Wreck and Yard Cranes:

100 ton Industrial Works: (just need to finish the boom)

120 ton Industrial Works:  IB 120t Crane

150 ton Industrial Works: (in progress..)

200 ton Industrial Works: (brass and plastic in progress)

25 ton American Yard Crane:  CnO Yard Crane Carefully finished from the Walthers kit.


HO Railroad Crane collection Lots of crane models from my collection:

 Modified 250ton Roco, Atheran metal 200ton, ??, Airfix British crane, Tichy Industrial 100ton (in progress) , 120ton, Walthers American crane, Redball Industrial 200ton soft-metal and wood model, upgraded Lambert Bucyrus 250ton brass model, Stewart (and other brands) work crane, and ?? work crane.

MOW Cranes:

Perhaps a bit off topic, but these models and uncompleted project shots kinda fit here...

MOW Equip. models
A small track crane made from some Selly parts and more, a brass Burro crane, among some of my MOW equipment


Ditcher project
Rio Grande Models AH&D ditcher project with lots of additional detail and std. gauge flat car
Barnhart Loader project
An extensive rebuild and detailing of the Keystone Barnhart Loader model kit
Barnhart Loader project
Barnhart Loader project components

Outside Overhead Crane:

Crane Way model
This module was built from a Model Masterpieces kit, with lots of extra detail aand weathering
Crane Way model
I was playing around with a pinhole lens for this shot of the diorama
Daves Crane Way model
Another pinhole lens shot with lots of machinary models and figures


'G' Gauge Freelance Railroad Crane:

Freelance G gauge Crane 

 An LGB crane that was too toy-like, a Bachmann tender frame, and a steam engine  from an AMT early RR kit formed the impetuous for this project.

The boiler was scratchbuilt and is attached by the stack screwing into a T-nut. The stack, tank, and some piping were salvaged from a Bachmann 4-6-0. The various gears came from my parts bins, along with nut-bolt-washers and miscellaneous parts.

The engine, gears, and drums rotate, and the gear shift works. Adding junk and final finishing remains to be done.



Sub-assembly views:

Car body

Boiler and machinery

Crane engine, water tank and boiler

Cab Front and Back

Crane subassemblies

ready for finial assembly

Completed Crane

G_Crane_7.jpg (14267 bytes)