Some of my Spacecraft, Booster and Launcher Models:

I am trying to standardize on 1/144 scale for a collection of, what are to me, the most significant spacecraft/boosters in manned space flight development. This is an update of recent progress, but I'm back 'working on the railroad' for a while, so I will post more pictures when I get back to these projects...


USA:   Space Shuttle, Booster and Launch Platform:

I'm working on a Revell shuttle stack and launcher, there is much correction, added detail, and such to do. The SRBs and external tank are done, but the shuttle needs a lot of work smoothing seams and adding missing rocket nozzles (from Realspace Models) and tile decals.

MLP Front   MLP Oblique   MLP Back

The Shuttle Launch Platform is coming along well. It still needs corrected SRB holddowns, water piping, sprayheads, and umbilical tower detailing. Then comes the crawler/transporter !  

Yes, I know the Revell platform is seriously underscale, but I had too much work into the rebuild before I considered scratchbuilding to scale, so...

I've started on a Transporter/Crawler with detailing of the 4 track assemblies. Picture to follow...


Saturn V Apollo Stages S-I S-II, S-IV and Mobile Launch Platform: 

Detailed and modified from the 1/144 Monogram kit and a Revell shuttle launcher.

3_Stages_2.jpg (33013 bytes)  Stage_2_1.jpg (25989 bytes)  Stage_3_1.jpg (21129 bytes)  

Most detail work is done, through I still need to add the various access and umbilical plates, vents and antennas. Then a RealSpace resin spacecraft, some painting and decaling, and we're done. Sounds easy, right ?


J2 engine detail parts  S-II progress S-II Eng_detail  

Saturn S-II J2 engine rebuilding in progress. There are more then 30 new parts for each of the 5 J-2's on the second stage (not all appear in the photo). And one more for the third stage, but that one is a fair casting and only needed about 1/3 of the extra detailing parts.


Saturn MLP Saturn V MLP (Mobile Launch Platform), modified from a Revell shuttle kit, in progress. Needs holddowns, tail service masts, and some misc. details, but no LUT is planned !


USSR: Sputnick and Soyuz Vehicles with R-7 Boosters and Launcher:

A 1/144 Sputnick and Soyuz are all I have at present, but I would love to build a model of the N-1 moon rocket. I did download a paper model of the N-1, but would prefer the Realspace resin kit, when I can afford one.

Added some 50 new parts to correctly detail this Maquette model Soyuz and booster. Soyuz 1  Soyuz 2  Soyuz 3 

Soyuz launcher 1  Soyuz launcher 2

The beginings of a scratchbuilt Soyuz launcher/erector on an 'N' flat car. Anyone know of any plans or good photos of the prototype ?


Other Realspace models:

Rocket Models (right to left) 1/144 Apex Sputnick R7, 1/110 Revell Atlas ICBM, 1/87 resin German V2, 1/72 Roco Bristol Bloodhound ramjet powered SAM

Other Realspace Modelers:

Lars shuttle model (Lars very nicely done, and COMPLETED Shuttle model