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DTAM Models - Brass Locomotive Rebuilding

C & O Railroad Modeling

C & O Steam Locomotive parts  

Railroad Wreck and MOW Cranes 

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Blast Furnaces, Coke Ovens, & Steel Mills

Steam Machinery

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DTAM Brass Locomotives

Daves MR layout

Steam Machinery

Blast Furnace and Steel Modeling

 Small soldering Torch

Thoughts on Scale Modeling

I think it was a cardboard fold-up model of the Mayflower moving van that got me hooked on modeling. It came from the moving van driver after my family moved from Virginia to Michigan when I was 3 or 4 years old.  Dad wouldn't let me assemble it because he thought I was too young, but I really wanted to build it ! 

Early on I had a Marx tinplate train, but that didn't really catch on. As a boy I built up lots of plastic kits, mostly rockets, like other kids. Then on my 12th birthday I discovered Athearn HO train sets.  I have never really stopped modeling, in some form or other, since those days.

To me computers and programming are just different forms of modeling. As is audiophile sound and electronics. Just different mediums: bits, bytes, sound waves, or electron flow, rather then small bits of plastic, metal and wood.

All require careful study of the prototype, attention to detail, organization, project management, and a bit of art.  


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