Magnavox Mahogany Console / Stereo Cabinet

A classic (circa 1950's) Magnavox console or radio cabinet that I've partially rebuilt to an audio system cabinet. Finish this project into a beautiful and functional mahogany cabinet for stereo or whatever.

The cabinet is 36" wide, 40" high, and 20" deep. It has 3 shelves, two solid front doors, and a 15" x 14"  hinged lid in the cabinet top to enclose the phonograph (long gone) or a storage area (parts provided)

Excellent wood workmanship in mahogany  and mahogany veneer. Tongue and groove joints, paneled doors, and brass hardware. 

Mahogany and other wood stock to finish 3 shelf and cubby interior. Reinforced structure to support a sensitive turntable and heavy vinyl record storage. I just don't have the time to do fine woodworking anymore  :(

Includes plans, hardware, screws, luan sheets for shelfs, filler, extra support blocks, material cut for a cubby under the hinged phonograph panel, inserts for shelf lips, and more

Local pickup only

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Glass and Wrought Iron Coffee Table

36" by 36' by 16" high, tempered glass, green vertiges finish on metal frame.  Came from Pier One originally

Very good condition - no damage or marks

Local pickup only


China, Silver, and Gold:

Sterling Silver Pierced Plate / Tray

International Sterling H209-3

10" diameter. Very beautiful pierced sterling border pattern, with a monogramed 'D' in the center.

No notable dings dents or scratches.

$55 Sterling_Tray_1.jpg (116900 bytes)  Sterling_Tray_2.jpg (50658 bytes)

Sterling Silver Candy Dish

6" diameter by 4 1/2" high, nice detail, light weight. Has some very small dings, but sits straight and looks good.



Silver_Candy_Dish.jpg (55243 bytes)

2 Quart Sheffield Silver Water Pitcher

The Sheffield Silver Co./ Reed & Barton Co. #8506 

A beautiful fluted silver plate water pitcher with ice lip, 4 heavily decorated feet and an ornate handle.  This footed pitcher stands 9 tall to the top of the lip.

The silver plate has a bright finish with no dings or scratches, or signs of wear.  There are no monograms or inscriptions. Comes with the original box.

 $30 Silver_Pitcher_1.jpg (62381 bytes)
Silver_Pitcher_Label.jpg (30401 bytes)

2 Wallace Silverplate Trays

1 - 11"  Wallace #5003, Octagonal

1 - 13 1/2"   Wallace #5007, Octagonal  with engraved  surface, and cut through sides. Very eye catching !



Silver_Tray_Small.jpg (45585 bytes)
Silver_Tray_Large.jpg (76255 bytes)

2  Silverplate Bowls

1 - 8" Gorham #C870, nice condition !

1 - 10" Gorham ?, no markings, some stains 



Silver_Bowl_Small.jpg (28683 bytes)
Silver_Bowl_Large.jpg (54892 bytes)

Misc. Silver parts

Sterling Silver ring, 4" in diameter and 1" high

Marked 'C1382' 

I don't know what it's for, but it just might be exactly what you need to fix something !

Silver plate liquor 'Jigger' repaired, but leaks from holes in side.

2 parts from tea strainers

1 jar top (pewter ?) with spoon slot

Silverplated Candle Snuffer. Made in Hong Kong, Stained, but serviceable  - sold




Other items sold

Silver_Pieces.jpg (58588 bytes)  


'Halo' Vaporizer systems

Soft metal parts to add a 'dozer' blade to the 'S' RGM  'C.L. Best 60 Tractor' (also Holt and Caterpillar model 60). New in package


Republic Darjeeling Tea

The Republic of Tea's  finest grade Darjeeling full-leaf tea.

3.5 oz. sealed container, brews 50 -60 cups 


United States Army War Office Document Holder

Nice 8-1/2" by 11" green vinyl folder with gold embossed emblem for displaying two important documents behind clear plastic protectors.


Fun Stuff:

Dart board, and 12 red and yellow 5" Darts. Steel tip, brass head, and plastic body. Sold

Electronic Dart game - LED display and plastic darts

Ruyi Chinese 'Exercise Balls' -Beautiful and additive, jangling balls in a beautiful, silk covered,  wooden box, from Baoding, China. "A treasure necessary for the aged to build up physical strength and remove diseases"

Rubicks Cube, very good condition

'50 and still Humming; Kazoo

 8 Hong Kong Stamps (lightly cancelled)



Fun_Stuff.jpg (98645 bytes)


Dart_Board.jpg (134986 bytes)

Sold Stuff:

Calvin Klein Mens Briefs

Three 100% cotton, white, size 38, briefs.

New, in sealed package 


'Chessie' Playing Cards

One deck with Chessie cat on face, sealed in cellophane (small tears)


Ear, Flea, Worm, First-Aid, and Health Care kit for small Dogs and Cats

Ovitrol Plus Flea spray kit - with easy NO-HISS applicator and 2 packs of pet shampoo. Only used once (the problem wasn't fleas)

Lax'aire - Laxitive and lubricant for Cats and Dogs, 3oz tube, only slightly used.

Povidone - Iodine ointment, antiseptic, germicidal, for external treatment of minor wounds, 1oz tube

Nolvasan - Ear Cleanser for Dogs And Cats, 1oz bottle

Clavamox - to treat skin and soft tissue infections such as wounds, abscesses, periodontal infections, and cellulitis. 30 - 62.5 mg tablets

Hartz Once-A-Month Wormer for Kittens and Cats, 16 Capusles

 sold Pet_stuff.jpg (46835 bytes)

Silverplate Pierced Tray

 3  ?? hallmarks, 9207

7" diameter, 1" high. Pierced rim, engraved tray with a monogramed 'D' in the center. Four 'flattened ball' feet.

No notable dings dents or scratches.

Sold Sterling_Tray_3.jpg (125529 bytes)  Sterling_Tray_4.jpg (102286 bytes)

Pair of Silver goblets with Gold Bowls

Original owner, almost unused. some small cracks in rim. Can you see them in the left goblet ?



Silver_Goblets.jpg (37475 bytes)

Lennox 'Mansfield' Plates and Cups

6 - Salad/Dessert Plates, (8-1/4")

1 - Soup Plate, (8-1/4")

12 - Tea Cups and Saucers (5oz., 6") 

Very Good Condition - No chips or nicks, very little use.

Note: The Teacups have been converted from double to single handles and have some discolorations on one side where the other handle was removed


Lennox 'Daybreak' Plates

4 - Dinner plates, T-417 (10-1/2")

4 - Butter Plates, T-417 (6-1/4")

Very Good Condition - No chips or nicks, very little use.


Hair Trimmers and Tools

1 - Salon Hair Trimmer Model HC240TS - Nice condition and works fine. ($40 original cost)

1- Wahl Clipper 'Home Cut' - Works, but has a few broken teeth.

2 - #2 Hair Guides, Trimmming Scissors, heavy duty Comb, and a trimmer cleaning brush.

Norelco Rotatract 950RX Triple Head Shaver - with AC cord and case. Works fine but only holds a 20% charge.

Schick Electric Shaver Lube Kit - Schick oil bottle, lube tube, bruch, and screw driver, in cream colored plastic case.

Sold Hair_Clippers.jpg (67451 bytes)

Pocket Knives and Tools:

Virnex Multipurpose Knife - 2-1/4" long. Blade, scissors, nail file, tweezers, and tooth pick.

Pocket Knife - 3" long, one blade, etched sides.

Pocket Knife - 3" long, two blades, translucent horn sides w/ inset shield.

Pipe smoking tool.

Handy screwdriver set, snaps together to look like a pen. 2 flat and 2 phillips drivers.

Sold Knives_Tools.jpg (38372 bytes)

Men's Plain Flat Gold Wedding Band

14K Yellow Gold, 5mm wide, Size 8 (18mm inside dia). Rectangular cross section, no engraving. Used, but nicely polished.

Sold Gold_Ring.jpg (53002 bytes)

Magneto Armature Coil for Briggs and Stratton 3.75 hp engine

Stens Solid State Module # 440-409 Replace Briggs part #496914 for B&G model 98902 gas motor - common inexpensive lawn mower engine.

This is a brand new part that I have tested in my lawn mower, but it wasn't the problem (bad sparkplug) so this clean and perfectly good  part is available for you at a nice discount. (Usually $30-$40)

Sold Briggs and Stratton Magneto

Rumley Oil Pull Tractor Watch Fob

Advance Rumley Thresher Company Pewter Fob with leather strap



Rumley_Fob.jpg (43850 bytes)Fob_detail.JPG (115363 bytes)

Set Sterling Silver Hair Brushes and Comb

2 small brushes, one large one, and a comb by Gorham Silver Co.  All Engraved with a large 'A'  monogram on the back of each piece.

Sold   Brush_Set_Sterling.jpg (68421 bytes)

Brushs_Hallmark.jpg (15246 bytes)

5 Soft Cloth Silver Tableware Storage Bags

5 anti-tarnish and anti- scratch storage cloths/bags for silver tableware

1 - Burgandy, 12 piece flatware bag with ties. 20" x 13-1/2" (unfolded)

1 - Gray w\ red trim, 19 piece "Teaspoons" with ties. 27" x 12"

1 - Cream w blue-gray trim, 6 piece "Teaspoons" (Lumsoen and Son). 14" x 9"

1 - Light Gray 6 piece  (Lebolt and Company) 11-1/2" x 9"

1 - Lt. purple 3 piece "Carvers" with ties. 11-1/2" x 21"

All are in very good condition, with no stains, and only a little fraying, here and there. Ready to organize and protect your sliver flatware.

Sold Silver_Holders.jpg (57526 bytes)

Hamilton 'Masterpiece' Watch

Hamilton Masterpiece Quartz Presentation Watch, with Day and Date.

Speidel band. Kelsey Hayes 'KH' logo on band and end of stem.

#908080 Round manual wind, quartz movement watch. 

Engraved with "D. T. A." on the stainless steel back.

New, unused, watch in black plastic and flock Hamilton presentation box. 

Made about 1984 and never worn, this beautiful watch is available for you.. 

Sold Hamilton_Watch.jpg (45196 bytes)

Hamilton_Watch_2.jpg (129924 bytes)



Game of GO - Wood Portable Set

Wooden box / game board, black and white stones in plastics boxes, with instructions for both GO and Pente games. 

This easily portable set has a stained, natural wood finish board, which provides a nice contrast between the black and white game stones. I don't know exactly what material the stones are made of, but they have a nice matte, or eggshell,  feel to them. A few have chips on the edges, but nothing major.

The hinged wooden box contains the two plastic boxes holding the black and white stones, instruction sheets, and folds out to make the game board. The inside foam is deteriorated, but I will replace it before shipping. Everything else is fine and complete. The box has brass hinges and latch, and is strong and undamaged, with a clean finish.

I used this set to play Go with a friend at work. I treated it well, but haven't played in many years, so it's time to pass it along to someone who will use and enjoy it.

Easy to take to work, on vacation, or anywhere, and you are ready for a game !

Sold GO_Set_2.jpg (90219 bytes)

GO_Set_1.jpg (78279 bytes)

Vintage Chrome 'Bulldog' Mack Cigar Ashtray

From the estate of a fireman...

I don't know any more about the history of this piece, but it is unlike the vast majority of other 'Bulldog ashtrays found on eBay !!

6 - 3/4 " diameter, 3" high.

Center of tray has a corrugated pattern, and the cigar holder part is wider (3-3/4") then the more common Mack ashtray.

It also has a 3-1/4" cork disk (in great condition) on the bottom to prevent scratching table tops. There may be mfg. markings under this, but I didn't attempt to remove it to find out.

Very good condition. Some slight tarnish on Chrome plating of tray. Bulldog casting is in fine shape. Has a "Mack" on left paw

 Sold Mack Ashtray.jpg (32493 bytes)