Unless otherwise noted, hard covers are Very Good Condition, with dust jacket, and no markings on covers or pages. Shipping by USPS Media mail, unless other method requested.

10 H.P. Lovecraft paperbacks:

'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward' - Belmont, 1965
'The Dunwich Horror' - Lancer, 1969
'The Colour Out of Space, and others' - Lancer, 1969
'At the Mountains of Madness, and other tales - Beagle, 1971
'The Lurking Fear and other stories' - Beagle, 1971
'The Tomb and other tales' - Beagle, 1970
'Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos - Vol. 1' - Beagle, 1969
'Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos - Vol. 2' - Beagle, 1971
'The Doom That Came to Sarnath' - Ballantine, 1971
'The Survivor and others'  - Ballantine, 1971

Very Good Condition !!


The complete War Against the Chtorr 

All 4 books by David Gerrold, 

Book 1 - 'A Matter for Men'            1983 - ISBN 0-553-27782-0
Book 2 - 'A Day for Damnation'     1985 - ISBN 0-553-27765-0
Book 3 - 'A Rage for Revenge'      1989 - ISBN 0-553-27844-4
Book 4 - 'A Season for Slaughter' 1993 - ISBN 0-553-28976-4

All four are Bantam paperbacks in Very Good Condition. No tears, marks or missing pages. Some wear from reading.


$20 for the set

The adventures of Alacrity Fitzhugh and Hobart Floyt 

All 3 books by Brian Daley 

Book 1 - 'Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds'  1985 - ISBN 0-345-31487-5
Book 2 - 'Jinx on a Terran Inheritance'       1985 - ISBN 0-345-31488-3
Book 3 - 'Fall of the White Ship Avatar'     1986 - ISBN 0-345-32919-8

All three  paperbacks in Good Condition. no marks or missing pages, 1 small cover tear, Some wear from reading.


$12 for the set

'The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management'

Hyrum W. Smith (CEO, Franklin Quest Co.) Hardcover, 1994

ISBN 0-446-51741-0


'The Christmas Train'

David Baldacci, Hard Cover, 2002, First Edition (Fiction)

ISBN 0-446-52573-1

On Loan


Premiere Issue of 'Brills Content'

"The independent Voice of the Information Age"

July/August 1998 - Volume 1 - Number 1

Steven Brill magazine about truth in all non-fiction media content.

Excellent condition, no wears, tears or folds, just a mailing label on front cover.


Prints and Posters:

'Keep off the Grass'  DoD Anti-drug Poster

DoD P-62A/DA Poster 360-122  US Government Printing Office 1970  372-353

Old poster showing a "Keep off the Grass" sign stuck in a marijuana joint. 13" x 18", brown on white. 

Good condition, small nicks, one 1/4" tear, one central fold


50 Ansel Adams Prints  

47 are 15-1/2" x 12" prints, 12-1/2 x 10" picture size, and 3 which are 12"x10", 11-1/2 x 9-1/4" picture size. 

Good heavy semi-gloss paper. very good condition, no markings.

Plenty of Yosemite Valley, other mountains and mesas, but also a good selection of other subjects. 

From the 1986, 88, 89, and 92 calendars published by New York Graphic Society Books, who also publish many books and posters of Ansel Adams photography.

Frame them up, or cover your walls with Ansel's Art !


Sold Stuff:

10+ Jules Verne 'Fitzroy Edition' by Ace books

Complete set of the Ace paperback 'Fitzroy Edition' of Jules Verne, edited by I.O. Evans:

'The Begums Fortune'           - 020-08049
'Carpathian Castle'                - 020-08060
'The City in the Saraha'         - 020-08043
'The Demon of Cawnpore'    - 441-14253
'For the Flag'                          - 020-24800
'The Hunt for the Meteor'       - 020-08078
'Into the Niger Bend'              - 020-08041
'Tigers and Traitors'              - 441-80900
'The Village in the Treetops' - 020-08067
'Yesterday and Today'           - 020-08052

And Verne's 'Around the World in 80 days' - Avon ZS135

More info on the Fitzroy Edition

Very Good Condition !!

Covers are clean, unmarked, some very faint creases near binding. Pages are clean, unmarked, lightly tanned; binding tight; spine has no creases. Only read once and carefully stored !

Sold Ace Fitzroy edtion book set

NASA Facts Space Shuttle Poster 

NF-81 Space Shuttle 11/78  -   Dimensions - 30" x 41.5"

Great detail of the inside of the shuttle showing its machinery and payload. Specifications and lots of notes about the shuttle and its mission. Artists conceptions of various space missions

This is the same kind of poster that was visible on the wall in Maurice, the ex-astronaut's office set on the 'Northern Exposure' TV series !

Very good condition. Good quality heavy paper.  Although it has been folded, one should be able to iron out the creases. Some small stable holes in the corners.

Hard to find quality item for the space enthusiast !

Sold ShuttlePoster.jpg (15930 bytes)

ShuttlePosterDetail.jpg (21074 bytes)

'Great Sky River

 Gregory Benford, Hard Cover,  1987,  First Edition  (Science Fiction)

ISBN 0-553-05238-1


'American Dreams - Lost and Found

Studs Turkel, Hard cover, 1980  First Edition

ISBN 0-394-50793-2

sold S_Turkel_Book.jpg (67972 bytes)

'Translations from the Chinese'

Arthur Waley, Hardcover 1919, 1941

Alfred A. Knopf Inc. Illustrated by C. Leroy Baldridge