Coke Oven Locomotives (Cokers) and Quenching Cars


Cokers, or coke locomotives, are small, usually electric, industrial locomotives. They are used to move special quenching cars from the coke side of by-product coke ovens to the quenching towers and then to the coke wharf for unloading and then repeat the cycle again and again. They are most often specially built for this special purpose, rather then being an ordinary industrial locomotive.

1930 Atlas Coker
20 ton Coker from the 1930 Locomotive Cyclopedia.
1930 GE Coker
General Electric-Westinghouse Coker from 1930 Cyclopedia.
Baldwin Coker
Baldwin-Westinghouse Coke Locomotive.
USS Coker
USS Coker.
Coker top view
USS Coker top view.
Unidentified Coker.
Acme coker
Acme Steel Coker.
Atlas coker plan 1979
1979 Atlas Coker plan.


Quenching Cars:

Quenching cars are special side dump hopper cars specific to by-product coke oven facilites. As they are used to contain red hot (about 2000 degrees) coke and withstand the thermal shock of the water quenching, special materials and engineering goes into their construction.

Special quench car
Special Coke Quenching Car from 1970 Car Cyclopedia.
Cyc_quench car
Coke Quenching Car (with doors and liners removed) from Car Cyclopedia.
Detroit Empire Quench car
Detroit Edison (?) Quenching car.
Quencher side view
Side view of a Quenching car dumping its quenched load onto the coke wharf.
Acme quench car
Acme Quenching car.
LTV quench car plan
LTV Steel Quenching car.
Atlas quench car
Atlas Quenching car.


Coke side Equipment:

The 'Coke side' of a by-product coke oven battery is the side that the finished coke is pushed out of. The other side is called the 'Pusher side. There were a number of companies that made this special equipment:...

Gary coker and quencher
Gary quenching equipment .
USS Coker and Quencher
USS quenching equipment from 'The Making, Shaping, and Traeating of Steel' 1940.
Koppers coke wharf
Koppers oven coke wharf.
Shenango coker and quencher
Shenango quenching equipment.

Atlas Car and Mfg Co. ad Atlas Car and Mfg Co. advertisment

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