Science Fiction plays with Artificial Intelligence grown Up


Science Fiction books dealing with computers becoming conscious, have been a big favorite of mine for a very long time. This is not very surprising considering my interest in computers and human intelligence. I think it is beneficial to absorb speculative fiction, as well as current science fact, to keep both ones knowledge and creativity strong. 

My List:

'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress' Robert Heinlein 1966 (0312863551)

'Colossus' D.F. Jones 1966 (0425076482)
'The Fall of Colossus' D.F. Jones 1974 (sequel) (0425027600)
'Colossus and the Crab' D.F. Jones 1977 (sequel) (0425034674)
the Colossus Trilogy (9991250271)

'Destination Void' Frank Herbert 1966 (0425090485)
'The Jesus Incident' Frank Herbert 1979 (sequel) (0441385397)
'The Lazarus Effect' Frank Herbert 1983 (0399128158)
'The Ascension Factor' Frank Herbert 1988 (0399132244) The Pandora Series

'When H.A.R.L.I.E. Was One - Release 2.0' David Gerrold 1972 (0345243900)

'The Adolescence of P-1' Thomas J Ryan 1977 (0671559702)

'Neuromancer' William Gibson 1984 (0441007465)

'Deus X' Norman Spinrad' 1992 ()


Did I miss some ? Let me know...


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