room speaker layout

Walls and ceiling are plaster-over-lath, with various windows and doors. Wall-to-wall carpeting, light drapes,  soft seating and 18 sq ft of (hidden) sound proofing pyramid foam, provide sound absorption. A rolled up comforter is hung over a large mirror over the mantelpiece to reduce the resonance of the mirror. Room nodes are somewhat broken up by varying room dimensions.

The main speakers are aimed just slightly in front of the seated listeners head, and angled down to the same target. The surrounds are located about 5' high due to the height of the mantelpiece. This is not optimal for 5.1 recordings, but the higher surrounds work well for filling the area with sound when used for the TV and FM radio.

Note that the Television set is slightly off-center. This is due to non-systems reasons, and is barely noticeable in operation.