Prototype Steel Mill and Blast Furnace Links:

With all the restructuring going on in the steel industry and general internet churn, many links are changing or just becoming lost, so look fast !

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American Iron and Steel Institute
USS Steel home
National Steel (ex Great Lakes Steel)
Weirton Steel
Rouge Steel (ex Ford) Steel On The Net



Sloss Furnaces
Sloss National Historic Landmark
Hogan Steel Archive Lots of USS and others
Youngstown Steel - very nicely done site
Cleveland Steel Selections from the LTV Collection
Youngstown's Jeannette Blast Furnace (broken link)
The Replogle Steel Company, Wharton, New Jersey
ISG Bethlehem Steel ImageBank
Bethlehem Furnaces, Bethlehem, PA, part of the Pennsylvania Iron Furnace Sourcebook
A Blast Furnace at South Bethlehem
Homestead Steel Works - a virtual tour of the Mon Valley (VRML)
My Ashland Steel page (AK Steel, ARMCO Steel, Ashland Iron & Mining, Ashland Coal & Iron)
Ohio State University's American Steel Industry documentary "Making Steel and Making Men" (great old photos !)
Indiana University Digital Library Program's U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection Take the tour
Eichleay Engineers: Blast furnace top erection techniques
Charles Sheeler's Rouge Plant Photographs
Industrial Hamilton, Ontario Dofasco Incorporated (Dominion Foundries and Steel Company)
Algoma Steel History
Algoma Steel info !
Old Iron Furnaces



Coal Camp RustbeltPA, KY, WV - Mills, Mines and good stuff ! (AK pix)

Prarie Works Iron &Steel SeriesVideos (DVD and VHS)

A Yahoo forum for hobbyists interested in the manufacturing of steel.
SteeLynx more than 7,500 Links to Steelmaking and Steel-Related Technologies! (but terrible popups !)
Michigan State University's 'Inside a steel mill' Feature (may take a long time to load)
Making Iron and Steel - Independent Mills in Pittsburgh, 1820-1920 Ingham - book
StahlArt Photograph Archive Steelworks in the USA


Coke and Coal Links:

Coal and Coking on the Internet
The West Virginia Coal Mine Site
Sloss Industries Coke Facilities