Modeling Construction Equipment, Cranes, and Shovels

There have been many fine HO models and kits of construction equipment available, and some not so fine, that can be improved. I've love modeling many kinds of machinery, and share some of my models with you here.

Mining Shovel:

  PnH_Shovel_1.jpg (61895 bytes)   PnH_Shovel_2.jpg (61562 bytes)

A Conrad model kit of a P&H 2800 Series Mining Shovel. I have been told that this model was built and painted by Dean Fretag. I just did some repair and paint touchup. This is one impressive HO model at 7" tall and 11" long.


Crawler Cranes, Power Shovels, Road Rollers, Graders, and Bulldozers:

Some of my construction equipment fleet. A mixture of kits, modified kits and parts built models. Some painting and weathering remains to be done.



Kibri_Crane_mod.jpg (20467 bytes) A Kibri crane chassis and boom with cab parts from a RR wreck crane, a full interior detail job, and other modifications. To be rigged with a drag line bucket.

Erie_Crane_mod.JPG (181848 bytes) HO Vintage Vehicles Erie Crawler Crane kitbash (shortened) with extra detail

Power Shovels:

HO Vintage Vehicles Erie Shovel with added detail.   Erie shovel.jpg (31807 bytes)


O Shovel    O Shovel

'O' Scale Power Shovel - from the Lionel kit, modified with more detail, including interior, and painted. Just for Fun !