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DTA Models - Past Brass Engine Rebuilding Projects


Brass locomotive rebuilding, some examples:

C&O C-16 0-8-0 - The Tenshodo engine was correct for N&W, and the tender for C&O. I modified the running boards and air pumps to C&O practice, replaced and added a lot of detail castings, improved the drive with NWSL ball and cup universals, and added my unique loco-to-tender hoses. more

C&O C16 0-8-0      C&O C16 0-8-0


B&M R-1d 4-8-2 - A Gem boiler, Overland mechanism, NWSL motor, Kemtron tender, and lots of lost wax detail parts. The correct decals rounded out the finishing.

 B&M 4-8-2    B&M 4-8-2


SP GS-4 Daylight 4-8-4 - a few upgraded details, and paint job really improved this sturdy engine

SP 4-8-4   SP 4-8-4


NYC K3q Pacific - From a terrible Alco import. Reinforced weak frame among other fixes and detailing. 

NYC 4-6-2  


P&LE 2-8-4 - A PFM Crown *junker* I found with only about 60% of the parts. It was completely rebuilt with extra detail and a beautiful paint job. I love working on PFM crowns !

Crown P&LE rebuild_2.jpg (17040 bytes)  Crown P&LE rebuild.jpg (17508 bytes)   Crown P&LE rebuild_3.jpg (12933 bytes)


GTW Pacific - From a PFM USRA, those big Worthington BL feedwater heaters look great.

GTW 4-6-2_2.jpg (21556 bytes)  GTW 4-6-2.jpg (14497 bytes)  


Wabash 'consolidation' - From an Irv Shultz built, Kemtron superstructure and tender, and a modified PFM mechanism. Irv was a great craftsman and it was a fun, if not prototypical, project.

Wabash 2-8-0.jpg (19437 bytes)  Wabash 2-8-0_2.jpg (18347 bytes)


C&O C-16 0-8-0 switcher - An early rebuild starting from an International USRA 0-8-0. Features the early style tender and weathered paint job.

Intl C-16 0-8-0.jpg (14898 bytes)

Tenshodo UP Big Boy - Not a full Bob Darwin superdetail job, but a big improvement for an older import.

 - No pictures available -


Ken Kidder 0-4-0 Plantation - The objective was to retain the original style of manufacture and high-light that with some new details and polished surfaces.

Ken Kidder Plantation loco    Ken Kidder loco side     Ken Kidder loco