Imported HO Brass C&O Locomotives in Focus

C&O Brass Import Gallerys:

C&O H-8 Alleganies - Heavy C&O Superpower as rendered by Japan, Korea, and China

C&O Alleganies - Rebuilds of the classic Akane 2-6-6-6

C&O Greenbriers - Chesapeake & Ohio J-3, J-3a 4-8-4's

C&O L-2a Hudsons - Superpower poppet valve 4-6-4's

C&O L-1 Hudson's  - Streamlined poppet valve 4-6-4's, rebuilt from F-19 pacifics

Other gallerys of C&O brass will come as I gather photos. But I don't have access to all the models made, so if you can help with some pictures of missing engines, please contact me.