Steam Locomotives and Tenders:

Misc. Locomotive:

Bachmann Spectrum USRA 2-10-2 mechanism - Nice !

Full mechanism (frame, drivers, rods, etc.) with Southern valve gear, and USRA trailing truck. Has gearbox, but no motor. NOB with Parts diagram sheets.



7 Diecast and brass small HO tender shells

1 - cast brass medium tender, shell & frame, about 4" long
1 - Penn Line PRR short tender, shell only, about 4" long
3 - low slope back small tender shells, 2 with frames, about 3" long
2 - high slope back small tender shells and frame, one with (old) trucks, screws in sides

These are clean, unbroken castings, some have misc. detail parts (steps, railings) attached



Diesel Locomotives:

Athearn C&O F7A with Olympic Express mechanism

Nice painted shell with heavy Japanese brass and diecast geared drive, KTM motor. Original Athearn box



Sold Stuff:

Kato Undec. EMD NW-2 body shell kit

Complete, except front headlight has been removed. In Kato box


IHC Parts Catalog and Scratchbuilders Bible - 38th Edition

120 pages of diagrams, parts listings, and some special instructions for IHC, AHM, and Rivarossi steam and diesel locomotive models.

Very good condition, except for a "Store Copy" mark on the cover.

Includes some extra pages and a 30 page JMC- Athearn Parts Catalog (locos and cars)


Semi Vanderbilt Tender

Homemade semi-vanderbilt tender with Mantua 6 wheel metal trucks,


Bowser (?) PRR medium oil tender

Plastic shell, diecast frame, and Dolphin trucks, Kadee coupler, brass marker lights, NOB


Tender / Water car

HobbyLine plastic tender body with 6 wheel Buckeye trucks and knuckle couplers. Nicely detailed for MOW water car service. Painted and lightly weathered.


Athearn C&O F7A Dummy

Nice shell and dummy mech. in original Athearn box


NWSL Repowered and detailed Athearn HO SW-9 

Unlettered, powered engine,  includes cab interior, extra detailing parts, Kadee couplers, and  original Athearn box.

North West Short Line repowered:

Repowered with a NWSL can motor, dual flywheels, Delrin universals, and replacement wheels. Great running engine, smooth and slow !

Superdetailing Kit:

Body shell and truck frame castings have been cleaned up and lettering removed. SW-9 headlight, GSB cab interior, and other details installed.

Many additional super-detailing parts included: builtup Cannon cab, DA front grills, stanchions, grabs, horns, etc. 

Ready to run or, finish this engine to 'Better-Then-Brass' quality !


  • Athearn SW-7 switcher        -     $30
  • NWSL flywheels and motor   -    $30
  • NWSL wheels and universals -    $12
  • Cab and other detail parts    -    $33
  • Repowering and detailing     -    What, value my work ?
  • Total cost of improved engine -  $105 


Sold HO EMD SW-7 HO EMD SW-7 w/parts


Proto 2000  N&W 2-8-8-2 Articulated #2050

Lifelike Proto 2000 Heritage Steam Collection #23332 

N&W #2050 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender

Like new condition, test run only, and it runs better than almost any articulated model locomotive I've seen before, and I've seen a lot ! Great detail and finishing too, It looks very realistic, and only needs a  touch of weathering. DCC ready, reversing headlights.

Complete with box,  all original parts, packing and paper material.

Model Railroader reviewed this locomotive as one of the best they had ever seen !


Sold Proto 2000 NW 2-8-8-2.jpg (59481 bytes)

Front Range GP-9 Shell

Front Range Products unbuilt kit #910014

Scale width GP-9 body shell, frame, handrails, windows, lens, details, and formed metal handgrabs.

 No trucks or couplers, with instructions included in original box. Like new.

Sold FRP_GP-9.jpg (38257 bytes)

Athearn #4901 C44-9W Powered EMD diesel locomotive

 (powered), Decorated for General Electric demonstrator unit (GE Demo)

Working headlight in fine running, tested engine.

Original blue box, with all parts and packing

Mfg list $ 59.50

Sold Athearn C44-9W_1.jpg (16151 bytes)

Athearn C44-9W_2.jpg (45648 bytes)

Atlas #8070 Alco S2 diesel switcher 

Undecorated (gray plastic), original box, with mounted Kadee couplers. 

Test run only, in original box.


Sold Atlas S2.jpg (21602 bytes)

Atlas S2_2.jpg (11492 bytes)

Walthers Alco Rotary Snow Plow

#932-1950 undecorated w/ original box. Runs fine (plow blade spins).

Completely assembled, with new brass pops and whistle (so they won't break off, and look better anyway).

Walthers Snow Plow page


 Sold Walthers Alco Snowplow


AHM/Rivarossi B&O vanderbilt Tender

Kadee coupler, missing right rear step. All railing and trucks are painted black.

 Sold AHM B&O Tender