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While I am now retired, I used to program for a living, so this section contains software design, programming and related information. This web site incorporates some of my programming experience, but is as much a vehicle for me to enjoy publishing and sharing some of my interests.

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 Web Programming

I have build a few other web sites besides this one. is no longer online was my most recent

Application Programming

For most of my life I have enjoyed building models, tools, electronic equipment, and just stuff around the house. So I was well suited for building applications out of computer code. It just fit my temperament and skills. And, I have been working with computers in one way or another for over 30 years.

I have been programming in Focus for almost 20 years now. Along the way I have picked up other languages like SAS, Visual Basic, DHTML, and others.

I prefer higher level languages, no C or Java for me, thank you.  This is because I wanted to craft a business solution, rather then spending all my time locked in a cube, wrestling with memory allocation, or other arcania. I have a well rounded education, and good communication skills, so grasping a customers business or technical domain was not a big problem.

Requirements, analysis, design, coding, testing, maintenance, support - I have worked in the entire Systems Life Cycle, understand it, and have worked with its support mechanisms, such as documentation, reviews, change control, and source control.

Mainframe, PC, and client-server applications. Been there, done that. Now I work with web technologies such as WebFocus, HTML, JavaScript,  CSS2, and web site design . 

Usability, User Interface design

From green screen terminals to Mac's to the Web, good User Interface design and Usability achieves a substantial return on investment. Far more then it costs !

One of my strengths is usable and efficient, user interface design. This probably started with my early exposure to Macintosh computers, as well as exposure to many varied types of computer and other human-machine interfaces, and has grown with study and practice. And, I have always worked well with users to understand their world and create solutions for them, as well as helping them fix computing problems, making User Centered Design a natural.