PSC  C&O  'L-1'  4-6-4  'Home Built' Streamined, Poppet Valve Hudson's

C&O L-1    C&O L-1

Precision Scale  #15890-1  C&O  'L-1'  4-6-4   Hudson. Painted Orange

Note: The pictured model is painted and decorated, but not numbered. It includes decals for all 4 L-1 engines (#490 - 493), thus allowing you to choose which engine number you want. The PSC L-1 was available in Orange, Yellow, and unpainted.

The prototypes were built by the C&O shops from class F-19 Pacific's in 1946 and lasted until 1953. They were modernized with new cast frames, Poppet valves,  all roller bearings, the latest appliances, and stainless steel trim. The engines proved the poppet valve concept on the C&O, resulting in the later L-2a Hudson's.

These rebuilt engines were to be used on the ill-fated Chessie train, and the streamlining was designed to match the Chessie car styling. C&O put them to work on fast passenger trains all over he system, so you can justify it for just about any part of the C&O you like.

Detailing and finish on this HO brass locomotive is beautiful, and the engine runs very well. These PSC models, built by D&D, are much better engines then the 1983 Dai Young models from Custom Brass,. They are prototypically correct, very well detailed, with nice stainless steel finish, and amazing detail on the tender

This engine is painted in the original orange scheme. Later  they were repainted yellow. The running gear and chassis were painted a light gray with blue trim and lettering. Truly 'superpower' engines, the L-1's streamlining will have to be judged by the beholder. I think there were a lot worse, and some better, attempts to beautify the ungainly steam locomotive.

C&O L-1 front    C&O L-1 back    C&O L-1 right   C&O L-1 left