Chesapeake & Ohio's J-3a Greenbriers

The prototypes were built by Lima in 1948. #610 - 614 went to work on heavy passenger trains for their first years, then were bumped to manifest freight service till 1952. They were brought back to service in 1954 but were finally retired in 1956 as GP-9's took over. 

Extremely modern steam locomotives with all the latest appliances, they had a very well balanced and 'crisp' superpower look, with the added interest of all the piping for the boosters and Hancock feedwater heater system.

Key C&O J-3a Greenbrier model

Avaiable in 3 versions: #610, #613, #614. I don't have any pictures, can you help with some ?

PFM United C&O J-3a 4-8-4 Greenbrier model

Beautiful United quality construction and detailing. And there is plenty of detail on this C&O engine, but it is so well located that everything seems to 'belong', and nothing is out of place.

United C&O J-3a left
United J-3a - Firemans side
United C&O J-3a right
United J-3a - Engineers side
PFM_J3a_3.jpg (43626 bytes)
United J-3a - Engine detail
United C&O J-3a front
United J-3a - Front, rear views
United C&O J-3a rear
United J-3a - Cab, tender views

Gem Olympia C&O J-3a 4-8-4 Greenbrier model

These early Gem models had lots of poorly rendered detail, a poor mechanism, and poor dimensional accuracy, but don't look that bad overall, at least without being compared with the other engines on this page. I did own one of these a very long time ago, but only have one picture. Can you help with more ?

PFM Crown C&O J-3a 4-8-4 Greenbrier model

Rare 1 of 50 engines. This one is heavily tarnished, but has a look that reminds me of all those black and white photos of real steamers. And while the dimensions are not entirely accurate, nor is the detail up to current standards, this Japanese model achieves such a close look and feel of the prototype, it qualifies as art to me.

PFM J-3a - Fireman side. Very crisp, square, and sturdy construction. Extremely detailed for the time too.

Chesapeake & Ohio's J-3 Greenbriers

Built by Lima in 1935 (#600 - 604), and 1942 (#605, 606), these engines were purchased to handle the C&O's name trains over the heavy grades of the Allegheny and Blue Ridge mountains. They were retired by 1952 as the J-3a's and E-8's took over their duties. 

Called 'Greenbriers' by the C&O (because a southern road just couldn't accept the name 'Northern') each engine was named (an unusual practice for the C&O) after a Virginia statesman. The most distinctive difference between the two orders is the reversal of position of the steam and sand domes.

Key C&O J-3 '605' Greenbrier model

Nice Korean brass,

Key C&O J-3 left
Key J-3 - Firemans side
Key C&O J-3 right
Key J-3 - Engineers side
Key C&O J-3 front
Key J-3 - Front, rear views
Key C&O J-3 rear
Key J-3 - Cab, tender views

Overland C&O J-3 '605-606' Greenbrier model

I don't have any pictures, can you help with some ?

Custom Brass C&O '600-604' J-3  Greenbrier model

Early Korean brass. I don't have any pictures, can you help with some ?

PFM Crown C&O J-3 4-8-4 '600-604' Greenbrier model

Rare 1 of 50 engines. Amazing quality, for the time, and still looks good to my eyes. Heavy, strong, and detailed. A fine runner too, not the best at slow speed, but with a good open frame motor, and lots of weight, it'll pull more cars then most. Representative of the #600 - 604 J-3's.


PFM Crown J-3 Engineer side view

John_Long_J3.jpg (123370 bytes) An early superdetail job on a PFM C&O J-3 by John Long - very nice job ! (from an old RMC magazine)