All CDs, DVDs, and games  are in very good condition, no scratches or damage, with clean, original sleeves, jewel cases, and cover art, unless noted. They are collection duplicates, or media that never really did it for me.

Video DVDs:

'Six Days and Seven Nights'

Harrison Ford and Ann Heche,  Ivan Reitman. (Action/Comedy) *


'Weeds' Seasons 1 through 6, complete

First two seasons on DVD-R, the rest are all retail boxes, only one viewing, great condition.

Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon and more,  Showtime Comedy


'Deadwood' Season 1

6 discs, 3 cases, great condition.


'Terminator 3'

Arnold Schwarzenegger  (SciFi/Adventure) * 


'Matrix Revolutions'

Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne  (SciFi/Adventure) * 


DVD's - $9.99 each, plus shipping unless noted

* Widescreen (letterboxed)


CDs - Electronica:

'OAH'  -  Splattercell  

CellDivision  Cat # 75028


CDs - Alternate:

'Before' - Pet Shop Boys

 EMI 7243 882809 2 1   (CD single)


CDs - Jazz:


CDs - Blues:

'Got My Mojo Working'

Muddy Waters. Delta  46 127


CDs - Classical:

'Pulcincella Suite' - Stravinsky,  'The Birds' - Respighi

English Chamber Orchestra, Paul McRae conducting.  Perpetua PR 7010


Music CD's - $8.00 each, plus shipping unless noted


Computer Games:

'Doom 3'

Id Software (Windows)


'Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas'  2nd ed.

Rockstar Games (Win2000/XP/Vista)


'Chaos Legion', & Unreal Tournament 2004

Capcom/Epic/MSI (Win98/ME/2000/XP)


'Black & White'

Mythic Entertainment (Win95/98/ME/2000)


'Dark Age of Camelot'

3D Realms (Windows)


'Unreal Mission pack 1 - Return to Na Pali'

3D Realms (Win95/98/NT)


'Deus Ex'

Ion Storm (Win 95/98) CD, Case,


'Duke Nukem Manhattan Project'

3D Realms (Win98/ME/2000/XP)


'Blade Runner'

 Westwood studios  (Win95/NT)   

Real-Time 3D Adventure  4 cd's, Instructions, CD case, 'Official Strategy Guide'


'Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time'

7th Level  (Macintosh) CD, Case, Instructions


Douglas Adams 'Starship Titanic'

 (Macintosh - Beta) Simon & Shuster, 3 cd's, Instructions, CD case


PC/Mac Games's - $5.00 each, plus shipping unless noted