HO Passenger Cars

E&B Valley C&O Streamlined Coach

Nicely built-up kit of E&B 'American Flyer' coach factory painted in C&O tri-color scheme. With GSB  metal trucks and body-mounted Kadee couplers. New condition, in original box.


Con-Cor C&O Streamlined 72' Full Baggage car

#001039 New condition, in original box.


AHM AT&SF Heavyweight Passenger Car:

Santa Fe Observation car, clean, complete, not original box

Santa Fe Combine car. Clean, complete, like new.  Sold

$10 AHM_ATnSF_Pass.jpg (43970 bytes)

Kasiner Hobbies Shorty NYC Streamlined Coach Passenger Car Kit

Extruded Aluminum body with wood and metal parts, foam diaphragms, printed acetate window stock, and Decals. Instructions and original box, less trucks and couplers.


HO Freight Cars:

Ambroid "One of 5000" B&O Cushion Coil Car kit - mostly built

Car frame mostly, and cleanly, assembled, Coil covers partially assembled (w/ sanding sealer). Original box, decals and instructions.


Athearn #1905 W.R Grace center flow hopper Car

Assembled, with Kadee couplers, original box, car number #52199 


Athearn #5362 C&O Wide Vision Caboose

Assembled, with metal sprung trucks no couplers, original box,  complete GSB plastic & soft metal interior kit


Atlas #20 000 923 Norfolk Southern 1932 ARA Boxcar #25246

New in box, accurate, detailed, painted, lettered, complete, RTR.


Atlas #1931-03 B&O ACF 3-bay cylindrical hopper Car

RTR, New in box,  car number #837554 


Atlas #1135 Montour 2-Bay Offset Side Hopper #18151

New in box, accurate, detailed, painted, lettered, complete, RTR.


Atlas #1135 C&NW Cupola Caboose #10804

New in box, accurate, detailed, painted, lettered, complete, RTR.


Bowser PRR Hoppers

#54053 - PRR H-21 4 bay hopper - MODERN

#56002 - PRR H-22a Circle Keystone lettering

Both assembled, with coal loads and Kadee couplers, packed in original boxes

$15 each

Gould/Tichy #4025 Large Dome Tank Car kit

Complete kit, with trucks, in original box.


Intermountain #41605-01 C&O USRA Composite Drop-bottom Gondola Car

Decorated wood (sides and floor) and plastic kit. Assembled except for handrails (includes both wire and plastic grabs),  car number #29509 


Kar-Line #174 C&O, Yellow car, Black lettering, 40' Boxcar

New in original box, RTR with Central Valley trucks and Kadee Couplers.


2 Kato 38-0108 Milwaukee Road A.C.F 70 ton Covered Hoppers

Nicely built-up car kits, packed in original Kato box.


Stewart #90503 NY/AAR 14 Panel Triple hopper Car

Unassembled kit, original box, NOS


Walthers #3580 Pullman Standard 60' Auto Box Car- Dbl door

Undecorated, New in Box


2 Precision Models HOn3 #D&RGW class AD, Air Dump Gondola kits

I believe that Precision Models of California was made by Eric Bracher of Rio Grande Models fame. These are rare and very nice kits !

2 kits in one (original Plastic box). Soft metal castings have been cleaned and some wood parts pre-stained. Extra detail parts included. Kit less trucks and couplers.


Other Rolling Stock:

J-D Products #802 Ingot Buggy

HO Ingot Buggy for steel mill service, also used to move steel slabs. (less trucks and couplers) 

Repackaged from J-D 6 packs

 $5 each Ingot_Bugggy_kit.jpg (77379 bytes)

Sold Stuff:

Walthers #4167 C&O Troop Sleeper- Conversion Express Car #375

Walthers #932-4167  in C&O blue, yellow, gray paint. New in Box


Walthers  C&O Heavyweight 12-1 Pullman Car

Walthers #932-10018 Pullman plan #3410A in C&O blue, yellow, gray paint. New in Box


Walthers C&O Pullman-Standard 4-4-2 Sleeper Car

Walthers #932-7609 streamlined, smooth-side sleeper in C&O blue, yellow, gray paint. New in Box


Rivarossi Green/Undec. 60' Heavyweight Baggage Car

Rivarossi #HR4085 60' Baggage Pullman, Green - Unlettered New in Box

Hard to find Rivarossi 60 foot heavyweight passenger car in Pullman green, so it is easy to convert to other roads. Comes with detail parts bags, and original box.


2 - Athearn #1609 Railway Express reefers

No trucks or couplers, original boxs, 


Central Valley R-91 N&W Ventilated Boxcar

Complete kit, with trucks, in original box.


Unknown Bobber Caboose Kit

Plastic and metal castings - no couplers, NOB


MDC Roundhouse #1072 C&O REA 40' Boxcar Kit

Built up kit with trucks, and NMRA couplers. Original box and instructions


MDC Roundhouse Sand and Gravel Hopper, Ulrich Drop Bottom Gondola

2 all metal kits in one MDC box - no trucks or couplers


6 Gould/Tichy #4012 22' Wood Ore Cars

Six cleanly assembled cars, with Kadee wheelsets and #714 couplers. Airbrush painted  with Floquil Grimy Black.

Built without truss rods or airbrakes, with high brake staffs, for a different, cleaner look.


Walthers PS 60' Auto Boxcar - Double Door

Walthers #932-3580 Undecorated. New in Box


Roller Bearing Models - Troop Sleeper Baggage Door car kit

Complete resin and wood kit. Original box and instructions - includes metal trucks, but no couplers.


Athearn #2002 TrailerTrain 86' Flat Cars

2 flat car kits with 4 C&O 40' piggy-Back Van Trailers. New unassembled kits. OB

$Sold Athearn_Piggybacks.jpg (103626 bytes)

Westerfield #5101 N&W HR Hopper Car Kit

New in box, resin, styrene, and soft metal parts (some have flash cleaned). Complete with trucks, decals, instructions, etc.


Main Line Models CH-5 C&O 31' Covered Hopper Car Kit

Wood and soft metal kit. New in box, complete with all parts and instructions. No trucks or couplers


Redball 1878 Hopper kit

Original box and instructions - no trucks or couplers


MDC Roundhouse T-264 Sun Oil 26 foot Tank Car Kit

New in box, complete with trucks, couplers and instructions.


Proto2000 APOX 8000 Gallon, Type 21, Riveted Tank Car Kit

Decorated for APC Petroleum Products, car number #8293. New in box, complete with trucks, couplers, and instructions.


Walther 'Trainman' AT&SF 60' Heavyweight RPO Car

Walthers #931-789 Sante Fe 60' Heavyweight RPO, New in Box

Hard to find Rivarossi made 60 foot heavyweight passenger car in Pullman green, so it is easy to convert to other roads. Correct car for C&O #100-102. Comes with detail parts bags, and original box.


Spectrum #3818 PRR Coach

Very nicely detailed and painted Pennsylvania RR P-70 heavyweight passenger coach with interior and lighting. 

New, never run, in original box. Ready To Run.

Sold Spectrum_Pass_kit.jpg (41514 bytes)

AHM C&O Heavyweight Passenger Car

C&O Baggage RPO car with interiorand metal wheels - Sold

C&O Combine car with interior and metal wheels

Both - Clean, complete, like new, in original boxes.

Sold AHM_CnO_Pass.jpg (90261 bytes)

2 AHM Heavyweight  Passenger Cars:

NYC Coach car w/ interior, 
Clean, complete, like new, in original box

,Pullman green,  Undecorated Combine car, no trucks couplers, or box.

Sold AHM_NYC_Pass.jpg (40426 bytes)

AHM/ Rivarossi PRR RPO , Undec CombineCar

Nice Pennsy heavyweight RPO with arch roof. Like new condition, less trucks and couplers, original box. Painted but unlettered Combine, less trucks and couplers, no box.


Athearn #1882 NYC Standard Full Baggage car

New-Old-Stock, complete with trucks and couplers, in original box.


2 AHM Heavyweight Pullman Passenger Cars:

Pullman car St. Croix with interior and metal wheels

Clean, complete, like new, in original box.

Sold AHM_Pullmans.jpg (75417 bytes)

E&B Valley D&RGW #600 HOn3 Combine kit.

Complete, unbuilt, kit with trucks and couplers.

Includes Grant Line #5049 Wood End Coach seats for interior detailing.

The beautiful diework and quality materials in this kit will result in a superior model, with a lot of building satisfaction !

 Sold EBValley_Combine.jpg (42999 bytes)

E&B Valley Pullman Standard Smooth Side Coach Kit

Builtup, detailed and painted underframe, very nice GSB modern, metal equalozed 4-wheel trucks, caoch body carefully assembled, but unpainted. Window strips and a pair of rubber diaphrams included.

The hard part is done, so you can enjoy decorating this coach for your railroad, and get it in service quickly. 

Sold EBValley_Coach_1.JPG (120508 bytes) EBValley_Coach_2.JPG (96688 bytes)

Alco Coach Kit

Complete kit in original box, less trucks and couplers


Sold Alco_Pass_kit.jpg (45754 bytes)

MDC Pullman Palace Compartment Sleeper

Built up, with trucks. Nicely assembled body and underframe. Just needs an green overcoat, lettering, and window material applied. All necessary pieces in the original box. 


Quality Craft #333 C&O 61' Wellhole Flat Car Kit

New in box, complete with decals, instructions, etc.


Walthers #25003 DTTX Maxi Well Cars

4 car set with knuckle couplers (the drawbars break too easily), and 4 containers ( 2- Santa Fe, 2 - undec. white) NOB


Athearn #5552 SP IMPACK Articulated Piggyback Cars

5 cars (2 end cars with Kadees, 3 Intermediates) and 2 Trailers (1 Conrail, 1 NS Triple Crown)


Proto 2000 NKP Drop End Mill Gondola

Lifelike Proto 2000 #8465 NKP 52'-6" Drop End Mill Gondola. Lettered #66008. Like new Kit.


Misc. Freight Car Kits

Stewart #10001 NYC/AAR 70 ton  14 panel Tripple Hopper Kit

Athearn #1309 Undecorated 50' Double Door Boxcar Kit (painted for white stripe along bottom of side). Less T&C


Kadee Log Bunks and Logs

6 log bunks (3 pair), 2 assembled, and 5 cast plastic logs, in Kadee Disconnect box


2 Nice Assembled Cabooses

Athearn #1287 B&O Bay Window Caboose. With roof details, less couplers.

MDC Roundhouse #C403 Pennsylvania RR 3 Window Standard Caboose. With extra Cupola, less couplers


Roundhouse Metal DM&IR Ore Car Kit

MDC  H-151 Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Ore car kit, with nicely painted hopper sides, trucks, and all parts in original box and envelopes.

Sold MDC_DMIR_OreCar.JPG (233495 bytes)

RailMaster  Union Pacific Hopper Car Kit

UP painted hopper sides and ends, all other included parts, and Instruction sheet, in original Railmaster (Utah Scale Models Co.) box and packaging.

Nice collector car kit, complete, like new condition !

Sold Railmaster_UP_Hopper.JPG (210447 bytes)

5 Railmaster Hopper Cars

Parts for 5 rare Railmaster hopper cars: Sides, ends, corners, frame, slope sheets, steps , and screws.

Pennsylvania(PRR), Virginian, and Clinchfield outside braced 2-bay hoppers

Southern composite hopper, and panel side hopper,

The last  two have some damage and zinc disease, but the first three are in fine shape, except all the side steps are broken off, but included.

 Also includes a pair of nice unpainted composite hopper sides.

Sold Railmaster_Hopper_Parts.JPG (184016 bytes)

Model Power Railroad Wreck Crane

Model Power 6-wheel truck Wreck Crane, painted black, NOB. Unlettered, fully rigged with all hooks, trucks  and couplers.


MP_Crane.jpg (9158 bytes)

Athearn Railroad Wreck Crane

Athearn 200 ton Wreck Crane, only lettered 'Bucyrus-Erie', in a Lionel crane box. Unlettered, fully rigged with all hooks, trucks  and couplers.

Sold Athearn 200 ton Crane

Athearn Diecast Metal 200 ton Bucyrus-Erie Wreck Crane

Assembled, fully rigged and painted over the blackened zamac parts. Includes all original Athearn crane parts and winch crank, except for better plated metal truck wheels. One winch frame is starting to succumb to zinc disease, but the rest of the parts are fine.

Sold Athearn_Diecast_Crane.jpg (39737 bytes)

Athearn Diecast Metal Crane Parts

2 Carbody/Frames

2 Crane Booms ( one has a broken end, but it is included and can be ACC'ed back on)

1 Crane Body and roof section

Crane Frame and Winch Sides - these have zinc disease, but the 3 drums are OK, as are the screws and fittings.

2 Winch Cranks

Sold Athearn_Crane_Parts.jpg (50272 bytes)