Some of my HO Hopper Models

C&O Hopper Cars:

CnO Ballast Car
Ballast car built from a modified Westerfield resin kit
C&O Ballast Hopper
A Ted Luce shot of the same car at a C&O Historical Society convention model contest
CnO_50ton_Hopper.JPG (106220 bytes)
A USRA type 50 ton hopper from an old Varney body. I have built up, but still need to paint the similar Tichy cars
CnO_Offset_Hopper.JPG (109810 bytes)
The ubiquitous 50 ton offset hopper detailed from an Athearn body and Hurlburt corrugated ends
C&O Offset Hopper
Another Ted Luce shot - my 50 ton Offset Athearn mod
Quad_Hopper.JPG (68986 bytes)

70 ton quad hopper detailed from an Athearn body
CnO 3bay Hopper 
A re-detailed and painted MDC 3 bay hopper. I need to finish the other 13 cars !

Shortline and early Hoppers and Gondolas

OK, they're not C&O, but I'm putting them here for the time being. A selection of various oldtime and shortline hoppers and gondolas I built for the PCH&S. Like to guess where each one came from ?

PCHnS_Hoppers_1.jpg (19796 bytes) PCHnS_Hoppers_2.jpg (15771 bytes) PCHnS_Cars.jpg (17572 bytes)

A Standard gauged R.Robb gondola kit for my PCH&S. Scale wheelsets and pastel weathering complement this excellent kit.
RR. I consider this one of the finest styrene HO car kits ever made, along with the Tichy (Gould) 120t crane, and the Detail Associates GS gondola

  R_Robb Gondola