Chesapeake & Ohio  C-16  0-8-0 Switcher:

-   From a PFM/Tenshodo C&O/N&W 0-8-0   - 

C-16 view

C-16 view

The Prototypes:

The Chesapeake & Ohio C-16 0-8-0's were built by Baldwin in 1948, and served well until 1950 when they were sold to the N&W due to the new desielization program. The N&W made some changes to the (now S-1) 0-8-0's after they bought them from the C&O. Specifically they added a second air pump to the fireman side, with a bump in the running board above it, and two smaller air tanks. In addition the left check valve was moved higher up the boiler and the headlight was replaced with a different type. They also modified the tenders to N&W design.


The Model:

  ** This is a DTA Models rebuild of the PFM/Tenshodo Crown C&O/N&W 0-8-0 to create a correct C&O  C-16  0-8-0 Switcher **

The HO Tenshodo brass model was basically well constructed and detailed, for it's time, but the engine represented the N&W version, while the tender is the unmodified C&O version. Neither fish nor fowl !

After cleaning up solder joints, casting flash, and straightening parts on the PFM engine, I rebuilt it to the correct C&O prototype appearance by removing the 2nd air pump, straightening the running board, and adding a new longer air tank. Added and improved details, with new check valves, air strainer and governor, water pump, headlight, extra piping, and more. 

Also, notice the loco-to-tender water pipes, which are attached to the drawbar so the tender is as easy to attach and separate as always.

The rebuilds have improved running qualities, efficiency, and reliability with a NWSL ball and socket universal set, replacing the original rubber tube motor-to-gearbox connector. This retains the weight and power of the original open-frame motor, and runs suprisingly smoothly.

The two engines I rebuilt have very little run time on them, low wear on tires, are tested and lubricated, and equipped with Kadee couplers on both ends. Ready to Run !   :)


Front of Loco


DTAM_C-16_Detail  DTAM_C-16_Detail  DTAM_C-16_Detail


New Castings:

New Parts:



Original Tenshodo boxes with yellow foam, both in great shape. Slightly tarnished, unfinished, bare brass finish.

Original PFM/Tenshodo Locomotive and Tender:

  PFM C-16 model