G Equipment:

Custom 'G' scale  Rail Crane 'Critter'

Built from a Bachmann tender floor, an LGB crane body and boom, and lots of scratch parts,  It is  painted and weathered, with lots of scale tools and junk. 

This model has a full interior detail and the boom operates.

See the bottom of this page for pictures of the crane and interior before weathering and 'junk'.

Add this interesting and one-of-a-kind model crane to your large scale roster for your Maintenance of Way forces.

2 lbs shipping weight



'G' Locomotives

'G' Parts

Pola #333101 1:22.5 G Scale Tile Roofing 

2 - 17-1/4" x 6" red tile roof sheets  (440mm x 155mm). Does not include ridge tiles.

Note: this Pola part is out of stock at most sources, ie rare !


Lost Wax brass Locomotive detail castings 

24 parts: whistles, pop valves, handrails, oiler, steam gauge, horn, control levers, etc.



Custom 'G' scale  Rail Speeder 'Critter'

Built from 2 MDC #2000 speeders and scratch parts,  Then painted and weathered. Roof, handrails, control levers and buttons, gas cap, clear window inserts and other parts were added to the MDC parts to create this  unique and detailed little rail speeder, of my own design.

This model follows prototype practice and is weathered with rust, grime, oil, etc. and even a crack in one window ! It runs fine too.

Add this interesting and one-of-a-kind model speeder to your large scale roster for your Maintenance of Way forces.

2 lbs shipping weight

Sold G Speeder G Speeder

MDC_Speeder_1.JPG (163924 bytes)MDC_Speeder_2.JPG (187479 bytes)MDC_Speeder_3.JPG (168487 bytes)MDC_Speeder_4.JPG (193655 bytes)

'G' Gauge 'Critter' Kit

Parts to build a powered, small gas/diesel locomotive.

LGB #2217/6 powered tender without tender body.

Wood Cab, Diesel Engine, Air Tank, Headlight, Bell, Lettering, and two Kadee Couplers

Your imagination and a few more parts will convert this kit into a  large scale 'Critter' with  real character.

 Sold LGB_CritterKit_1.jpg


Bachman 'G', 1:20.3 scale 'White Pass & Yukon' 2-6-0 with extra parts

Nice rebuilding or redetailing project Loco.

Engine and tender with detailed cab interior, smoke, lights, and steam sound system. Heavy duty, low draw, 5 pole motor.

The engine runs in reverse, but just buzzes in forward. Missing tender trucks (I don't know where they went), but lots of other extra parts are included. 

Extra screws, springs, knuckle couplers, smoke stacks, headlights, bells, pilot parts, steps, piping, rods, tank, dome, somkebox front, and more !

 Sold Bach_2-6-0_1.jpg


G Rolling Stock

2 Bachmann #93641 Logging Flat Cars

Two weathered Coal Creek Lumber Company logging flat cars, with log stakes and a box.

Two complete cars in one nice original Bachmann box.

Notice the car weathering in the detail photo !

Sorry no logs are included. You would be better off to cut your own from some 1" - 1-1/4" tree branches from your back yard. That would be much more more realistic, and cheaper ! If you need some scale chain to tie them down, I can probably come up with something for you.

2.5 lbs shipping weight

Sold Bachman_Flats_1.jpg (83796 bytes)

Bachman_Flats_2.jpg (44981 bytes)

Bachmann #92502 3 Assembled 4-Wheeled Side-dump Mining Cars

Assembled mine cars with knuckle couplers. Weathered with dump chains blacked and mounted to cars. 

All 3 cars in original box with instruction sheet.

Sold Bach_Dump_Car_1.jpg (49083 bytes)

Bach_Dump_Cars_3.jpg (77053 bytes)

3 - LGB #31110  Lighted Passenger coaches

Features working doors and removable roofs.

Lighting kits installed on all three (powered by plug-in wires from a LGB Locomotive). 

One of the red coaches has a pair of lighted marker lights mounted on the side.

All three modified with American style brake wheels, and a few other 'americanization' touches.

Packed in a modified LGB train set box, also have one empty coach box.

 Sold LGB Coachs_2.jpg

LGB Coachs.jpg

LGB #4044 Short Open Wagon 

No lettering. With (REA ?) Knuckle Couplers, Original Box

 Sold LGB_4044.jpg

LGB # 4143 Dump Car with gray body

Very little use. Original LGB box.

 Sold LGB 4043 dump car.jpg

G Misc. Equip.


Korber 'G' gauge 'Trackside Shanty' with extra details and weathering

Built up and weathered Korber kit #578.

Extra parts include Coal Stove (inside), Smokejack, Barrel, Coal Bin, Coal Cart, and a Shovel.

Nicely painted and weathered with added detail parts to make an interesting scene for your railroad.

Retail for the Korber kit alone was $20

 Sold G_Shanty_2.jpg G_Shanty_3.jpg Korber_Shanty_5

Right and Left LGB Manual Track Turnouts

1 each LGB 1200 N and 1210 N (right and left hand switches)

Complete with original boxes, instruction sheets and rail joiners. Used, but clean and in good working condition.

Sold LGB_Switches.JPG (195906 bytes)

LGB #0090 Shuttle Automatic

LGB's Automatic Shuttle allows unattended back- and-forth train operation on a straight section of track. It will stop the train and then reverse the trains direction of travel automaticly. Requires two short insulated track sections, a transformer, and enough straight track for running and stopping distance.

Unused, with box, wires, instructions and sign. 


Sold LGB_0090.jpg (101050 bytes)

Box of 11 LGB 1060 2' Straight Track Sections

Eleven 2 foot (600mm) straight track sections in an LGB box. Prefer local sale due to weight.


LGB Track Supplies and Knuckle Couplers:

19 - 'G' Knuckle Couplers - various types, mostly Bachmann or REA

12 - LGB #5025 plastic track Stop Blocks

Package of various track connectors and rail joiners

1 - Bachmann Track Electrical Connector

Sheet of stick on signs (Coke, Shell, Texaco, crate labels, clocks, etc.)

2 - 10" pieces of plastic 2-1/16" Gauge Old Time track

1 - piece of Bachmann  12" Straight Track

All in a nice LGB 12x1100 Box

Sold LGB_Track_Stuff.jpg (60672 bytes)