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Steam Locomotives:

Max Gray / DTAM Brass PRR G-5s 4-6-0 Upgrade


See DTAM PRR G5s page

Lots of additional detailing, can motor,  a Sunset tender with accurate Bowser trucks, bring this solid old Japanese import up to current standards.



C-16 Front



PFM / DTAM Brass C&O / VGN C-16 0-8-0 Switcher

See DTAM C&O C-16 0-8-0 page

  Rebuilt to correct C&O and Virginian RR prototype appearance. Added and improved detailing. Improved running qualities, efficiency, and reliability.

Both engines have very little run time on them, low wear on tires, and are tested and lubricated. Equipped with Kadee couplers on both ends. Unpainted, Ready to Run.

UP, OB. Original Tenshodo boxes with yellow foam (in great shape).




  Have 2 at

  $300 ea.




PFM / DTAM Brass Baldwin 4-6-0 'brass-bash'

A Ma & Pa 2-8-0 boiler and tender combined with a V&T 4-6-0 mechanism with a few little touches here and there. Runs very nicely with original PFM motor. Original PFM V&T box.

DTAM 4-6-0_2.JPG (223188 bytes)


Sold Locomotives:

PRR K4 rebuild

Sunset / DTAM Rebuilt Brass PRR K4 4-6-2 

See DTAM PRR K-4 4-6-2 page

Corrected boiler profile, cleaned up castings, details, and part locations. 

No run time on this engine. I am the original owner of this Pennsylvania RR K-4 Pacific.

Very good condition. Original Sunset box and foam.



Y6-b front

PFM / United 'Crown' N&W  Y-6b 2-8-8-2  


See DTAM N&W Y-6b 2-8-8-2 page

PFM United 'Crown' brass locomotive restoration. Excellent condition, runs fine and slow, with PFM brass N&W Auxiliary tender, Unpainted, Reboxx



ACL P5a pacific

PFM / DTAM Brass ACL P-5a 4-6-2 Pacific with Feedwater Heater

See DTAM ACL P-5a Pacific page

Rebuilt to correct ACL prototype appearance. Added and improved detailing. Improved running qualities, efficiency, and reliability. Added a Worthington feedwater heater system to make a rare and unique Brass model



Brass NYC 4-8-2 *Mohawk* kit/parts

Parts to build up a brass model of a NYC 4-8-2. These were assembled by me from various acquisitions and this is not a commercial kit. It does have all the essential parts and most detail parts to complete a locomotive and tender.

I think the boiler/cab is from Key/Samhongsa (maybe Custom Brass), the frame is from Tenshodo, drivers from Overland and Tenshodo. The tender may be from LMB, don't know for sure.

This 'kit' is sold AS-IS only. The purchaser will need knowledge of soldering and basic brass metal work.  Brass wire to finish piping and some sheet for the coal bunker is not included. Anyone capable of working on this engine should have those simple supplies. 

Some parts need fitting or adapting: The frame needs to be shortened to fit the boiler, the tender coal bunker need to be built up, and the valve gear and crossheads need to be fitted to frame/cylinders, among other things.

Included: Superstructure, Frame/mechanism, tender body and frame, all trucks.

Motor (open frame), idler gearbox and gears, motor mounting plate, and wireless drawbar.

Crossheads, guides, main rods, working baker valve gear (Kemtron), and all other valve gear links and rods.

Pilot, drop coupler, shield, 2 air pumps, supports and cooler castings.

Smoke lifters, headlight, bell, whistle, generator, low water alarm, power reverse, cam box, sanders, check valves, handrail posts, and various piping

Tender  ladder, water hatch, backup light, 4 steps, brake cylinder, and end sill.


NYC4-8-2Kit_1.jpg (54561 bytes)


  Brass_2-6-0_1.jpg (26891 bytes)  Brass_2-6-0_2.jpg (27736 bytes)  

Oldtime Brass 2-6-0  Locomotive and Tender

 by unknown Japanese builder. 

This is an HO model, but could be suitable for an On2-1/2 loco due to large cab, domes and stack.

The engine runs, but, a bit like a jack rabbit. It is clean, complete, and functional, but could use some more detail, and mechanism tuning. It is also a good candidate for rebuilding. Still, it has a lot of character for an older type steam locomotive. 

Moguls like this one were used for hauling freight trains in the late 1800's, and early 1900's.

Brass_2-6-0_3.jpg (24777 bytes) 



TRO - Test run Only
UP - UnPainted
OB - Original Box and packing
NOB - Not Original Box, but a good one is provided.