Detroit Steel Blast Furnace remains     

 Detroit Steel furnace remains - 1984

Detroit Steel Blast Furnace Detroit Steel blowing house remains
Detroit Steel hot blast stoves CF&I Early furnaces postcard

Colorado Fuel and Iron Postcard (do you think those flames are real ?)

CF&I Early furnaces postcard

CF&I Postcard (ca. 1902 to the 1920's)

Zug Island from river

National/Great Lakes Steel Zug Island, Detroit - 2003

Zug Island BF detail

Zug Island detail

GL Steel hot metal transfer

Moving hot metal downriver from Zug Island to the BOF building

Zug Island 1964

GL Steel Blast Furnace in 1964

Zug Island map

Map of GL Steel Zug Island, where primary steel operations are located

Ford 'C' Furnace diagram

Ford Rouge 'C' Furnace diagram

Ford Rouge View

View of Ford Rouge from south: Gasholder, Furnaces, Power plant

Ford Slag Cars

Ford Rouge Steel slag car -1975


Ford Slag Cars

Rouge slag cars