HO Miniature Cars and Trucks:

Mix or match your choice of these Miniatures and I will give you a price. Save on shipping too !

2 Bachmann DeWitt Clinton RR Coaches

Add to your Dewitt Clinton train, or use them as stage coaches, Jordan has some nice wheels to convert them. Complete, in very good condition

 $20 Coaches_2.jpg (31723 bytes)

Industrial Tractor and Heavy Dump Truck

N or HO (background) Dump body tips, tires rotate. Metal and Plastic model similar to a 240ton Haulpak heavy hauler truck

Assembled and painted 1/72  ( still fine for HO) model industrial tractor.

$6 - dump truck

 $10 tractor

Dump_Truck_1.jpg (35158 bytes)

Dump_Tractor.jpg (24865 bytes)

2 Pickup Trucks

New Red, Blue Plastic Pickup Trucks - decaled.

Jeep is sold

 $7 ea. HO_Vehicles_2.jpg (29159 bytes)

UPS Truck

ConCor (?) UPS or Beer (?) Delivery Truck - Decalled for "Jet Delivery Service

Sold Vehicles_3.jpg (36302 bytes)

HO Miniature Machinery:

Kibri #10388 Gottwald Telescopic crane

Transport body, crane footer, winch, and counterweight only -Assembled and decorated 


MOW Air Compressor unit

Custom made, painted and weathered, soft-metal and plastic model.

$12 MOW_Compressor.jpg (36543 bytes)

Power Shovel

HO Tire mounted Power Shovel (built from various parts, rigged and painted)

$15 HO_Pwr_Shovel.jpg (59176 bytes)

Fowler Showman Engine soft-metal kit

All castings and instructions included. All that is needed is some wire or rod for axles, ACC glue, and paint.

0 kits still available, of only 50 copies of the Lesney Matchbox #9 Fowler Showman Engine .

I have 1 built and painted model, and 1 built, painted, and decorated model available. These are still cheaper then a Lesney original !

Photos: Kit contents top, built-up and painted shown center, built-up and decorated, original Lesney model shown lower right.


kits are all Sold Out

$50 built-up

$60 built-up, decorated


Fowler Showman Engine kit
Showman Engine
Showman engine Decorated Showman engine Decorated
Lesney Fowler Showman Engine

'O' scale Donkey Engine Skid Kit

10 wood parts ( from a ? kit) to make a 22' (1/4" scale) skid.

$7.50 O_Skid_Kit.jpg (29491 bytes)

'S' scale Donkey Engine Skid Kit

16 wood parts ( from a V&T Shops kit) to make a 28' (3/16" scale) skid.

$7.50 S_Skid_Kit.jpg (24045 bytes)

Real Space and other Model Parts:

Model Military Tank Motorizing Unit

Unknown manufacturer. DC motor, gear reduction, and 'engine / transmission' casing. Traverse shaft and motor leads.

2-1/2" long, 1" wide and 7/8" high. 

$3 Tank_motor.jpg (38254 bytes)

Sold Stuff:

Various parts from various RealSpace kits available upon request:

Revell/Monogram 1844 'Vostok' spacecraft
Monogram #5910 Mercury capsule and Atlas Booster with launch pad
Revell # 8646 'History Makers' Jupiter C with launcher
Revell # 8639 'History Makers' Thor and Jupiter with launchers
Revell #4911 Shuttle Launch Tower kit (a few left)
Revell # 4737 'Space Operations Center'

 Sold RealSpaceParts.jpg (24053 bytes)

Various HO Autos

Lindberg Mercedes SSX-20 racing car (sold), Wiking (?) Mercedes red sports car with figures, Brekina BMW 'Dixi' auto, wrecked '59 Chrysler.

Sold. HO_Autos_1.jpg (27250 bytes)

  Pickup Truck


Sold Vehicle_3.jpg (31290 bytes)

1941 Plymouth Coupe Kit

Alloy Forms H-2027 soft metal kit with engine detail and whitewall stickers. New in blister pack.

Sold Alloy_Coupe.jpg (53155 bytes)

Fairmont Speeder Kit

Custom Finishes #7038, complete kit in a plastic envelope.

Sold CF_Speeder.jpg (29791 bytes)

Magnuson Models 1953 REA Delivery Truck

Builtup, painted, and decorated from the Magnuson resin and soft metal kit of a Railway Express Agency delivery van. 

Golden Wheels Diecast, Green, REA Truck

Sold REA Trucks REA Trucks

2 Magnuson Models, International Harvester Tractor Trucks

Magnuson IH Tractors, builtup and painted from resin and soft metal kits. Good 40's - 50's era trucks.

Sold Mag_IH_Trucks.jpg (49628 bytes)

Jordan Ladder Truck

1923 Mack Aerial Ladder Fire Truck (360-220)

Builtup and painted, complete

Carefully packed  ($8 for unbuilt kit)

Sold Jordan Ladder Truck)
Jordan Ladder Truck

1924 American LaFrance Fire Truck Kit

Jordan Highway Miniatures #237, finely detailed plastic kit. New in box.


2 Grandt On3 Mine Cars

#3052 One Ton End Dump Coal Cars

Gauged to HO std, but can be reduced.

Builtup, painted and weathered, complete. 

 ($9 for the kit alone)

 Sold Grandt_Mine_Cars.jpg (37452 bytes)

Walthers Combine

933-1047 Combine with Corn Head and Head Trailer

Builtup and dull-coated, complete and unbroken. Wheels rotate and equalize, corn head is detachable. Includes decal sheet and original box.

Carefully packed.  ($30 for unbuilt kit)

 Sold Combine_Model.jpg (44606 bytes)

Combine_2.jpg (44454 bytes)

Speeder Kit

Durango Press DP-37, complete kit in a plastic envelope.

Sold DP_Speeder.jpg (40707 bytes)

Tichy Handcar Set

One large sprue with parts to build a fine handcar and crew trailer.

Sold Tichy_Handcar.jpg (32787 bytes)

HO Crawler Crane Kit by DTAM

Soft metal and plastic parts to build a crawler mounted steam crane. 


  • Crawlers, Frame, Slewing Gear
  • Vintage Vehicles Cab Walls and Roof
  • Boiler and Stack,
  • Engine Deck, Crane Boom,
  • Engine Frame, Drums, Steam cylinders and various detail parts and stock.

Builder will need to supply some wire, thread, paint, and little imagination to complete this unique kit.

 Sold DTAM Crawler Crane Kit

Revell Harbor Tug Kit

Revell H-314 Harbor Tug 'Long Beach', 1/108 scale plastic model kit.

Complete, unbuilt kit, with instructions, decals, and original box in very good condition.

Sold Revell_Tug_Kit.jpg (107784 bytes)

Parts for plastic Automobile Models:

1/16 and (some) 1/32 scale parts - tires, wheels, hubs, engine, suspension, and body parts. 5 Decal,  and 11 instructions sheets...

Leftover parts from:

Entex - 1937 Packard 12 cyl. Sedan, Rolls Royce phantom III, 1933 V-16 Cadillac Town Car, 1928 Lincoln 'L' dietrich, 1946 Model MG TC

AMT - 1957 Thunderbird, 1964 1/2 Mustang

MPC - 1984 Corvette, Turbo 'Blackbird' Pontiac Firebird, 'General Lee' Charger

Sold Auto_pls_parts.jpg (34514 bytes)