Before Starting:

Before starting a new web site consider the following:

What goals are to be achieved with the web site ?

Will the site be used for branding, as an online brochure, or a web store ?

What is the market focus ?

What volume of visitors, contacts, sales are expected ?

Are email services required ?

Is a search facility required ?

Is existing sales/marketing printed material available for conversion to the web ?

Are there resources available to create and update content ?


Marketing the Site:

Develop a compelling site: good content, design, and performance.

Update content on a regular basis.

Drive traffic with search engine optimization and placement.

Analyze traffic and tune the site to actual usage.

Develop ongoing customer relationships.

Implement site marketing in stages for manageable growth


Components of a Business Web Site:

Domain name(s)

Site hosting services

Site editing tools / Content creation/update (CMS) tools

Transaction processing software (i.e.: shopping carts)

Traffic analysis tools

Email management tools