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Hi !  I'm a Macintosh user by choice, and a PC user by necessity. An application programmer by trade, and an audiophile and model builder by avocation. 70 years, divorced, no kids, retired - that's the basic stuff.

I've been a model builder since I was a boy. I still derive a great deal of satisfaction, zen, and intellectual stimulation from modeling as well as benefiting from the strong foundation it has provided me for many other areas of my life, including my past profession of application programming. Music and high quality audio sound are also very strong interests.

I've been working with computers for over 30 years. Hardware, software, administration, and programming on computers of many types: Mac's, PC's, Mainframes, Minis, and even analog machines. My interests have developed to improving the human interface of these bedeviling machines. And all along I've researched and been fascinated by the parallels and differences between them and brains/minds.

But... no Facebook, Twitter, or any social media crap. No cellphone, no smartphone. I've been deep into computer tech since 1969. Almost a half century; including business, gaming, forums, and both sides of the internet, so I guess I may have learned enough in that time, both technical and psycho/social, to feel the need to protect myself from those black rabbit holes for the soul.

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I have lived in Royal Oak, MI for the last 30 years or so. it is a fine place to live combining the charm of a small town with the variety of living in a large city, through in the last couple of years greed and tyranny are creeping into the city government. The county has long been lost to those 'qualities', and now the country itself is lost in oligarchy :(

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My avatar picture (upper left corner of page) is a reduced version of the front of a Chesapeake & Ohio Railway class F-19 passenger steam locomotive. This famous class had a distinctive Georgian look, and headed up some of the C&O's most prestigious trains at the height of the rail passenger era. They are beautiful to me.