #604 Roundhouse kits carefully assembled and painted.

Careful attention to removing all flash draft and riser marks from the plastic parts.  Gentle weathering and lots of interior detail.

The roundhouse has 6 15 degree stalls, 11" deep, and 8-1/2" from center of turntable. Building  is 27-1/2" wide by 13-1/2" deep and 5" high, with a 4-1/2" by 3" out building.


Shipping is a problem, so local pickup only

Atlas_roundhouse_1.JPG (441847 bytes)

Atlas_Roundhouse_2.JPG (157851 bytes)

Model Masterpieces Ltd Backshop kit

Backshop with 2 shop cranes. Kit number 130. Complete...


Period Brick Factory Diorama

Built from lots of Vollmer and some Revell parts

needs signage and final assembly Vollmer_Kitbash_Parts.JPG (258309 bytes)

 Holgate & Reynolds Small Industrial Building kit

One 16"x4" vinyl sheet embossed with 8 two-story building panels (1-7/8"x3-1/4"). Cut out window and door openings, fold and arrange them any way you want


4 HO Square Smoke Stacks

3 - (plastic)  14" square concrete stacks from Walthers coke ovens (painted black)

1 - (plastic)  8" brick stack from Walthers Vulcan Manufacturing

1 - (plaster) square brick stack  from Mr. Plaster ?

3 for $12




HO Smoke Stacks

HO Parts:

For HO Passenger Car Parts, see my new page.

Durango Press/Custom Finishes Track Maintenance Vehicle kits

DP-97 - Spike Puller ($12 retail)
DP-98 - Tie Shear ($25 retail)
DP-99 - Tie Crane ($25 retail)
Custom Finishes #7016 - Rail Maint. Equip. loading ramp ($10 retail)

New, complete kits. repackaged, not original box

 All for $35

Code 83, Cast Nickel Silver Switch kits

Cast frogs, points, guard rails, and PC board point spreader, for hand laid track.

Package of 2 - #5 switch kits

Package of 6 - #6 switch kits

Package of 4 - #8 switch kits

    #5 - $12

#6 - $25

#8 - $17

All for $45

 Road-Railer parts

Black plastic kit parts of British (?) Road Railer. Partial conversion to C&O type. Van body, frame, wheel assembly, details. Needs roof and ?


 Small Modern Switcher Cab kit

Soft metal parts for an angled notch, small switcher, steam locomotive cab


Athearn metal 6 wheel Buckeye Trucks

Solid diecast sideframes, metal axles, plastic wheels, all blackened. Very good condition.


E&B Valley New Haven 4 wheel truck kit

pair of trucks excess from 'American Flyer' coach kit.


Redball 4 wheel Streamlined Trucks

Ribbed back metal wheels, ptd black.


Selley  memorial Park set

20+ Soft metal castings of sign, cook pits, cannon, people and more.


Geared Drum parts

3/8" dia. and wide, double geared drum. Good for donkey engines and winches.

5 for $1

HO Accessories:

4 PFM Fulgurex Slow Motion Switch Machines 

Motor driven switch machines with 4 double throw contacts. Includes operating lever and instructions. New in blister packs.


Trix Express #66592 Relays

3 - 6592 double pole double throw electric relays.

New old stock, unused condition (no boxes)


NJI Traffic Signal 

3 color stoplight, when powered with 12 volts, the yellow light blinks.  New in NJI package

Add action to a city scene !



NJI Traffic Signal


Hallmark 'Protolite'

Constant intensity locomotive lighting kit

$4 ea.

PFM Sound Unit  and Speaker

PFM-X10 Face Ported Speaker Enclosure and decoder electronics

Call PFM_Sound_unit.JPG (214879 bytes)

Other scales (O, S, N) parts:

Rio Grande Models  'C.L. Best 60 Tractor' Bulldozer  (S scale)

Built up from soft metal parts from the RGM  'C.L. Best 60 Tractor' (also Holt and Caterpillar model 60). unpainted

 $35 email me for pictures

Rio Grande Models #3385 Bulldozer attachment kit (S scale)

Soft metal parts to add a 'dozer' blade to the 'S' RGM  'C.L. Best 60 Tractor' (also Holt and Caterpillar model 60). New in package


'O' scale Parts

Coil Steel Cover (Lionel ?) unpainted, 2 - Plastruct 5" ladders, bag with 4 plastic tractor wheels, crossing sign, 4 misc. detail parts (some not shown in pic)

3"x4" bag stuffed with Grandt and other freight car detail parts

3"x4" bag stuffed with truck and coupler parts

$5 coil cover,

$3 misc parts

$18 car parts

$10 truck+

Oscale_Parts.jpg (58250 bytes)

 S scale, O scale, Donkey engine skid kits

1 each scale, wood kits for donkey skids

 $7.50 ea.

'S' scale Misc. brass castings:

2-1/4"x3" bag includes, headlights, tender steps, cab seats, bell, airpump(single), couplers, brackets


'HOn3' flat body and mOW trailers:

1- nice small wood flat car body 3- assembled plastic (Grandt ?) work trailers


Decals and Misc:

Paige Enterprises Passenger car Drumheads

6 different train name per set on one transparency, no frame or lights included

New York Central (have 2)
Pennsylvania RR
Southern Pacific 

$5 ea.

'125' Line Dry Transfers

Irv Shultz designed old time car lettering:

Pere Marquette #51999 Box car (LaBelle #48)
Pere Marquette "Michigan Trans Route" #1059 Box car (LaBelle #41)
Hocking Valley #29518 Box car (LaBelle #41 or MDC old-time)
Wheeling & Lake Erie #43357 Gondola car 
Westmoreland Coal Company #1200 Gondola car

$2 each

Miller Modern Boxcar Data

D-1B, Railroad Roman, for 3-40' & 3-50' cars

Clover House #7616-01 NYC Boxcar Dry Transfers

For NYC Lot 439-B, 1922 boxcar lettering and herald (white and black)

CDS #287 Baker-Whitely Twin Hopper Dry Transfers

White dry transfers for hopper car

Vintage Reproductions A-114 Legacy Signs Dry Transfers

2 3" x 5-1/2" sheets, one white, one red

Cars, $2 ea.

Signs, $5

Accu-Cals H1-SP47a - B&M steam passenger locomotive

 Used, numbers, names, and tender striping only, no road names

Various Champ decals (partials and combos)

PH-? Pullman Gold Pass Car, A&P, Union Reefers, B&O hopper, LG-2 RR Roman Dulux Gold 5/32"

$1 ea.

Microscale 87-559 BN 48' America Containers 1989

Microscale RH-41 NKP Diesels & Cabooses (partial)



SS Ltd. Instructions, Plans and  Flyers in Coaling Tower Box

K123 Coaling Tower Instructions and Plans - 6 beautiful onion skin pages of drawings and plans. One page of instructions and parts list.

K112C Oil Loading Facility Instructions and Plans - 2 onion skin pages of drawings and plans. One page of instructions and parts list.

K107 Howe Crane and Platform Instructions and Plans - 1 onion skin page of drawings and plans. One small page of instructions and parts list.

K113C Steam Engine and Boiler Instructions and Plans - 1 onion skin page of drawings and plans. One page of instructions and parts list.

K146 Vertical Engine and Boiler Instructions and Plans - 1 small onion skin page of drawings, instructions and parts list.

12 sheets of SS Ltd. product flyers for various kits (all different) and 2 product listings.

Also, the package of brick, siding and card stock for the Coaling Tower, all in the nice red SS Ltd box. No castings or other parts.


6 SS Ltd. Pewter Plaques 

1-1/4" oval "SS LTD", 
2" elongated diamond "LIMA Locomotive Works - Division of SS Ltd"
4 - 3/4" square "Miniature - Rapid Motor Co. - SS Ltd

6 Fine pewter soft metal castings


Sold Stuff:

Champ C&O passenger car Decal sets 

5 - PH-17 (heavyweight) passenger car - Dulux Gold

2 - PH-159 'George Washington' passenger car- Dulux Gold (1 set missing a few car names)

1 - PH-17B 'George Washington' passenger car- Gold Leaf


PSC HO/HOn3 CONOCO tank car Decal Sheet

From PSC kit - unused, fine condition plus other colorful chemical co. decals


Champ HB-322  ACL Boxcar Decals 

Unused, complete.


Champ BRH-18  PRR GG-1 Decals

All stripping, lettering, and numbers to completely decorate an HO Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Electric Locomotive model.

Chessie Decals

8 sheets, some slightly used, Blue and Yellow, Miller, Walthers, and ??, Caboose, Boxcar, and ??


Microscale RH-47 C&O Diesel and Caboose set

C&O, Pere Marquette Cab Diesels & C&O Caboose decal set.

Will do a PM E-7, C&O passenger script engines, and yellow caboose. New, sealed.

Microscale 87-881 C&O 2nd Generation Diesel Lettering

Early 1960's Hood and Cab Unit Schemes for 1957 - 1965.  Chesapeake and Ohio yellow 'Futura' Diesel lettering and heralds. Yellow, blue, black, and white numbers.

Will do 4 engines. New, sealed package.


2 Central Valley Round Stock Car Roofs 

Two plastic round roofs from the Central Valley stock car kits. I didn't want round roofs on my cars, so I did the cars up as open coke cars. Now you can use these unusual parts for your own kit bashed freight cars.


Sawtooth Roof Industrial Factory Building

This assembled and painted factory structure was built from part of the rare Kibri #B-9918 kit, just the factory, not the office.  

This is a high quality structure that will fit into your layout along side other craftsmen buildings and add a distinctive touch to any industrial area.

This very interesting and rare sawtooth roof factory structure is fully painted and light-to medium weathered. 

Careful attention was paid in assembly to removing all flash, draft, and riser marks from the plastic parts, and avoiding seams in corners and other joints. Paint was sprayed, not brushed. You can see the quality of assembly and finishing from the photos.

The building is 10-1/2" long by 5" wide and 3" high.  Includes original kit box, instructions and printed interior inserts.

2 lbs shipping weight

Sold Kibri_Factory_1.JPG (161882 bytes) Kibri_Factory_2.JPG (130319 bytes) Kibri_Factory_3.JPG (102276 bytes)

Durango Press DP-72 Overhead Crane kit

Sealed, new in box


Taurus Products #109 Etched Brass Freight Car Ladders

2 sets (4 each) of these nice looking photo etched brass, long/medium, freight car ladders


MRC ControlMaster 20 - High Power Train Controller

Walk around model train control for N to G gauge engines. Easy to install, and use. 

Plenty of power for multiple locomotives (two G engines), momentum control, emergency brake button, protection circuitry, easy to install, expandable plug in network for the memory walk around control.

This is a Phase 1 ControlMaster, and has a fan and a heavier circuit board. Unused, except for testing - Yes, it works fine ! 

In original box, with extra phone connectors for your control network. 11 lbs shipping weight

Sold Controlmaster_20.JPG (184477 bytes)



Detail Associates GR 2704 F-Unit Grills

1 set for A units of DA photo etched stainless steel, air intake grills, for EMD F units


ScaleLink Photoetched Windmill Kit

ScaleLinkę (made in England) 'Wind Water Pump'  4mm model kit. 2 sheets of photoetched brass to make up a windmill, tower and pump. Very detailed parts wiil build up to a very fine windmill model


Micro Engineering ME-500 - Timber Tunnel Lining kit

 99 scale feet of (plastic) tunnel lining parts, OB

 Sold Wood_Sides.jpg (47500 bytes)

Campbell Howe Truss Bridge

Completely builtup HO Campbell Howe Truss bridge kit with code 70 rails. Nicely stained and painted. The bridge is 4 1/4" tall and 14 1/2" long (106' span).

The rails extend from the bridge to allow easy installation in your layout. The bridge is complete and unbroken except for the following.

One end has a few steps missing from the ladder. This is fine for an older, weathered structure, but if it bothers you, I can supply a very nice Kapler ladder with would need staining and installation.

The Howe Truss bridge is an older style and would be right at home on a smaller steam layout. This is a beautiful, complex looking model bridge structure with a very natural finish, and would make a fine addition to your model railroad.

2 lbs shipping weight.

Sold Campbell Howe Truss bridge Campbell Howe Truss bridge Campbell Howe Truss bridge Campbell Howe Truss bridge Campbell Howe Truss bridge

Magnuson Models Powerhouse Kit

Magnuson Models kit M-519. Consists of resin and  soft metal castings, wood, cardboard, sandpaper roofing and acetate window material allong with instructions and plans.

Builds a brick structure 13" by 12 1/4" overall.

Very nice quality castings and an attractive industrial structure make this a valuable HO structure kit. Magnusons larger resin kits, qualify as real craftsman kits, but are not that difficult to build. This kit has become hard to find, and would be a fine addition to an industrial area, a model steel mill, or a city on your model railroad.

This kit is complete and in very good condition, with no broken parts and just a bit of box wear, but well packed to protect the kit parts.

3 1/2 lbs shipping weight

Sold Magnuson Powerhouse Magnuson Powerhouse

Wabash Valley 'Tygert Tipple' Kit

Nice, small mine tipple, with good detail. Doesn't take up much space on the layout, for a good traffic generator.

The Tygert Tipple is one of the Wabash Valley 'Hometown Series' of wood, plastic and metal kits. All parts in original sealed bags, and instructions, fitted in a new, easy to ship, sealed bag (the old poor box is gone).

Sold Tygert Tipple kit

C.C.Crow Herringbone Brick

4 - 15' x 50' x 1' Hydrocal castings of Herringbone brick for roadways, etc. Unopened package, mint.


Fine Scale Minitures Instruction Sheet

FSM Kit #115 Coal and Sand Shed - 22- 1/2" by 17-1/2" double-sided instruction sheet with pictures, plans and text. Folded as in kit, very good condition, no markings or appreciable wear.


 Pennsylvania T-1 4 wheel Leading and Trailing trucks

For the Penn Line PRR T-1 4-4-4-4, Soft metal frames, blackened brass wheelsets.

(also have a brass front frame for this engine)



Penn T1 Trucks

Pair of Globe EMD 4-wheel powered trucks  

2 trucks with gears, universals, and sideframes for Globe (?) and Olympic Express  EMD diesel mechanisms - box of gearbox parts , too !!


Sold Globe_EMD_Trucks.JPG (461209 bytes)

3 Large Crane Booms

2 Large Crane booms from arts from the HO scale Kibri 10738 'Space Lifter' kit,  and 1 Lionel  O scale 3 piece truss crane boom. Some of the tabs are broken so it won't hinge without some repair, but boom itself is complete and undamaged.

Will be carefully packed for safe shipment.

Sold Crane Booms Large

Crane Booms long

15 Southern Pacific Steam and Passenger Decals Package:

2 - Microscale  RH-33 SP Steam Loco - Daylight, Sunbeam, San Joaquin (1 sheet will do 8 engines, missing a few numbers and 4 out of the 16 Daylight symbols)

1 - Microscale RH-34 SP Passenger Car - Daylight, Sunbeam, San Joaquin decal sheets (actually 4 sheets with less then 2 sheets worth used up)

10 sets Champ PH-157 SP 'Daylight' Passenger Car decals

1 - Champ EH-12D SP 'Daylight' Steam Locomotive set (some numbers missing)

1 - Champ 'Blue Ribbon' BRH-12W SP Special Steam Locomotive Data decals (2 sheets)


SP_decal_Sets.JPG (350085 bytes)

2 Railroad theme Stamps

4" x 1-3/4" heavy Copper on wood block - W&A RR 4-4-0 engine the 'General' with descriptive text. Very nice crisp detail (right).

3" x 1-1/2" Rubber stamp with wood block, foam cushion, and wood handle. Nice reproduction of an unidentified civil war era 4-4-0 steam engine (left).

Both, unused, great condition.

Sold RR_Stamps.jpg (24883 bytes)

Browning Locomotive Crane Builders Plate

Circa 1920 builders plate for a Browning #5 Locomotive Crane #1988. 

5-3/16" square, by 1/16" thick, cast bronze plate. 

This came from the steam boiler of the crane and has a lot of boiler specs. It is also slightly curved to fit on the cylindrical boiler.

Very good condition, as you can see from the photo.

1 lb shipping weight.

Sold Buiders Plate Crane