Norfork and Western N&W Y-6b 2-8-8-2:

-   DTAM Restored PFM Crown model by United    - 

The Prototype:

The prototype N&W engine were some of the last steamers built and operated in the US. Based on the very old mallet design, but developed to it's pinnicle, they were used for hauling coal at drag speeds. These engines were steams last real mainline job. 

The Model:

This PFM model locomotive is a first run United Crown, circa 1958.  Restoration included cleaning up excess solder, repairing various broken solder joints, cleaning up some castings, and straightening parts on the engine. The brass surfaces were cleaned and parts reassembled. 

The drive mechanism was cleaned, corrected, and tuned. The engine runs very slowly and smoothly, just as the prototype would, hauling long drag freights. It is noisy, though, as befits an model of that era with an idler gear and open frame motor. But with the powerful motor and heavy lead weight, this model engine will be able to exert more tractive effort then 99% of other HO locomotives !


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Photos of the finished engine and tenders, and what I started from !