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USRA Medium Tender ?

Rebuilt Akane/Fuji tender, NOB

You can find some pictures of the following tenders on these Photobucket pages

Medium Tender

With coal pusher and leaf spring Bettendorf trucks, NOB


small old passenger Tender

Rebuilt old tender, with Archbar trucks, NOB


large old passenger Tender

Rebuilt old tender, with Archbar trucks, NOB


PFM Old-timer Tender

With wood slats and nice Archbar trucks, NOB


Kemtron Wabash Mogul Tender

Beautifully built from Kemtron kit, NOB


PRR Lines West Tender

Rebuilt old tender, no rivets but nice trucks and details, NOB


PSC UP 9000 gal Square Tender

Precision Scale Co. brass Union Pacific tender. Complete, undamaged, but lacquer stripped, original box and packing.


C&O 6 wheel Rectangular Tender

Gem/Olympia tender (used on their C&O 4-6-4 and 4-8-4, actually correct for the C&O L-2a hudson).
Repaired tender is bare brass with light tarnish. NOB.


C&O 6 wheel Vanderbilt Tender

Rebuilt Gem/Olympia tender (used on their C&O 4-8-2). The Gem model was based on a tender used in MOW as a water car and therefore is very incorrect for an in service steam locomotive. This rebuild removes the water car parts and creates a C&O 16-VC tender that would look good behind 2-8-2's, 4-6-2's, 4-8-2's, and 2-8-8-2's



Rolling Stock - Passenger:

Lambert - C&O 6- bedroom, 10- roomette Pullman

C&O #2600-2655 series. Also used on the ACL, B&O, C&NW, D&RGW, IC, SAL, Amtrak, and others.

Silver plated streamlined passenger car. With correct and well detailed GSB trucks (all metal, equalized trucks), and Kadee couplers installed. Unpainted (no tarnish). Original box and packing.


Lambert - streamlined C&O Kitchen and Diner cars

C&O # 1950-57, 1973-80 series cars. Also used on the ACL, B&O, IC, NYC, AutoTrain, Amtrak, and others.

Silver plated streamlined passenger cars. With correct and well detailed GSB trucks (all metal, equalized trucks), and Kadee couplers installed. Unpainted (no tarnish). Original box and packing.


Both $125

Rolling Stock - Freight:

Lambert - PRR X-29 Boxcar - Upgraded

Updated with cast brass ladders, K brake cylinder, brake wheel and piping. Brass Andrews trucks/wheels, Kadee couplers.  Unpainted (medium tarnish). original box and packing.


Unknown Japanese builder - 2 brass tank car kits

 2 different tank/frames. Both need some detail work, trucks, and couplers


Quality Craft #338 - C&O Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit

Photo etched and other brass, wood and soft metal parts.  Complete kit w/o couplers or trucks, original box



Other Brass RR Equipment:

- old stock -

Sold Stuff:

Redball (Howell Day) HO Rail Bus by KMT

Original box. This one actually runs, just not that well due to the original design



Unknown Japanese builder - 50' Depressed center flatcar

With articulated Buckeye 6 wheel trucks (diecast with plated brass wheels), Kadee couplers and brake wheel and staff. Painted (black) and weathered. NOB


Unknown Japanese builder - 3 brass skeleton logging cars

 with Kadee #4 couplers, Central Valley archbar trucks, and 5 Kadee plastic logs


Lambert - C&O Steel Caboose

Good metal trucks/wheels with leaf springs, Kadee couplers. Unpainted (medium tarnish). original box and packing.

Overland C&O J3 Tender

Overland  C&O J-3 class 4-8-4 Tender

Articulated and sprung Buckeye trucks, lots of detail on top, bottom, and ends of the tender !. 

Some tarnish underneath the original clear lacquer finish. The top of the tender ladder is broken, but superglued in place.

Built in 1978. Complete tender in original Overland box and foam (in great shape).

Small Brass Tender  Small Brass Tender

Tender for switcher or small engine

Rebuilt from possibly a Tenshodo C&NW 4-4-2 tender. New andrews trucks, cast ladder, headlight, water hatch, brake cylinder, rear footboards, and more...


USRA Medium Tender  USRA Tender

Akane/Fuji USRA Medium Tender with 6 wheel trucks

Nice, older brass tender, cleaned up and repaired, ready for your engine.

Clean brass in a nice box with foam (NOB)

JemC&Otender_2.jpg (16371 bytes)    JemC&Otender_1.jpg (21143 bytes)

Gem/Olympia C&O brass Tender 

Tender type used on C&O  4-8-4's and 4-6-4's (lettered for J-3 #605)

Nicely painted and lettered w/ Kadee coupler and coal load, in a Tenshodo tender box w/ foam.


Hallmark VC-2 tender.jpg (45158 bytes)   Hallmark C&O VC-12 Tender

This small, C&O 12,000 gal Vanderbilt tender was originally made for the Hallmark C&O K-2 2-8-2, but is suitable for C&O 4-6-2's, 4-8-2's, 2-8-0's, 2-8-2's, 2-6-6-2's, and 2-8-8-2's. Or use it with any engine you like !

These tenders were also used alone, in work trains to fuel and water steam cranes and other steam powered MOW equipment.

Fine condition with some tarnish due to age. Original box, good foam. 

Switcher_Tender.jpg (23861 bytes)  Switcher_Tender_2.jpg (22446 bytes)

Switcher or Small Locomotive Tender 

Tenshodo or ??. older brass tender, cleaned up and repaired, ready for your engine.

Archbar trucks, headlight, no coupler, NOB


Rolling Stock:

 Overland PACCAR side dump car

   Overland #1317 Paccar Side Dump Car 

New condition, w/ Kadee couplers  Great companion for your Jordan spreader, or other MOW train.


NWSL HOn3 Flat car NWSL HOn3 Flat car NWSL HOn3 Flat car

NWSL  HOn3 Heavy Equipment Moving Car

 HOn3 Michigan-California Lumber Co. steel flat car UP, OB

Equipped with a pair of equalized brass PSC archbar trucks, and Kadee #714 HOn3 couplers.


Intl_200t_Crane.jpg (24386 bytes)

International Brass RR Wrecking Crane 

Industrial Brownhoist 200 ton crane - not available in any other brass model. In fact the only other models of this prototype were a Redball lead and wood kit and an Ideal cardboard and wood kit.

The trucks are original cast metal, with NO signs of zinc disease. Fully rigged, all parts included. Painted flat black. Very Good condition. NOB

C&O Dorm Car End.jpg (19473 bytes) C&O Dorm Car side.jpg (16894 bytes)


Palace Car Company C&O Dormitory Car #1923 - 1925 

Mint condition: Original owner, no display or running time on this passenger car.

Note rounded end. Prototype cars were converted from lounge cars and used for company service personnel.


Hallmark Troop Cars.jpg (41222 bytes)

Hallmark brass Troop Sleeper and Diner Cars:

Improved over stock cars with replacement trucks which are correct, lost wax cast brass and sprung,  Allied Full Cushion trucks, and mounted Kadee couplers. 

Original Hallmark boxes and packing. Fine condition, unpainted, ready to run.



NPP_PM_Caboose.JPG (220364 bytes)Nickel Plate Products PM and C&O 300 Series Wood Caboose

Original box and packing, Unpainted, with some tarnish. New metal trucks with working leaf springs (much better then original trucks) and Kadee couplers.

Lambert_B&O_Caboose  Lambert B&O Caboose

Lambert B&O Bay Window Caboose

Very nicely painted, decaled and weathered, the caboose has a pair of marker lights with jewels, and Kadee couplers. The trucks are die cast metal, with metal wheels, and sprung with leaf springs. Better looking and operating then brass trucks !

This is a very well finished, classic wagon top, bay window B&O caboose, in the original Lambert box. It will look great in your display case, or run great on your model railroad.


QualityC C&O cab kit.jpg (32079 bytes)

Quality Craft  C&O Wood Caboose  (brass) kit  #338

 This kit builds up to a model of the C&O's 90900 series caboose.

Fine etched brass, wire, soft metal, and wood parts, instructions and decals. Solder or glue assembly.

All parts packed in original box. Trucks and couplers not included.


CarShop C&O cab kit.jpg (39220 bytes)


Car Shop C&O Wood Caboose (brass) kit #100

 This kit builds up to a model of the C&O's 90000 series caboose.

All etched, cast, brass and soft metal parts, and instructions in original box. The correct Champ decals are included. Trucks and couplers not included.


Other Brass RR Equipment:

Unknown Japanese builder - Ashpit Crane

3" x 1-3/4" x 4-1/2", painted grey, NOB


First Edition Brown Book

Excellent condition

Lenahan's Locomotive Lexicon  - 1st edition

Very Good Condition - punched for 3 hole binder


4 Brass Locomotive Checklists

Published by Ladd Publications - 

1 Illustrated Brass Locomotive Checklist  1970 - 1975 (manual additions)
1 Brass Locomotive Checklist  1949 - 1969  (Clean)
1 Brass Locomotive Checklist  1949 - 1975
1 Illustrated HO Brass Caboose Checklist  1960 - 1973

Condition: Good to Very Good. No missing pages, tears or stains. Some age, and there is some have magic marker highliting of various items, a few addition brass models have been written in empty spaces.

Brass Water Column

Lambert Brass Water Column

These were imported by Kemtron, Lambert, NJI and probably others. This one is a nice one from Lambert, in the original box. I have cleaned it up by removing excess solder and adding a new counterweight thread.

Used to fill tenders with water from a separate tank located away from the track, they were quite common on large and small railroads. Great when you don't have the space for water tank in your engine facilities.

Brass Ladders and stairs

Brass Stairs and Ladder

The stairs are probably from Overland, and the ladder from Railworks. The ladder and 4 long stair sections are a little more then 5" long, and the two short stairs are a little under 2" long.

What do you think you could use these high quality HO brass parts for ?




Aristo Craft Type B Oil Tank 

All Brass construction. With pumphouse and ladder, painted Silver, Original Box


TrainOrderSignal.jpg (16972 bytes)

Oriental Limited brass Train Order Board

All brass Train order board with two operating semaphore arms. Perfect for detailing your favorite RR station.

Has space for a small bulb. Needs light bulb, colored lenses, and operating mechanism (like switch machine motors) to finish.



* DTA Models custom brass rebuilding. I have been working on brass engines, repairing, rebuilding, redetailing, crowns and ordinary, all scales, since the 60's.