Some of my HO C & O Models


 PCH&S Railway:  My Model Railroad is the Peach Creek, Holden and Scarlet Railway, 'The Route of the Guyandotte'

It is a small shelf layout in the basement, 16' by 1' and 2', mounted on brackets power nailed to the cinderblock wall. There is track, but not much in the way of structures (except for a Model Masterpieces 100' turntable) or scenery. Someday...

C&O H8 and Hopper  Caboose track  My_Layout 1  PCHnS Turntable area  My Layout 2  My Layout 3

Current PCH&S Track Plan, roughly representing the south end of Peach Creek yard and engine facilities:



A SS Ltd crossing shanty and an AHM interlocking tower both have interior detailing and share a common color scheme that I came up with for the PCH&S.

PCHnS_Bldgs.jpg (47860 bytes)

Rolling Stock:

C&O Hopper fleet page

My PCH&S caboose made from a NWSL brass import. The lettering scheme is similer to an early C&O scheme

The b&w photos were taken by Ted Luce at a C&OHS convention. A few appeared in the C&OHS Newsletter. The models are a Overland Jordan Spreader, modified to a C&O hydraulic model, MOW crane and trailer, and a speeder - modified from softmetal and styrene parts.

  PCH&S Caboose C&O SC701 Jordan Spreader C&O MOW Trailers C&O Speeder