Overland C&O H-8 2-6-6-6 brass Allegany model

This is an original Overland Allegany, no changes have been attempted. It is pretty damn good as is. A few nits: the motor is embarrassingly small, the same as one would find in an ordinary brass diesel; the crankpin screws are slotted rather then hex head; and the lubricator linkage is a single etched part - the Akane engine of the 1960's had a better linkage !

Overland H-8 left
Overland H-8 - Fireman side
Overland H-8 right
Overland H-8 - Engineers side
Overland H-8 front detail
Overland H-8 - Front detail
Overland H-8 cab detail
Overland H-8 - Cab area
Overland H-8 front/back detail
Overland H-8 - Head and rear ends
Overland H-8 overhead
Overland H-8 - Overhead


Fujiyama C&O H-8 2-6-6-6 brass Allegany model

This Allegany has had some small detail upgrades. And the mechanism has been completely gone over to remove the tiniest of binds and friction. With a new flywheel and mechanism balancing this engine will really crawl, and climb a 40 degree grade !!

Fuji H-8 left
Fujiyama H-8 - Fireman side
Fuji H-8 right
Fujiyama H-8 - Engineer side
H-8 front detail
Fujiyama H-8 - Front detail


Key  C&O H-8 2-6-6-6 brass Allegany model

The trailing truck on this first run engine is from PFM, and existing detail has been tweaked, but more detail upgrades are in the works.

Key H8 left side.jpg
Key H-8 - Left Side
Key H8 detail.jpg
Key H-8 - Side Detail


Akane C&O H-8 2-6-6-6 brass Allegany model

This very old Allegany, a sprung version, is undergoing quite a few upgrades.

Akane Allegany pieces
Akane Allegany - Still under construction, with parts for other Allegany upgrades.


Rivarossi C&O H-8 2-6-6-6 plastic and metal Allegany model

OK it's not Brass, but this Allegany model is very good ! Could this be the 'new' brass from China ?

he biggest problem is the gap above the rear cylinders to allow the rear mechanism to articluate around its center to take small radius curves. Also it exhibits fine parting lines on the plastic castings. Only the smallest piping is cast on, larger pipes are seperate casting with some flash and bows, or wire pieces that need some adjustment. The lubricator linkage is excellent, as are the valve gear and rods. The painting and finishing is top rate with white tires and running board edges. Some aspects of this model are better then brass and some are worse, all-in-all a fine model.

A plastic Allegany What a concept !