Brass Parts and Assemblies on Display

A friend of mine once remarked that brass locomotive models and parts were "Like Jewelry". And so, a selection of pictures of brass locomotive parts and subassemblies to please the eye.

If you have some brass 'Jewelery' picture you would like to show here, please contact me.

Brass Bits - Locomotive Parts

C-7_Cylinder Block
Inside piston valve cylinder block for an old switcher - built from chopped up Kemtron castings and other bits
C&O H-8 Cylinder Block
Cylinder block from a Fujiyama C&O 2-6-6-6, upgraded with steam pipe flanges, exhaust crossover pipe, and flexible connection to feed water heater
Fuji engine trucks
Upgraded engine trucks for a PFM Fujiyama C&O 2-6-6-6

A set of engine and tender trucks modified and detailed for a Akane C&O 2-6-6-6 upgrade
PIA brass trailing Trucks
Assembled PIA trailing trucks. The rear crossbearer on the USRA truck came from the engine it's going on, and not the PIA kit
Brass engine subassemblies
A scratch front frame top for my Fujiyama Allegany, boiler front for a C&O L-2 hudson with PIA number boards and other goodies, scratch flexible exhaust steam pipe for a N&W Y6b rebuild
Brass locomotive frames
A couple of beautiful locomotive frame castings
Alco RSD-7 Ends
Upgrades to the ends of a Alco DL600b being rebuilt to a C&O prototype.
HO Brass parts
Various nice brass parts..


Brass Pieces - Locomotive Sub-Assemblies

Fuji front engine
Upgraded front engine from a PFM Fujiyama C&O 2-6-6-6
Fuji rear engine
Upgraded rear engine from a PFM Fujiyama C&O 2-6-6-6
N&W Y6b boiler rebuild
PFM N&W Y6-b boiler with new steam dome/drypipe/turret (the original was MIA), PIA airpumps, and other new and improved parts, after repair and realignment of major superstructure parts. Piping and smaller details come next...
NYC S1 boiler
Old PFM NYC S-1 4-8-4 boiler rebuild. A basicly fine Tenshodo boiler marred by poor detailing, can be improved as you can see in this in progress shot
2-6-0 Mechanism
Kemtron Wabash Mogul parts, PFM drivers, milled rods, and more form the mechanism for a C&O E-5 2-6-0. If I ever find the right boiler to finish this engine, it will be a beauty
Kemtron Mogul frame modifications
This Kemtron mogul has been built and modified for a C&O E-5 2-6-0. PFM drivers, milled rods, nickel plating, additional valve gear parts, and other details improve on the fine Kemtron design.

A rebuilt NWSL 2-6-2 mechanism for my ficticous PCH&S short line RR. New pilot, drive, and all the valve gear links have a clevis and are pinned together with NBWs instead of plain rivets.