Overland  C&O  'L2-a'  4-6-4  Poppet Valve Hudson

Overland C&O L-2a Poppet 4-6-4

Overland C&O L-2a Poppet 4-6-4


Overland #1493.1  C&O  'L2-a'  4-6-4  Poppet-valve Hudson. Painted #310-314, Mint condition, OB, TRO

Note: This model is not numbered, but includes decals and number plates for all 5  engines, allowing you to choose which engine number you want.

Runs great ! No poppet gearbox problems. Original box, in great condition. Not even a display model. Only out of its protective packing for testing and photos. I have closely inspected the engine and tender and nothing is amiss. Detailing and finish is beautiful.

'Brass Model and Collector' magazine (Issue #1, Jan 1991) reviewed all the C&O L-2a brass models produced, and found this Overland engine to be the most prototypically correct, and as well detailed as any of the 4 L-2a models.

The prototypes were built by Baldwin in 1948. The C&O put them to work on fast passenger trains on heavy grades. They were retired by 1953 as diesels sweep in. Extremely modern steam locomotives with all the latest appliances, they had a very well balanced and 'crisp' superpower look.

OMI_L2a_3   OMI_L2a_4   OMI_L2a_6   OMI_L2a_7   OMI_L2a_5   OMI_L2a_8

    Note: the blue in the photos is from my camera, not the model...

TRO - Test run only
OB - Original box and packing


DTA Models custom brass rebuilding. I have been working on brass engines, repairing, rebuilding, redetailing, crowns and ordinary, all scales, since the 60's.