Brass Locomotives         Brass Rolling Stock

 Wanted !  -  Lindsey/Kemtron Alco switcher truck sideframes. Early 'Blunt' style.

Have: 1-Alco sideframe, and 3-EMD sw sideframes - Want 4 Alco 'Blunt' switcher sideframes

 Wanted !  -  Good smoke deflector wings for NYC 4-8-4 Niagara  Call
 Wanted !  -  Set of side-rods from old PFM/Tenshodo NYC 4-8-4   Call
 Wanted !  -  Kemtron C.P. Huntington boiler casting - brass, plastic or copy, I'm not fussy.  Call

HO Brass Locomotive Parts:


I have many more brass parts then listed here...  So Call !


or Email    


PFM C&O H-6 2-6-6-2 - Pilot assembly

Complete pilot assembly, including cowcatcher, deck, handrails, and headlight. Excellent condition, nothing bent or broken, still in original lacquer coating. 


PFM C&O H-6 2-6-6-2 - Front Engine assembly

Complete front engine assembly, including pilot, cylinders, valve gear, and gearbox. Nothing bent or broken, good running condition. 


PFM C&O H-6 2-6-6-2  - Rear engine frame/drivers

Frame, drivers, and side rods, including plastic brake hangers. Excellent condition, nothing bent or broken, still in original lacquer coating. 


PFM C&O H-6 2-6-6-2 - Boiler & Cab assembly

Complete boiler/cab assembly, including smokebox front w/ airpumps, and all detail. Excellent condition, nothing bent or broken, still in original lacquer coating. 


T&P 2-10-4 major loco parts

Cylinder Block, Sand Dome, and Trailing Truck. Scratch built out of heavy brass with excellent detail and fidelity.


Walschaerts Valve Gear assemblies

Includes VG frame, links, crosshead and main rod. Under slung valve rocker type. Does not include eccentric and crank. Have 3 different types

$25 ea

Misc Brass Parts

Brass caboose cupola - similar to AT&SF type 
Brass pump shed (to fit a vertical tank)
EMD low hood (for GP-35's, etc.)

 $25 for all 3 Brass Parts

8 - Various packaged  PFM's PIA  Brass Parts

Including: stokers, horns, firedoors, valves, and 
2 - #039 Commonwealth Drop Coupler Pilot kit. (Correct for C&NW  'H' & other locos)


10 - Various packaged  Calscale/Cary  Brass Parts

Including: pilot, air pumps, headlight, markers, boiler details


15 - Various packaged  Precision Scale (PSC)  Brass Parts

Including 10 pipe fitting pkgs, tender front beam, cab parts, etc.


9- Various packaged  Tomalco  Brass Parts

4000, 4001, 4002, (2)4003, 4005, (3)4013   Pipe fittings and clevises


5- Packaged  Master Creations  Brass Parts

#738 - C.C Freight Car Hardware  


4 - Various packaged  Railway Equipment Company  & Import Brass Parts

2  - D1 Tender Truck Screw sets, 1 - A9 2X6 screws

1 - small plastic envelope with 8 grams (>1/4 oz.) of small metric screws from/for brass imports (maybe 6 dozen ?).

3 - Importer extra parts bags for small loco (red rubber tube)

3 - Importer extra parts bags for 


Various Steam Loco Lost Wax Cast Brass Parts from Korea

In bags of multiple quantities: C&O modern pilot, ss pass. truck brake parts, headlight brackets, crossheads, main rods, 3-coupled siderods (.146 wb), turret controls, NYC sb fronts, brake hangers, valve cam boxes, air hoses, boiler supports, tiny lagging clamps, cab controls, and unknowns...

In bags of sets or assortments: pr. 0-8-0 frame sides,  DSP&P Mason Bogie valve gear parts, Pyle headlights, dbl valves, pilot details, European headlights & hoses, GP-9 Dyn. brake blister, SD-40-2 handrail set (PIA)

Universals -1"  brass shafts w/ horns, clear plastic cups w/ set screws $5
PFM Sound - Square speaker and decoder, used Sold

Brass Loco & Tender Trucks:


 Many more engine and tender trucks available --  Call or Email

 1 - Calscale KIT-2000 USRA Trailing truck, new in package  $10
 1 - Kemtron 4-wheel Trailing truck, assembled, runs  $18
 1 unit - Tenshodo WB-26 SPUD Power Unit, 36" wheels, 7'-6" wheelbase  $35
 1 unit - NWSL  PDT Power Unit, 38" wheels, 8'-10" wheelbase (w/ extra parts pack)  $55

HOn3, HOn2 Scale Brass Parts:


Misc. brass 'HOn3' drivers and wheelsets:

2 drivers, 6 wheelsets (all different), 2 leading truck frames, archbar truck kit (pr)

5 brass 'HOn3' (or thereabouts) Cylinder Blocks:

All are very good quality, cast and fabricated, slightly different, slide valve blocks, 1 with crosshead guides & yoke, 2 w/ guides, 2 w/o.

2 'HOn3' tender shells:

1 Kemtron wrapper, one brass (Ken Kidder ?) small tender shell with 3 tool boxes.

2 'HOn3' 4 wheel trucks:

2 slightly different 4 wheel truck assemblies. Very nice spoked wheelsets, elec. pickups for all wheels, brake shoe/lever details.

One truck has a worm shaft/idler/wheel gear arrangement for powering along with a bolster bar, and can take a 14x20 round can with some modification. The other truck had a spring band drive, and should probably be 'un-powered'.

They are very good looking narrow gauge trucks, with lots of potential for all sorts of 'critter' modeling !

'HOn2' outside frame castings and 2 drivers:

2 cast brass frame sides (w/ 1 crossbar), 2 inside spoked drivers. Nice beginning for a 'two-foot' 0-4-0 or 2-4-0.

All of the above 'HOn3' and 'HOn2' Brass Parts  -->  $150.00

S Scale Brass Parts:


Misc. 'S' scale brass castings:

2-1/4"x3" bag includes, headlights, tender steps, cab seats, bell, airpump(single), couplers, brackets


O Scale Brass Parts:


On3 Andrews truck set:

May be 'Griffen-Denver' trucks ? Andrews like sideframes, ribbed brass wheel centers, silver tires and axles, 2 plank bolstors. Axles are a little short

Misc. 'O' scale packaged brass casting sets:

PSC Air Ringer Bell kit

Kemtron X-1088 Cooling Coil

'O' scale brass Ashpan:

Scratchbuilt ashpan for medium locomotive with embossed rivets. 1-3/4" long, 3/4" wide and 1" high, also a folded PE tender tool box, 1-3/32" long (not pictured)

Cast brass open frame for 0-4-2, or similar, includes cylinder block and slide valves (no cylinders), ~4-3/4" long



O scale Ashpan
Misc. 'O' scale brass castings:

A bunch of new castings have come my way, and are listed here:

Also: a turned, small, old time sand dome

Bag #0 - 0-4-2 frame, ashpan, toolbox 
Bag #1 - domes and stacks (8 pc.)
Bag #2 - steam loco parts *
Bag #3 - (12+) couplers and pockets
Bag #4 - frt. car details and air hoses
Bag #5 - switch stand and stove
Bag #6 - (4) spark arrestor caps for stacks

* brake hangers, bell yokes, turned bell, bolster, marker lamps, and more...



O scale brass Parts
All of the above 'On3' and 'On2' Brass Parts  -->  $175.00

Sold Parts:

Winton-MaRa C&O 2-6-6-6 Allegheny parts

Many parts for the cast, not fabricated version. Drivers, frames, valve gear, truck frames, etc.. 

All Sold...

Medium Modern Tender Body

Tender body is 42'-9" long by 10'-2" and 7' -9" high. It has stamped coal boards up front, but I can't identify it more precisely. No frame available, just the body, but it is complete and very well done, probably made by PFM. 

Sold Brass_Tender_body1.JPG (103702 bytes)Brass_Tender_body2.JPG (103774 bytes)

Altoona Works Photo Etched C&O Tender and Cab Kits

These were made by Larry Fuller (recently deceased) of The Altoona Works many years ago. He once had a line of cabs, tenders and some other parts, for C&O, PRR and other roads. The sheets are very good quality etchings, as good as imported brass, but there is 'some assembly required', of course !

Photo etched sheets to make:

C&O J-2 4-8-2 Cab
C&O G-7 2-8-0 Cab - (angled front, partially cut out)
C&O 9-RC Tender shells
C&O 10-RA Tender shell
C&O 23-RA Tender shell

Sold Out Altoona_Works_Parts.JPG (202021 bytes)

Photo Etched C&O Cantilevered Signal Tower Kit

Nicely etched parts, including rivet detail. To be folded and soldered or glued together

Very good condition, nothing bent or broken, no instructions or OB. 

NWSL 120-6 Shay Reduction Gear set for small PFM Shays
NWSL 309-6 AHM Slow Speed Regear set (for 0-4-4, 0-6-0t, 4-6-0)
 2 trucks - Overland diesel trucks, (no sideframes) 40" wheels, 8'-6" wheelbase (one gearcase broken) Sold
 Brass PFM Shay Universals - large sizes only Sold

Akane C&O 2-6-6-6 lower boiler segment

Brass part to fill in the missing segment of the Akane/Fuji C&O 2-6-6-6 boiler. Fill that unsightly gap on your old Allegany. 

I made up one of these parts for a rebuild project and then made extras for other modelers. Slots to clear the boiler mounting bracket are scribed, but not cutout, in case your engine has a bit different bracket alignment. Includes brass strip for the boiler bands.

3 available

Sold out Boiler_Sections.JPG (164058 bytes) Akane2-6-6-6_boiler.JPG (172831 bytes)Boiler_Segment_3.JPG (146007 bytes)

Balboa EMD 6 wheel E-Unit Trucks 

Brass cast sideframes, wheels, and gearbox - pair

They work fine and are painted and lightly weathered.

I can come up with one worm gearbox if necessary, but not two.

Sold Balboa_Eunit_trucks.JPG (313614 bytes)
 1 pair - coined side Buckeye, 6-wheel tender trucks, friction bearing  Sold Brass tender Trucks
 1 pair - Commonwealth, 6-wheel tender trucks, friction bearing (RP-25's)  Sold
1 pair - Commonwealth, 6-wheel tender trucks,  friction bearing  Sold 
'O' locomotive mechanism parts:

2 gearboxes and a big 6v motor.

(I also have some Pittman DC-91's

Sold O engine Parts

PFM Climax Engine  Assembly

Complete engine assembly - cylinders, rods, valve gear, counterweights, and mounting bracket

 Sold Brass Parts

Akane Long Frame Baker Valve Gear

Valve gear, frame, Laird crosshead guides, eccentrics. Only missing short links to crosshead.

Sold HO Southern Valve Gear  

Locomotive pilot

Pilot deck and boiler tube cowcatcher (flares out down to rails) SP ? Have 2, the other one has a toolbox on the deck, but no boiler braces.

Sold Brass Pilots
US Hobbies HO-10 plastic locomotive Brake Hangers for medium/large driver 8-coupled engines (set of 8, w/ screws)  (3) Sold
PSC #31559  Baldwin 84-35AA Traction Truck kit, with 36" wheelsets and 7'-0" wheelbase Sold
Pilot deck, ladders, and boiler tube cowcatcher. Similar to B&O 2-10-2 Sold

Sold Brass Passenger Drivers

Medium Modern Tender Shell

Tender body is 43'-6" long by 10'-6" and 9' high. It is close to a C&O 2-8-2 rectangular tender, with an etched stoker engine door, but I can't identify it more precisely. No frame, deck or other parts available, just the wrapper, probably made by PFM. 

 Sold Tender_shell.JPG (221527 bytes)

Fuji-Akane USRA 2-8-8-2 Boiler Front

Coined boiler front, cast airpumps, turned hanging bell and marker lamps.

PFM/Tenshodo NYC Trailing Truck for 4-8-4   Sold
 1 pair ?? (rough) brass archbar trucks  Sold

Tenshodo Booster Truck

4 wheel steam booster truck. Very good condition, factory paint. Wheels turn freely and smoothly, no tire wear.


Sold brass Booster Truck
2 - PIA #177 C&O K-3 Pilot kits

Correct for most C&O non-superpower freight locomotives


NWSL 2-6-2T Boiler Assembly

Boiler, smokebox, saddle tank and all details. No cab.   

Sold NWSL brass Shell  NWSL brass Shell

Westside Heisler Cab and Fuel Bunker Assembly

Cab and fuel bunker assembly with all details, from the Westside Heisler.


Sold Westside brass Cab  Westside brass Cab
Upgrade Truck Set for C&O 2-6-6-6  -  leading, trailing, 4 and 6 wheel tender trucks  ** clean, good detail **


 Sold C&O 2-6-6-6 Trucks

 International Models 200 ton Industrial Works Wrecking Crane Frame, Deck

 Sold Crane Frame
 Akane SP 4-8-8-2 AC-9  Boiler    Sold SP AC-8 Boiler
 Akane SP AC-9 pilot and front deck assembly  Sold
 NWSL Milwaukee Road (for S-2's) Commonwealth 'cast' pilot (#1-09)  Sold
 Tenshodo 4 wheel steam booster truck in original box.  Runs very smoothly.  Painted (with some missing chips).  Sold
 1 pair - PFM  Buckeye 8-wheel tender trucks (for AT&SF 4-8-4) RP25 brass wheels  Sold
 1 pair - PSC #33251, brass 6-wheel pass. truck kit  Sold
 Kemtron 4-wheel trailing truck, friction bearing, kit w/ brass wheels  Sold


* DTA Models custom brass rebuilding. I have been working on brass engines, repairing, rebuilding, redetailing, crowns and ordinary, all scales, since the 60's.