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Trades And Offers Considered, So Call !

Steam Locomotives:

Aristocraft Alco 0-6-6-0 Mallet Locomotive

Nice old stock brass engine and tender, all original parts, well detailed for the period of import, no dents, bends or defects, crisp lines. Fair paint job (good spray, with touchups), black, no lettering. 

Mechanism has only the rear engine powered, but it all has been checked out, lubed and tested. Runs fine for an engine of this age and type !

Original box in good condition, except for warped lid, addition packing.


DTAM / PFM Baldwin 4-6-0 'Brass-Bash'

A Ma & Pa 2-8-0 boiler and tender combined with a V&T 4-6-0 mechanism with a few little touches here and there. Runs very nicely with original PFM motor. Original PFM V&T box.

DTAM 4-6-0_2.JPG (223188 bytes)


Max Gray / DTAM Brass PRR G-5s 4-6-0 Upgrade


See DTAM PRR G5s page

Lots of additional detailing, can motor,  a Sunset tender with accurate Bowser trucks, bring this solid old Japanese import up to current standards.



Brass Locomotive kits:

Kits consist of brass mechanisms and boiler/cab, with lost-wax brass detail castings. Boilers may be stripped of some parts and piping. Other parts as noted.  May need some additional brass wire, screws, or other minor parts. All require work to complete a finished model locomotive. Familiarity with soldering and brass models is necessary. If you have to ask, these may not be a good idea for you. 

3 NYC locomotives rebuild kit

LMB H-10a 2-8-2  - Boiler stripped of piping, appliances, and cleaned/prepped for detailing; new backhead detail almost complete. OB.
Tons of detail on the prototype, and much of the necessary parts are included , through some piping will need to be bent up to complete a stunning model.

LMB 'Mohawk' L-b 4-8-2  - needs reassembly, and some pilot and piping work. NOB
Good original detail, but some upgrades are helpful. Scullin disk drivers.

PFM 'Niagara' S-1a 4-8-4  - needs reassembly, some optional valve gear/rods work, and tender detailing, NOB 
Nice boiler detail upgrade work, includes Samhongsa cylinder block, rods, and trailing truck, LMB 14 wheel tender

Large, clear plastic compartmented (18) box contains lots of new and old castings (many prepped for use), lots of original & stock piping, and other brass parts to significantly upgrade the detailing of these 3 engine 'kits'. 

Mechanisms include original motors and gearboxes.


 Trains - C&NW 0-6-0 engine only

Basic brass mechanism and boiler only (no motor/gearbox), + brass detail castings. Needs powering, detailing and tender

NOB, unpainted.


Sold Locomotives:

Max Gray - D&RGW  L-105 4-6-6-4 rebuild kit

Rebuilt brass engine and tender, original motor, new universals, re-plated drivers and valve gear, many new brass detail castings, lots of original and stock piping. 

Mechanism is finished, just need to connect the universals. Boiler needs piping and small parts installed. The tender is finished, except for installation of the loco-to-tender vestibule plate, if desired.

NOB, unpainted.


(Intl, Austin ?) - early UP, WP, D&H, or Clinchfield challenger, 4-6-6-4 and upgrade kit

Brass mechanism and boiler only, NO tender or motor/gearboxes, about 20 brass detail castings. Needs detailing, piping, motor/gearing, and tender. Almost no tire wear.

NOB, unpainted (stripped).


C-16 Front



PFM / DTAM Brass C&O / VGN C-16 0-8-0 Switcher

See DTAM C&O C-16 0-8-0 page

  Rebuilt to correct C&O and Virginian RR prototype appearance. Added and improved detailing. Improved running qualities, efficiency, and reliability.

Both engines have very little run time on them, low wear on tires, and are tested and lubricated. Equipped with Kadee couplers on both ends. Unpainted, Ready to Run.

UP, OB. Original Tenshodo boxes with yellow foam (in great shape).








Akane - B&O EM-1 2-8-8-4 and upgrade kit

Brass locomotive and tender, Sagimi 20mm x 40mm can motor, 30+ brass detail castings including PSC pilot, backhead, and steam pipes. Tender is fitted with PFM buckeye 6 wheel trucks.

Needs to have motor fitted and detail parts replaced/installed. May need some brass rod for piping.

Original box and B&O loco decal set. Unpainted (stripped).


LMB - N&W class M 4-8-0 and upgrade kit

Brass mechanism, boiler, and complete tender, original motor, 2 gearboxes, valve gear parts, 10+ brass detail castings including more accurate domes. Needs detailing, valve gear assembly, driveline assembly.

Original box, unpainted (stripped).


International - LI RR camelback 2-8-0 and upgrade kit

Basic brass mechanism, boiler, and almost complete tender, original motor, new gearbox, brass detail castings, nice soft-metal tender trucks. A little light tire wear. Needs detailing and driveline assembly.

Original box, unpainted.


Westside Pennsylvania RR class M-1a 4-8-2

Original box with Reboxx foam. Mechanism has been tuned up to run like new.


Alco (S-132) N&W G-1 2-8-0

Replaced bad gearbox, installed weight, tuned engine for very good running quality, and straightened details. Original box, foam etc. Unpainted.

Now it is a fine running, great looking little engine. 


PSC C&O L-1 4-6-4

See my PSC C&O L-1 4-6-4 page for more info and pictures...


Custom Brass C&O M-1 Steam-Turbine-Electric

  C&O_M-1_2.jpg (26430 bytes)  C&O_M-1_1.jpg (14599 bytes)

This is the only model ever produced of this interesting prototype and only 245 were made making them very hard to find. 

Recently tested and lubricated. Runs very well ! Has two can motors,  a large weight and 16 powered wheels. This engine can really pull ! Good speed range too.

Original owner, unpainted in original box. Test Run Only.

The foam is starting to degrade, but the engine has been wrapped in plastic and in unaffected.

C&O_M-1_3.jpg (24168 bytes)


Overland C&O G-9 2-8-0 by Rok-Am

Overland CnO G-9 Overland CnO G-9
Overland CnO G-9 Overland CnO G-9

This first run C&O G-9 has had some excess solder removed for a better appearance and the weight installed. The rectangular type tender has had the lacquer stripped and a Kadee coupler installed. The engine has sprung drivers, a can motor, and backhead detail.

Test run only. Engine has been tested and runs great with the rubber can motor/gearbox coupler recently replaced.

Original box and packing in great shape. Includes a locomotive data sheet from the C&OHS.


Hallmark C&O K-2 2-8-2

Hallmark CnO_K-2 Hallmark CnO K-2
Hallmark CnO K-2 Hallmark CnO K-2

This C&O mike has had the front wheelset replaced with a NWSL set for better appearance. The tender has a Kadee coupler installed.

The engine is equipped with a Sagami can motor and has a coal load in the tender, but no backhead detail.

Test run only. Engine has been tested and runs fine with the rubber motor/gearbox coupler recently replaced.

Original box and packing in good shape. Includes a locomotive data sheet from the C&OHS.


PSC  C&O  K-4  2-8-4    

PSC C&O K-4 2-8-4

PSC Precision Scale Models #16616-1  C&O  K-4  2-8-4  Painted #2711, Mint condition. OB, TRO

Original box, in great condition. Test run only, not even displayed.


    Overland  C&O  'L2-a'  4-6-4  Poppet Hudson

Overland C&O L-2a Poppet 4-6-4

Overland #1493.1  C&O  'L2-a'  4-6-4  Poppet-valve Hudson. Painted #310-314, Mint condition, OB, TRO

Runs great ! No poppet gearbox problems. Original box, in great condition. Not even a display model. Only out of its protective packing for testing and photos.

More Info and Pictures...


NWSL Baldwin 70 ton Logging 2-8-2

NWSL 2-8-2   NWSL 2-8-2

High quality Japanese brass work. Crafted by Toby, the same highly regarded Japanese builder who made many PFM Crowns.

Great condition, though some tarnish due to age. Very little running time, which shows in clean wheel tires. Just lubricated and tested. Tracks well and throttles down to a very slow speed, but needs some run-in for the very best performance.

A very tight and well constructed mechanism, with quite reasonable superstructure detail for the time. The engine features spoked lead and trailing wheels, good plastic brake hangers, and very nice valve gear. The well done oil tender is equipped with high quality small archbar trucks. 

The front pilot is missing the air hose, but it wasn't a very good part anyway and looks better without it. No couplers are mounted, but that can be done if desired.

Original box, packing and data sheet in fine condition.  (2 lbs shipping weight)





NWSL box

Lawrence Lines cast brass GP-7/9

LL_GP-9.jpg (26272 bytes)

Assembled kit with grabirons, lift rings, Kemtron Dynamic Brake blister,  Calscale 5-chime horn, cab sunshades, hand brake lever, and air tank piping added. 

Converted to C&O GP-9 by filling off 4 sets of louvers under cab, and adding various brass details. All brass parts, except for soft steel, pre-formed, grab irons, axles and motor parts. Blackened wheels.

All original Lindsey motor parts are included. The engine is wired and complete, but the motor doesn't turn under power. Just a slight twitch. The drive assembly needs to be disassembled, for gear and bearing adjustment and tuning. This is an early and fragile power unit. They look great, but need TLC to even run, and then put out very little power. Par for the course with all Lindsey 4 wheel power units.

Unpainted - original brass, but tarnished to a rich brown !

Original box and instructions.


Overland C&O  H-8  2-6-6-6 Early Version

Overland #1538.1  C&O  H-8  Allegheny 2-6-6-6, early version,  Painted #1605 - Mint condition, OB, TRO

I would like to to trade this engine for a Challenger C&O H-7 2-8-8-2 (adjustments negotiable).

See my C&O H-8 page for pictures.

 Traded !!

TRO - Test run only
UP - Unpainted
OB - Original box and packing
NOB - Not original box, but a good one is provided. 

DTA Models custom brass rebuilding. I have been working on brass engines, repairing, rebuilding, redetailing, crowns and ordinary, all scales, since the 60's.