AK Coke Photos...

Coke Plant
AK Coke 7/2003
AK Coke
AK Coke
AK Coke Ovens
Oven detail - 1994
AK Coke Quench
Quench from across the river
AK Coke
AK Coke from across Ohio River
AK coke full view
AK coke full view
Middleton Coke
Middleton/Hamilton Coke - similar to Ashland
AK Coke overhead 2006
AK Coke from Google Earth, 2006
AK Coke overhead 2004
AK Coke from another satellite view, 8/2004


Kentucky Semet-Solvay Coke...

Ashland Cokes New Battery
New battery of 76 Wilputte ovens built at Ashland in 1953
Ashland By-Product plant view
By product facilites, upgraded in 1953
KY Semet-Solvoy composite
2 views of stock house/coal bins - July 1945
Kentucky Semet Solvay plant panorama
Kentucky Semet-Solvay plant panorama
(probably in or after 1916)
KY Semet-Solvoy
Ashland Coke, 1912
KY Semet-Solvoy postcard
Ashland By-Product Coke Plant postcard