Overland Lackawanna MU Combine Power Conversion:

-   with a NWSL PDT Power Truck -     

The Prototype:

Lackwanna's commuter service ran their MU cars in pairs, or multiple pairs, of a powered coach and an unpowered combine. So while our conversion is not strictly prototype, it is basicly invisible and overcomes some of the power limitations in our model railroad equipment.

The Model:

In 1999 Overland models produced a limited run of HO brass Lackawanna and Erie Lackawanna MU cars. These cars are very highly detailed brass models. Because of the limited number made, only a small number were powered and the remaining limited numbers of units were unpowered. These units were factory painted, and were lettered Lackawanna, and Erie Lackawanna. 

This custom conversion increases both the value and fuctionality of your car. Unpowered combine trailers sell on eBay for $500 - $600 apiece.  These units rarely show up for sale on eBay due their collectibilty and the small numbers made. This conversion will increase the value of your combine car because it is now a powered unit and is powered by a high quality power truck.

This is a conversion of an unpowered MU trailer car into powered unit. Research was conducted to find a power truck, a PDT from NorthWest Shortline, that had the correct wheelbase and wheel diameter to fit the unpowered trucks that came with these models, and a procedure was developed to fit the power units to the truck frames and then to the car body with minimal disturbance to the existing detail and functionality.

The modified units do not alter the appearance of the car or any of its original features, including lighting, and all 8 wheels pickup current to run the motor without stalling. The only difference is that the MU car body is a scale 3" higher than the original non powered Overland combine car. This small compromise is due to the height of the PDT and the desire to limit the removal of sections of the car floor and detail, and utilize the standard NWSL mounting system for future maintenance.

The cost to update the units is $225, parts and labor included (but not shipping). This includes a new power truck, and all the modifications and customizing necessary to install this power truck to the your existing combine car.

Lacakawanna combine conversion
Completed Combine conversion
Lacakawanna combine power truck
NWSL power unit installed in Overland truck
Lacakawanna combine under floor
Unpowered truck end of bottom of combine car