Atlantic Coast Line P-5a Pacific with Worthington FWH:

-   From a PFM/United USRA Pacific   - 

ACL P5a oblique     ACL P5a in Reboxx     ACL_P5a rears     ACL P5a with plating


The Prototype:

The prototype ACL engine had some part changes as well as the addition of the Worthington feedwater heater (FWH) system (only added to some of the 75 engines of their original USRA order). The FWH piping on the left side is based on normal practice, as I haven't been able to find any photos of that side of a FWH equipped ACL Pacific. The only picture I have found is of the right side of #1519.

The Model:

The United model is basically well constructed and detailed, aside from a few areas. After cleaning up solder joints, casting flash, and straightening parts on the PFM engine, I added the FWH system, replaced or added a lot of detail castings, piping, and other parts, improved the drive with NWSL ball and cup universals, and added my unique loco-to-tender hoses. The lead and tender truck tires, plus some valve gear parts were recently nickel plated. This and more changes and additions to the PFM base made a nice replica of these unusual ACL locomotives. I still may add a diode driven headllite bulb.

ACL_P5a fronts    ACL_P5a left    ACL_P5a right   

New Castings:

New Parts:


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ACL 4-6-2 in shop

In progress shot of the ACL Pacific