Limeville Tower along the Ohio River 12/03, where the Northern Division splits off the line to Cincinnati.

My C&O:   I was born in Richmond Virginia, the headquarters of the C&O, and rode the 'Sportsman' up to Michigan in 1950, when I was 3 years old. But that was too young, so it must have been all those trips to Fort Street station in Detroit to meet and send off my grandmother, when I was a youngster, that really planted the seeds of my affinity for the C&O Railroad.

Add to that lots of rail-fanning trips around South Eastern Michigan in the second generation diesel era, and the C&O Allegany #1601 in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. The die was cast...

Era:  In my teens I modeled contemporary railroading, but after returning from the service, I settled into the popular 'late-steam' era. Actually I model from the '30's thru the early '60's to accommodate the equipment I like. I prefer steam locomotives by far, but diesels have their place too.

Layout:  I used to move very frequently and didn't attempt a layout, just locomotives, cars, and things that could be packed easily. But I have been in my own home for a decade or so now, and the small shelf layout in the old dusty basement has just never become much of a priority. There is track, but not much in the way of structures or scenery. Someday...

PCH&S Railway:  My imaginary Model Railroad is the Peach Creek, Holden and Scarlet Railway, 'The Route of the Guyandotte'. The layout currently only models the south end of Peach Creek yard. I'd like to add an Island Creek Coal Company mine, a Hamlin depot and service facilities, and a steel mill loosely based on the ARMCO Ashland KY works. I haven't yet figured out how to squeeze in a logging branch in my small basement.

Check out Lar's Trace Fork site for more info on the area of the C&O we are both modeling.


Along the James River line outside of Richmond in Dec '04. Check out the bottom of this page for the action that followed.