Dave Ayers - Brass Engine Rebuilds from my collection


C&O Engines, Short Line Locos:

C&O H-4 2-6-6-2 - This Custom Brass model was re-detailed with better wheels, castings, and attention to the 'look' of C&O's workhorse mallets.

C&O H4 2-6-6-2     C&O H4 2-6-6-2

C&O C-3 0-6-0 switcher - Do you see the PFM Omaha in this, not quite complete, engine ?

C&O C3 0-8-0

My Peach Creek Holden and Scarlett 2-6-2 - modified from a PFM Baldwin. New cylinder blocks, pilot, backhead, and a coal tender from ?? Highly detailed valve gear with clevises, and nut-bolt-washer casting instead of rivets. Can motor and NWSL dbl. idler gearbox,  tender slider pickup due to spoked wheels on both engine and tender,  Full cab interior, and lots of other detailing. Painted with 5 different shades of grimy black, which may be a bit too subtle.

.PCHnS 2-6-2.jpg (18443 bytes)

My Scarlet Timber and Mining Co. Shay - backdated from a PFM Bensen Shay with wood endbeams, brake beams and rigging, full cab interior, and more.

Old-time Shay      Old-time Shay

A cute little backwoods 0-4-2t - from a Westside HOn3 Kisico lumber engine and standard gauge Heisler wheels. Turned up a stack to match the Bensen shay and added a winch up front. Needs a cab interior (whenever I can find a Kemtron 'Pioneer' boiler casting).

Logging 0-4-2T

An industrial tank engine - Re-detailed NWSL 2-8-2T with new injectors, brake cylinders, steps, and more. For steel mill service.

  NWSL 2-8-2T_1.jpg (28016 bytes)  NWSL 2-8-2T_2.jpg (28404 bytes)


C&O Diesel Engines:

Remotored Alco RSD-7, Oriental GP-9, Detailed and C&O'ized GP-9, Alco RS-1 w/ new sideframes and added detail.

Brs_Desiel_Mechs.jpg (37386 bytes)  DTAM_EMD_GP-9.jpg (31797 bytes)  DTAM_ALCO_RS-1.jpg (24738 bytes)

OK, this Hobbytown RSD-5 isn't exactly Brass, but there are plenty of brass parts on it, including slabs filling the short hood. A heavy puller with the C&O look.

DTAM_ALCO_RSD-5.jpg (30424 bytes)  DTAM_ALCO_RSD-5_2.jpg (29621 bytes)


MOW and Rolling Stock:

Bucryus 200 ton Crane - Upgraded Lambert crane, with some interior detailing, triple sheaves, new trucks and more.

Buycrus crane

Jordan 'J' Spreader - early Overland piece converted to a 'J' model, with more detail, and C&O paint. 

Jordan J Spreader.jpg (24073 bytes)  Jordan_2.jpg (58048 bytes)

  Virginian 100 ton hopper - added dual brake rigging, from a Nickle Plate Products car.

VGN 100t Gon_1.jpg (35558 bytes)  VGN 100t Gon_2.jpg (31833 bytes)


And more...