Modeling Blast Furnaces, Steel Mills, and Coke Plants

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My Blast Furnace Models:

First blast furnace model
First Blast Furnace model - somewhat of an 'impressionistic' approach
First blast furnace model
1st BF model - built for a hobby shop layout
2nd blast furnace model
My second BF model was a extensive rebuild of the damaged parts from the first one, when the hobby shop tore down their layout
2nd blast furnace model
The second BF project was almost a compulsion, but I ended up having to selling it :(
2nd blast furnace model
Another stove, more buildings, and gas cleaning equipment were added to this one
2nd blast furnace model
Lots of piping, plumbing, catwalks, and supports were fitted into the small space to get a sense of complexity. And they weren't random, but represent the gas, steam, air and water lines of a real facility
2nd blast furnace model
Not a great picture, but a different view
Walthers BF kit Parts
Current Steel Mill Project, a modified Walthers kit (going slowly...)
Blast furnace Floor
Modified Walthers BF floor to align the BF and cast house centerlines, and improve the slag/metal troughs


Steel Mill Rolling Stock:

Steel Mill Rolling stock
Steel Mill Rolling Stock - mostly completed and ready for painting
Torpedo Car
Torpedo type Hot Metal car modified from Lima bottle and bearings, Athearn bolsters and lots of other parts
Torpedo car detail
Torpedo type Hot Metal car details
Hot Metal Car Mod
Walthers Hot Metal car modifications
Hot_Metal_Car_2.jpg (78241 bytes)
Pugh type Hot Metal car heavily modified from General Models Corp. metal kits
Ladle_Car.jpg (74210 bytes)
Redball Ladle car kit with modifications
Redball_ladle_mod.jpg (34040 bytes)
Redball ladle modifications, before rivets


Slag Car Mod
Walthers Slag Car modifications
Brass Slag cars
Overland Slag Cars slightly modified
Steel Ingot cars
Ingot Cars modified and detailed from Rix Products kits
Ingot_mold_parts.jpg (28523 bytes)
Cut down Ingot Mold Parts
Stock_car_detail.JPG (96247 bytes)
Blast furnace stock car from a redetailed early japanese brass hopper car
Blast Furnace Stock Car 
Detail of stock car showing brake equipment and NBWs added to handrails
Steel Ladles
Detailed steel ladles on modified Rix slab cars
Steel Ladles
Rivet strips, trunnions, spouts and other parts were added to basic ladle castings to make them more realistic
Ladle_cradle.JPG (121174 bytes)
Ladle Hooks - upgraded from the Walthers Electric Furnace kit parts


Other Steel related models

Coke Oven project
Coke Oven Modeling has been expanded and now has its own page !
Gas Holder project
Gas Holder kitbash
Magnuson Boiler house kitbash 
Boiler house kitbash, from a Magnuson Models resin kit
Hullet Project
Hullet Unloader project - somewhat impressionistic !
Electric Furnace Project
Electric furnace project - rebuilding the Walthers model parts
Hot metal Mixer Shell
Shell for a hot metal mixer from a couple of HO EKO lowboy loads