IBI TSO Focus debugging aids:


TSO LISTA H ST  or  ?TSO DDNAME - lists currently allocated datasets

CHECK FILE filename ›PICTURE| ›HOLD| - lists Master info

-SET &STACK=OFF - ( tests D.M. commands but doesn't execute stack )
or EX focexec STACK=OFF

&ECHO=ON ›ALL| (diag. mgr. cmds also) - (types commands as they execute)
or EX focexec ECHO=ON


? TSO DDNAME ddname - DSN, Disp, Lrecl, Recfm, Blks, ect.

?F filename - lists fieldnames

? FILE filename - name, # of segments, last change date, ect. (FOCUS files only)

? HOLD holdname - fieldnames alias formats

? nnn - Query Error Message Description ( FOCnnn )

? SET - Current FOCUS Parameter settings

? STAT - Database statistics of last command

Modify Debugger:

SET PFnn = DEBUG - turns on the debugger 

AT casename - stops execution at start of case
AT casename TYPE msg
AT *   - stops execution at all cases
AT ?   - list all breakpoints
OFF * - cancels breakpoints
GO     - start/resume execution

LIST fieldname - displays contents and status of specified field
LIST *            - displays contents and status of all fields
LIST SEG.field  - displays entire segment
LIST field nn    - displays SPA index
LIST field *      - displays SPA 

DISA casename:*   - disassemble MODIFY code, tokens within a case
DISA :*                - all
DISA casename:nn - token nbr

INFO (? - number of real and computed fields
(AT      - list of current breakpoints
(SPA    - values of HOLDCOUNT and HOLDINDEX

?      - display summary of DEBUGGER commands
QUIT - exit the MODIFY program completely 

Modify Trace



Results of Trace in Dataset 'dsn'


FOCUS Debugging Tools  -  3/17/90 DTA